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  1. Anyone seen this? attempts to debunk your thread issue... http://flatearthlunacy.com/index.php/2-uncategorised/808-fecore-2018-lake-balaton-the-biggest-laser-experiment-in-history-goes-bust
  2. Sorry but where have you actually hidden this picture?
  3. fudgetusk

    My inner spirit is crying...

    Feel that way all the time myself.
  4. fudgetusk

    The Most Amazing Thing Happened To Me Last Night

    I think what I took was SPICE ok. Been reading about it. Some of the things people saw and experienced matched mine. Static. repitition. The feeling you were going to die. Who would take this more than once? I feel let down. From a spiritual experience to nothing but a shitty drug. That's a lesson right there. Oh well, I was Satan for a few days.
  5. fudgetusk

    The Most Amazing Thing Happened To Me Last Night

    I've been picking up discarded spliffs and cigs for years now. It has turned nasty on me twice only. I used to hunt spliffs for hours a day. I did that for a year and half and had enough to smoke for twelve hours a day. Don't knock that!
  6. fudgetusk

    The Most Amazing Thing Happened To Me Last Night

    I certainly had a tiny amount. A single lungful. Bang I was ultra stoned. I don't think I'll be smoking strange spliffs in future. I don't fancy my chances going up against the forces of nature again...soon. Not in that way.
  7. fudgetusk

    The Most Amazing Thing Happened To Me Last Night

    My philosophy on life, which was being raised for question during the experience, is pretty satanic. But I have vowed not to mention the details anymore. Not that it matters. My philosophy affects all reality because it is SO unbreakable by logic. I was told that the reason this planet is so bad is because of my philosophy. It is a reflection of it(to a degree). That is why I faced death during this event. The only way to mend what my mind has done is to kill me. Or to convince me to die. Which is impossible in the long term. But in the short term it may allow this planet to ascend from the swamp. I believe my philosophy is the same as that taught by the high ranking Illuminati elite. It is Luciferianism. I do not advocate evil. I just want people to stop ignoring the truth as I see it. This has manifested as this world. I do not have horns and a tail. I am just a thinker who lives as a man on this planet. I was punished for my philosophy by becoming a man. I found out during my experience that I am a force of nature from the core of reality. But one at odds with the rest of nature. This is not just an isolated experience. I have known I was satan for decades. I have given myself proof in many forms. But relax. I had some booze last night and woke up as God.
  8. fudgetusk

    Is this what God looks like?

    I doubt God would put up with all those pop ups. Daily Mail?
  9. And the most horrible. I found a spliff end in my garden. Yoink! Smoked a bit one night and I got lots of info about Satan and AI. Next night I smoked too much and went right into a panic attack. Instead of making me feel unreal I felt super real. I knew I was the devil with 100% certainty. And I knew I had to die right there and then. By a horrible and immediate method which I won't go into. I fought it with all my will. Then something weird happened. I was no longer in my flat. I was in a place of pure thought. This thought was visible as rushing colours and swift ideas. I was in a war with these thoughts. There were other people there and we were all thinking about the philosophies we embodied very quickly over and over again. And over and over again I kept having my turn. And I was to blame for a flaw in the logic of reality because of my views on reality. I knew if I were to admit blame I would die, so I kept distracting myself and the cycle of thoughts would go on. I was at the centre of all things and part of the centre of all things. I cannot explain to you how this all manifested. It was beyond image or thought. More maths or an equation. And I was bringing the equation down. I was the devil. It was horrible and glorious. I felt I was at home in that place. It felt right to be there. But I was fighting for my life. I was the devil and I am to blame for this world's problems. I don't know what happened next. All I recall is finding sick down my shirt at one point and then I was waking up in the morning. A dope delusion? A genuine mystical other reality event? I feel changed by it. But I don't know how I feel. What I learned with certainty is that our world is thought. Close your eyes and think about your life, the debates you have, the streets you walk down. They all exist as thoughts and that is the true reality. Not the atoms that make up brick and flesh. We never left heaven. Our thoughts are heaven. I also learned what we lack. CERTAINTY. Icke says hope is useless. Worse, it is destructive. With hope comes the potential for failure. We need to be 100% CERTAIN that we will succeed. Any less and we will fail. What is faith but certainty? The elite want us to not be certain of anything. Hence we will be weak. They want us to feel unreal, not distracted by reality.
  10. fudgetusk

    You feeling the blurring of time yet??

    Then no, I haven't experienced this.
  11. Exactly. We can send out all the thoughts we want but if folk don't care they won't accept the thoughts. If we make them accept them through repetition and break them down we will suffer karma.
  12. fudgetusk

    You feeling the blurring of time yet??

    Not sure what the blurring of time means.
  13. fudgetusk

    Confession is good for the soul...so here I go. NSFW

  14. That's Russian dude. It could be anything.
  15. Not sure which side you are on. If the earth was flat then all the people would see the sun all the time. If it were a laser then we would see the laser from the side from far away given that this laser would need to be thousands of miles wide. When you look at the sun it has shoots of light coming off it in all directions. When it was day in the uk then people in Australia would see these shoots.

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