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  1. Can't cartels be designated as terrorist groups, and be cruise missiled, and raided by U.S. Special Forces?
  2. Sounds exactly like high-level Theravada vipassana / mindfulness meditation.
  3. Drum Bum

    The Music Topic | Post What You Like!

    Sufjan wrote this about his mother dying from cancer.
  4. Drum Bum

    IS There Such A Thing As A PERJURY TRAP?

    But, can Mueller GET a perjury charge by asking innocent, non-material questions that catch Trump off-guard?
  5. My ultra-left philosophy professor friend says there really is no such thing as a "perjury trap", and Trump should just go in and tell the truth and not lie. Within the legal framework of how Mueller would do the interview, IS there danger of a non- material, innocent question and wrong answer (e.g., "What did you eat for breakfast this morning, Mr. Trump?") causing a charge of PERJURY? Google results tend to show there IS such a thing as a PERJURY TRAP. Wasn't Bill Clinton worried about this during his problems? Sorry to ask you all this, but I am WAY dumber than a lawyer. Thanks.
  6. My local news just said Trump is handing the memo-release decision back to Congress.
  7. When realistic sex dolls can interface over the net, actual quasi-physical affairs can occur.
  8. Maybe Trump is counting on something to come out of the FBI-FISA-text-messages thing, before he is scheduled to testify, that will seriously invalidate the Mueller probe, and then he can back out. Is his professed willingness to meet with Mueller a dangerous thing to do?
  9. It is game, but Ukraine not weak ! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fzLtF_PxbYw
  10. If u don't mind, I'm copying that text, and sending it to my kids and kids-in-law. Both families have plans of that sort, and have conveyed those kinds of thoughts to me. Very well written, thanks!
  11. As a drummer, and a life-long fan of pop music, IMHO, I've recently thought Pink would be a great half-time show. She has the hits, her videos have been humorous, she has a scrappy attitude on stage, a great band, she doesn't over-rely on superfluous dancers at the expense of the music, and seems to not use canned vocals in her band. Also, she better do it SOON, before she's too old to do the in-concert aerial acrobatics she's known for. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=73-Hlxcdhac

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