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  1. Love that, talk bad about buckeyes and you don't have a clue....I figure people on here realize shit show's up where ya pop a squat....but then again I could be wrong
  2. Kento

    Condoner of Autism?

    Interesting concept,and definitely believable Shep,I would put nothing past big brother or old Uncle Sam
  3. I definitely have a negative view on vaccines, due to the agenda of making money before actually being concerned for people's well being,but this is an idea I have kicked around and isn't based on vaccines causing Autism, although I can't so they never do.I believe a big part of the rise in birth defect numbers as well as Autism,could be directly related to cell phone and WiFi use by and around pregnant mother's, considering when you're sitting down where is your phone if in use other than conversation?? Usually on your lap right near where mommas carry little ones.The experiments on seeds in germination led me to this conclusion.Id like to hear some feedback as always folks!
  4. Kento

    FBI in Crisis // Comey in deep sh*t

    My father was an honest cop in a small town that wanted to be a "city"and he ran into enough of this crap that he eventually left law enforcement all together and moved back to the country where he and my mother (both gone now) raised my sister and I.He gave this book to me when I was 14 or 15 yrs old, absolutely awesome read,and very informative and in fact down right scary!
  5. Thanks,I understand the difference in gravity and magnetics.However that is the comparison CERN itself proclaims.I wasn't familiar with the mechanics of magnetic dissipation though,I'll research it more again thank you
  6. Thank you Picklesnout.I always value your comments and information.As I said this this thought just came to me,while painting.I might ask though,is anyone actively monitoring the current distance from Earth to Moon or heck even Earth to sun.Both would need to be measured in order to determine if the Earth or the moon had moved.Could be that the sun's gravity weakens slightly during grand solar minimum letting Earth move closer to the Moon LOL.
  7. The Earth's tides are acting strangly with more frequency all the time.What controls the tide (go ahead shout it out if ya know)feels good right LOL.Anyway the moon is held in orbit by...another tricky one the Earths gravity.The moon is mostly irony so magnetic I would guess...CERN has magnets if I'm not mistaken 100,000 times the strength of Earth's gravity...could it possibly pull the moon closer by a small margin,and if so wouldn't the gravity of the moon pull the tides further out???Please everyone weigh in on this,again most of these thoughts occur randomly out of nowhere to me.Today painting the dining room in one of the apartments I maintain.
  8. Kento

    Ouija Board Experiment

    Thanks for the experiment!!
  9. I find it very interesting and I try to rule nothing out to explain what's behind Earths odd behavior,I read and listen,maybe pose a question or suggestion,but in truth it's all just conjecture...for now. All things hidden will be brought to the light
  10. Thank you oldcynic,this is how I feel at this point,I am only 33 but am an outdoors man,iv worked,played,and hunted outside for years,and the Earth is acting really strange,from intense UVs to extreme lighting.Things have changed a great deal and especially in the last 5-6 years... ironically since 2012 or there abouts
  11. I'm not saying Planet X is real....I'm just curious that if it approaches from the south as they claim then it could depart by the north correct???If so then maybe thats what causes our pole flips currently as it approaches North Pole to South and as it departs South Pole to North..I'd like to hear all your thoughts on this.Like I said don't know if it's real or not but something is effecting the Earth but there is so much disinformation out there few know the truth in sure..
  12. This is scary sh*t,I mean if we link them to the brain,at what point do we lose control of our consciousness,and or identity.If they are linked to our minds they will pick these fears up as ideas for advancement I would think,using us as slaves to do everything they desire, possibly even some sort of display or entertainment.Also as Rex Bear mentioned over at his YouTube we could possibly be used as data bases since our DANA can hold unthinkable amounts of data.
  13. And take away their free insurance...yeah that's right after being elected a government official you get lifetime medical if I'm not mistaken
  14. I'd say that is as good as theory an any my friend, definitely seems plausible.

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