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  1. I make sourdough Pancakes a couple times a week. I always use Real Canadian Maple Syrup. So good, then the wife smears peanut butter on hers.......
  2. Flamethrower time......
  3. I had a lemonade stand (trailer) and I took it to Arizona wanting to make some side money a few years back When I got there I found out about Sams Club and thought it was a good place to stock u on merchandise for the concession trailer. So I bought the membership, and they were not cheap. When I was finished I came back to Idaho and found there was a Sams Club right in town. I was excited to be able to go shop there for bulk stuff for our home. About a month after I returned I decided to go check it out. I got there and it was closed. I had a membership for an empty building... I will never do the membership thing again.
  4. Dometheus

    Whew, that felt nice!

    Sorry, I have not posted for a while I had cabin fever and needed to leave town before Christmas with the wife and son. I took family and my dog and went away to the cabin over the holidays and what a "Whew" time! Got to the cabin late at night, the wife, son and dog and I got out of the truck to stretch I Felt a huge calming come over me as I exhaled. Jasper (the dog) ran off to check the territory. I took a look at the property before going inside the cabin and everything was in its place. Unlocked the door guard (steel cross beams with titanium locks on both sides front and back door). Anyways I got in and we lite some candles and a propane lantern so I could start started a fire. I sat down in my Lazyboy and watched the kindling build into a nice bed of coals. The wife was already starting to relax and the kid just went to bed after being on the road all day. I stoked the fire up and went into the kitchen to put away my supplies. I figured I could last out here for at least a couple of weeks without hunting or foraging. It started to get really warm in the cabin, so I opened a window behind the sink that overlooks the thin tree line and the mountains, the smell of the night air was wonderful. It felt good to be home. Every time we go to the cabin we get a sense of solitude and tranquillity. With no electricity buzzing in the walls or no phone signals for miles can be pretty humbling, to say the least, and very peaceful. The wife decided to make a loaf of sourdough bread that would rise overnight giving us a fresh loaf in the morning after we popped it into the baker’s box on top of the wood burning stove when I get the fire going in the morning. I decided to go out to the shop and check things out there before going to bed for the night. Wife went to the bedroom to put our stuff away and get the little stove in the corner going (kindling stove). She likes to light that one. Small and simple.Always remember to holster up when walking around in the woods, alone in the dark. Just something I do for safety. When I got to the shop and unlocked the steel crossbeam and went into the shop. Then I opened the barn doors from the inside to let in some moonlight. I grabbed a stool and sat down and lit up an American Spirit taking it all in. I started thinking about everything, the world, Antifa, race wars and a whole lot more. It got me to start thinking proactively. I just sit back and respond to posts, and at times post something I think is important enough to bring to the forum. In the end what good did I accomplish? Not much if anything. I sat there thinking of how I could actually contribute to society instead of just Recycled things posted on the internet as well as my place in this big old universe! (Details at end) After the smoke and some deep thoughts while looking at a crystal clear sky with so many stars you get lost just looking up at them all. They are so beautiful, to say the least, I closed up the shop and went back inside the cabin. We snuggled into the warm bed, and Jasper at the foot of the bed fast asleep. I woke the next morning to a couple of friends arriving (the dog signalled me that someone was here) I got up (in my long johns) and answered the door. Dave his wife and bill came up for the holiday. Invited them in and ran to the bedroom to get dressed also letting the wife know they were here. I went back into the main area of the cabin and asked Dave to start the fire so I could get the bread going. When I came out of the bedroom I noticed the sourdough loaf had risen and now ready to bake. Dave got the fire raging as he always does and the thermometer on the baker’s box on top showed 375. So the bread went in and 40 minutes later filled the cabin with the vapors of fresh bread. Time to make breakfast! Everyone brought enough supplies for us all to last well over a month. I made eggs, bacon and sourdough toast for breakfast and life was good, and our bellies were full. I asked them all over breakfast if they wanted to go fishing for steelhead or salmon for supper. Both could be obtained from the same Salmon River. We got all packed up and headed down to north fork (and a few backroads) to my favorite fishing hole. About 30 years ago my uncle but a box spring in the water to distract flatlanders (city folk) from trying to fish there. They would always get snagged when they cast across the snake river trolling their lures back to their side of the bank, most would get the snag and move to another spot. Once a year my uncle would pull out the box spring and recover any lures there might be. One year he found a diamond ring on a treble hook. Every year he hopes for the best but still no more rings on treble hooks. lol We caught a 42-inch resident steelhead and wife caught a 40-inch salmon. Dave and his wife did not catch anything but a few snags, and Bill caught a 34-inch steelhead. They were all perfect for dinner. We headed back up to the cabin but stopped along the way to get something to eat. We all ate our fill and caught up on old conversations. We all got back in the Dodge truck and an hour later we were back at the cabin. Dave's wife asked how the hot tub worked and the wife told her the water was gravity feed system and spiralled under the compost bed about 6 times generating plenty of heat for the sink, shower and hot tub. The wife and Dave’s wife shared a bottle of wine while it was filling and heating up filled it making sure the temp was 110 degrees or so and we all jumped in and shared a bottle of wine as our bodies pruned up from being the hot tub for two hours. The hot tub was made out of an old wine barrel, 10 ft. across and about 4 ft. high with anchored wooden benches on three sides. Later My Wife and son went with Dave and his wife went for a walk up the gulch and bill and I smoked a doobie while sitting on the front porch (only do this on occasion). The wife had put out some sun tea, and it would be a few hours until it was done brewing on the porch. The sun really lit that jug up or we were just really lit from the doobie. Lol, later that night after dinner we all sank into our places enjoying cooking for each other, played some board games, cards and conversation. Christmas came and went as we did not have a tree up, we did wish each other a Merry Christmas and traded some gifts (for the son), and then on New Year’s drank till 1 am and went to bed. I got up early on the 1st told the wife I was going hunting and grabbed my 30/30 and headed up the gulch. I had seen a buck up there a few days earlier and hoped I would run into him again. Venison is sounding sooo good, I wanted to take some back to town with us for winter meat. I walked for about an hour and when I crested the hill, there he was on the other side about 50 yards down the hill from me. I took aim just watched him graze. I couldn't do it. I have been hunting my whole life and this was the first time I hesitated to shoot the animal on first sight. I stayed there for about 30 minutes watching him feed when a doe and two fawns came in and now I knew they were a family. A tear rolled down my face because I almost shot the dad (i never get choked up when hunting), it was a touching moment for me. I made an oath that day, that I will only take from nature that which I truly need. If a survival situation comes down and I end up at the cabin if there is no fish, eggs or chickens I will kill again. Only out of necessity could I kill again and give thanks to the animal so that I could live another day. I went back to the cabin and told everyone what happened and what I saw while sitting on the side of the hill. We finished talking about it and they all let me know my new choice was Ok, except Bill. Bill was kind of irritated that his hunting buddy just gave it up hunting unless extreme conditions demand the protein. He was kind of a bear the rest of the time at the cabin. I hope he gets over himself. For the next couple of weeks, I just enjoyed the cabin, company and on occasion when a deer came into the cabin area, but Jasper would quickly run them off while chasing them and barking at them. It was relaxing, to say the least. Days rolled into one another and before I knew it, it was time to close and lock it all up everything and leave for the city. The drive is about 8 hrs. if you take your time back to the city house. We said our goodbyes to our friends and all went home. When we got home and went in I turned on the lights then turned them off again, and then back on. Electricity what a modern miracle, the wife said I was just crazy. lol Turned on the heater thermostat on the wall and sat in my other Lazyboy and fell asleep until the next morning. I got up and decided to have my coffee on the back porch. I could hear the sirens, cars and some people taking in their backyards. I was glad that I have the cabin (passed down to me) so that I can get away from the city. I sat there thinking about sitting in the shop on that stool looking at the stars again. The whole trip was rejuvenating and an eye opener about hunting and what to do with the rest of my life. After much contemplation, I decided to volunteer at the local homeless shelters and the animal shelters in our area because I am retired. It felt good to make a choice, call it a New Year’s resolution if you will, for me it was a realization that I needed to do more than just sit on butt on the computer all the time. I put in time as a Motion Picture/ Post Production Cameraman, 20 years as an IT guy who fell for a lot of the crap that was ever posted to the internet about who we are, where we come from the aliens, 2012, evolution, flat-earth and the list goes on and on and on. What was the point? To be scared something was going to happen? Not anymore... Made a list of the things I am going to try and accomplish this year. 1. Donate my time to help homeless people. 2. Donate time to the local Animal Shelter or Animal Rescue. A couple of things I will continue to do on the computer: 1. Keep the Survival Files website going, and continually add files as I find them. 2. Post here at Conspiracy Outpost 3. Track leads for the Ghost of 29 Megacycles (posted to this forum) 4. Help out others any way I can, including animals. Just wanted everyone to know why I vanished and where I went, hope no one is mad at me.
  5. Wasn't offended at all, just did not like watching that video or reading the article. Sometimes people who do this type of shit make me sick. Gets me all riled up!
  6. Dometheus

    Any old Grateful Dead fans on here tonight??

    Back in the 90's I lived in Eugene Oregon and had a booth at the University of Oregon Parking lot where the dead always played at the stadium. I sold Hot apple cider and handmade flour tortillas and beans at night time for the Deadites. Trippy times. Ken Kesey and friends stopped by several times to get food. They drove the bus to Woodstock, the one that is in the Woodstock museum. They were called the merry pranksters back then. But you already knew that right...
  7. Detroit and Chicago will only get worse and spread until the City is a free zone for criminals.
  8. First off Yes I did watch it. Secondly, the OP said "water liquid must be pumped into and removed from the lungs by a machine" Did you not read that? Cram a f**king human in that liquid against their will!
  9. Nearly 1/2 of the world's population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 a day. 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. People can better themselves, they just have to want to better themselves, they can pay for drugs, smartphones but not save money and change the conditions. simple as a few bucks a day or week or month. They all add up. I lived in an abusive wealthy home and left at 15. Been on my own since with no ones help. lived on the streets and ate out of dumpsters.I tell people all the time if I can do it, so can you. But most people can't because they won't, they will just stagnate in the current situation complaining about the government not assisting them. You want to assist them, give them welfare for 1 year then pull it. no one needs welfare for their whole life unless they are disabled somehow, mental or physical. Most welfare recipients are just moochers expecting the free lunch. End of Reality Rant!
  10. Dometheus

    ZERO Dem Votes for Tax Cuts

    The days of pocketing money are over. The Dems are the most greedy bastards alive. you can pay them to pass any bill.
  11. Dometheus

    Make your coffee even healthier

    OMG, I never taint the flavor of coffee... I live for the flavor of coffee, Drink it black because I like the flavor. Tried a mocha once, Once. Tasted like drinking candy. I did, however, try your cinnamon trick on the old coffee pot (don't want the next 20 pots tasting like cinnamon). lol Was good, but not my cup of tea. ROFL
  12. Dometheus

    Chappaquiddick Trailer

    It is sad he got away with it too, and at the cost of another life. FYI he had been drinking too! Hope Ted is getting some Karmic paybacks now that he is dead.
  13. Took the words right out of my mouth!
  14. I just want to go fast, and not see it coming.

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