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  1. DoubleDot2Man

    You've Been LIED To - How to Unleash Hidden Powers

    New Age blasphemy?
  2. I wonder what an expert in astrology would think of it. It being a planet, it must have its own frequency affecting our minds. That's how much I know to express my speculation...lol.
  3. After they set to announce peace with South Korea, wow. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/17/north-and-south-korea-reportedly-set-to-announce-official-end-to-war.html
  4. I don't know what to believe in anymore. Lol
  5. @John Galt I'm curious to hear your perspective on this.
  6. Greetings. I'm interested to hear the truth seeking community's perspective on this topic. The bible is riddled with esoteric knowledge. I believe the main point the bible is trying to convey is the sacred secretion and our duty to use it to commune with God easily by aligning our anatomical and energy body. (Also known as Kundalini in the East) To explain why I think the bible is true in the esoteric sense and not the literal sense, I have typed out multiple points on why fundamentalism is not the answer... Jesus Christ died at 33. We have 33 vertebrae. The sacred secretion is secreted in our brain when the moon enters our star sign, travels down our 33 vertebrae to the FIVE fused vertebrae. We have FIVE physical senses. Jesus Christ was wounded FIVE times on the cross. The secretion then travels back up the spine, lays dormant for 3 days just like Jesus in the tomb, then resurrects itself in the brain. (Specifics can be found at St. Julien Baba Wanyama on YouTube). Once resurrected, the pineal gland is activated, and you see God face to face in the place called Peniel, where the land is flowing with milk (serotonin) and honey (DMT). Why FIVE? We must transcend our five senses because the carnal mind is not subject to the laws of God. (Genesis 32:30, Deuteronomy 26:9, Romans 8:7) Also, is Jesus the sun? Genesis 1:14 clearly says let the stars be your guide, so it makes sense Jesus is the sun traveling through the Zodiac signs. I've noticed that literal bible readers say Jesus is NOT the sun because he was a real person who actually came into the flesh. Which I am not convinced at all. If Jesus is the ONLY way, he will come into my life and show me for a fact because I have called him out and nothing has happened. It even says on bibles that if you call out to Jesus by mouth he will come into your life and you will be saved. Now here is where the debate comes into play with literal bible readers. They believe Jesus was an actual person and is the ONLY way. Apparently the shroud of Turin is evidence that Jesus was real, but how can we even trust that, when that itself could be propaganda to keep people thinking they're saved and accepting their suffering by blindly worshiping a torture device. (Dec. 25th is Nimrod's birthday, the first antichrist ruler) If the literal bible readers understood the deeper meaning, because they make up a HUGE portion of population, perhaps the world wouldn't be enslaved. Everybody would be in perfect communication with God, have control over their flesh, and know the truth that all divine books lead to. After all, isn't Christianity just culture here in the west??? Culture is an illusion. Fundamentalism is organised religion. Didn't organised religion kill Jesus??? Being baptized saves you, by throwing water on someone in this material realm? When really the bible wants you to actually raise your frequency from earth to water. Also, we can meet the Lord in the air, a higher frequency than water. (1 Thessalonians 4:17) Lastly, fire is the highest frequency. Scientifically, this would be beta > alpha > theta > delta brain waves.
  7. Thoughts? Cuz I feel like I'm waiting around for something to happen, which is really unhealthy.
  8. Americans are delusional.
  9. DoubleDot2Man

    Help Needed

  10. DoubleDot2Man

    War on the Right

    War on the left I would say.
  11. WIll & Jaden Smith... that just tripped me out man lol
  12. Erry body listen to dem and think they hard, yo. lmao
  13. My cousin recently was initiated in the marines after many people told him not to join. How can someone be so f**king ignorant. Patriotism is a f**kING LIE.

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