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  1. Wtf.. I'm calling b.s. on suicide. Can't tell me something fishy isn't going on ...
  2. Mimid1142

    Oprah for President

    Oprah & Chelsea Clinton... Countdown to extinction! ⚡?⚡
  3. This guy needed to be taken out. He had been on a robbery spree using his sawed off shotgun all over town. The police had become aware of his identity and were actively searching for him when this happened. Up until this point he had not encountered any resistance from victims. I'm glad these fellow Tulsans had firearms to protect themselves and effectively take this guy off our streets. His prior robberies were all corner stores and Walgreen's. I don't know what he was thinking hitting a liquor store because around here I can guarantee the majority of store clerks/owners have a firearm for protection. He should have known better but I'm thankful he didn't!
  4. Mimid1142

    City committed to removing 'racist' trees..

    The golf balls are obviously taking advantage of their white privilege and must be stopped... Haha, sorry I couldn't help myself ?
  5. City officials to remove racist trees -According to USA Today and The (Palm Springs, Calif.) Desert Sun, the residents of the bordering neighborhood "said the invasive tamarisks, which block views of the Tahquitz Creek Golf Course and San Jacinto mountains, have artificially depressed property values and prevented black families from accumulating wealth in their property over the past half century." I don't care why the trees were planted honestly. It's simply ludicrous to actually label them as 'racist'. Apparently they are to blame for the stagnant economic growth of the black community during the last half century. Hello?! I don't know what has happened to personal accountability in our society but it's a dying concept. Btw.. not sure if I did this right, it's my first topic posting on any forum in many a year. Forgive if not, ty!
  6. ☝ A philosopher.. love & sex robots conference.. how absurd does that sound? Seriously, wtf. I'm truly sick of seeing such an agenda to normalize perversion in society. Parents seriously need to be connected to their children's spirit. We cannot let society and media form a belief system for them. Scary stuff!
  7. Precisely why I've never had the shot or allowed my daughter to get it. It's kind of scary actually because on more than one occasion I've felt so pressured by medical staff to get the vaccine. I've even been treated with hostility upon refusing the vaccine after listening to all their reasoning on how I should get it & how safe it really is... I stand by my decision though 100% especially since I've yet to catch the flu! ??
  8. I want to end the incredible amount of food that is wasted every day in this country and others to be somehow redistributed to provide for the ones who go to bed hungry. It's hard to have hope, or learn proper lessons at school, when you're deprived of basic needs such as food. No one in this country should have to go without a meal. Think of how much food you see wasted in a typical day..
  9. Mimid1142

    Bush bashes Cheney and Rumsfeld.

    Never really thought ol' W was Captain of the debate team or anything.. He's still proving me right, lol. ?
  10. Good point! I guess money can't buy everything.. ?
  11. I for one would love to see all these pedo's and abusers rounded up along with all the facilitators and excuse makers they have surrounding them, their 'yes men and women' so to speak, the whole lot should be held accountable in some sort of town square setting and burned alive. I hope I haven't been too harsh in saying that.. ?? Believe me, I censored what first came to mind..
  12. Mimid1142

    The next step has been taken

    Just recently discovered this forum and couldn't speak more highly of it when recommending to friends. I'm grateful for all that you do to keep it going. It's so refreshing!
  13. Amen to that! It's hard to hear the message when you're hawking buckets of potato soup that float and conveniently double as makeshift endtime potties or doing your daily fear mongering duties by loudly proclaiming how your insider sources have confirmed it all, lol. Don't forget to buy these vitamins though, they are being offered at such a discount you'd better buy a case now or regret it later. These people are obviously in love with the sound of their own ridiculous voices.. Definitely in love with money too. ??????
  14. Must admit years ago I heard Alex on Art Bell's Coast to Coast and thought hmm.. This guy is super hopped up on coffee or something, lol but he may have a few things to say... I was definitely a newb in the mad world 'conspiracy' theorists and alternative thinkers. All these years later I sort of equate him to Jim Bakker ranting about end times while selling those absurd buckets of potato soup.
  15. Mimid1142

    Heads Up Oct 30 - Nov 2

    A bit worried, I'm in Tulsa...

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