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    I Third the Motion.
  2. Am I an Anomaly!

    If God set a divine plan into motion in the beginning (Genesis) and there is a book of names in Revelations that says if your name is not written in it your not going to heaven. Doesn't that mean the story was already written and the outcome already known. So if my prayer is not written into the divine plan prayer is not answered. ROFL
  3. The website is up and running now. There are well over "18,000+ PDF's a few Videos, Documents and text files for you to download". First off, I wanted everyone who reads this know I was just going to let anyone and everybody grab Survival Manuals. This has changed. This morning I turned on the account registration for my website. Anyone who wants to see and download the files will have to sign up for an account. Once signed up, they are all yours! I want to know who is coming to my website and be able to track, ban or contact (in case of site issues or updates) any members of the website. Privacy is a huge concern for me, so know that I will never use any personal information for any reason other than a way to contact the members about new files I upload as they become available to me. Right now all the files have been put in Root navigation folders, later I will add subfolders for more detailed searches and easier to surf the content.
  4. "As the muggles say the truth will out!" So whats your take on what will happen after this so-called veil is lifted? Salvation for Christians only? Extermination of the infidels? I just would like to hear your take on things to come.
  5. Sometimes I wish I had never been born. This world is both beautiful and sick at the same time. The animal cruelty, child rape or putting them in the oven, beating up old people, suicide bombers killing the innocent and the war machine that keeps talking land, resources and lives.... Sick Sick Sick. I can't wait till I die (patiently waiting), at least then (if is not a dirt nap) I will know the truth of it all. I can only hope that when I die I am given a choice, come back here (no fricking way), or continue on my journey of visiting every speck in the night sky for the next 100 millenniums. Maybe just kick back in a Cabin in the Virtual Woods of my afterlife drinking a glass of lemonade enjoying another perfect sunset.
  6. DOOM BREAK LOUNGE - Post some comedy to watch

    The King himself! R.I.P. Bill
  7. Off-Topic Repository

    Hey, you got chocolate on my Peanut Butter!