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  1. wow - had the alaskan cam on for 5 minutes and watched a bear snag 2 salmon. cool! And a couple salmon trying to jump the falls to get upstream.
  2. hehe "Kaboom" Entertainment ...
  3. blarg - it probably blew due to all the methane within. That must have been putrid!
  4. I googled it and apparently black market horse meat has been going on for a while now. :(
  5. I had two different couples holding onto one phone walking down the sidewalk playing that - (looked back to make sure) they never looked me so I had to avoid them. I anticipate we will be seeing some more accidents - people being hit by cars, sidewalk accidents etc.
  6. I've been looking for them too. Other than the same ones of what Juno looks like with jupiter in the background that are on the NASA site - haven't seen a thing.
  7. The student leaders here at college sent out invites to all candidates - Had a Hillary last Friday - they travel with their own satellite truck. I snuck out out of here early as it was a zoo outside - at least 400 people standing in 2 lines with more and more people coming into the parking lot. And one lone protester - his sign said "If you can't even operate a digital phone, how can you be the president". Trump came in Saturday and spoke at an airplane hanger - >6000 people with many turned away. And my fearless leader on one of the facebook group page I help administrate - contacted me - she's coming into town tonite and we're going to the Bernie Sanders show tomorrow - he's speaking at our big hockey arena at school - doors open at 7, he doesn't speak till 10 am. Makings for a looooong day. Never thought I'd ever go to one of these :) Cruz expected here soon. School basically goes into lock down. Overnight the workers brought in >100 huge concrete barriers that blocked off a big parking lot that was in back of the gym Hillary was speaking in.
  8. Son and Father came in 1st and 2nd --- and the one sled team that was attacked but were able to continue came in third. Cool. Here is her account of the attack - I did not realize it was not a drive by kinda thing - they were attacked for hours. http://www.startribune.com/iditarod-musher-terrified-during-2-hour-snowmobile-attack/372367771/ There's a 19 yr old from rochester ny in it - he's pretty close to the end of the pack but hey he's in it! Local film footage showed him practicing in a field with the dogs - pulling a bare boned 4 wheeled cart to mimic sled with weight.
  9. I was expecting something else (that came from the dirty side of the brain) hehe
  10. On the one facebook group traveling (hitchhikers/trainhoppers etc) site I admin (the other website I mod - those travelers were better prepared and traveled fast to the west) - the last couple days have been BUSY - lots of travelers being stranded there - working now to connect a woman in Shreveport - still living in her wet tent (kind of a commune thing going on there) with another person who could not get to her house as roads are flooded out so she's at a hotel. Got a few other people hooked up with people who live there. Still have a girl under a bridge in Monroe (not far from Shreveport) - we will probably chip in for a motel for her. We're affiliated with a couple trucker groups too who have rescued some of travelers in need - they are having problems - couple trucks stranded in Shreveport - another slid off a road and truck jackknifed --- and he ended up losing his entire shipment (31,000 lbs of beans) as customer backed out. It's pretty bad there.