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  1. You could be onto something there...! I have been really into it, haven't chatted here much due to being in a /pol/ hole for awhile now, (along with forgetting passwords, so lurk only til I changed it), but it's like recycling at this point, to a large degree. A few new tidbits to the most epic horror story, yet I still have hope for justice, I know the wheels turn slow -I keep remembering to remind myself patience is a virtue!! It has started to seem like it's morphing into doom porn or a larp...ugh. It has all kept me prayed up, though...so once again hope springs eternal! It does seem like anons have replaced the true investigative journalists, if there ever were truthfully such things. Oh! The propaganda! Happy Thanksgiving weekend!
  2. Krukedkukie

    The darkness is hidden everywhere....

    I agree, it's been hard to be positive in quite awhile...so when I laugh, I fully enjoy it...hope you do, too. I second the good vibes...whoosh! ? (being silly makes me smile...innocent good natured fun, hope I conveyed THAT.)
  3. Titans? Errr...Nephilm? Men of Renoun? Very Trippy. Ecclesiastes 1:9King James Version (KJV) 9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Luke 21:28King James Version (KJV) 28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
  4. Krukedkukie

    The darkness is hidden everywhere....

    Errr since I posted here...I'm not an anon, imma lurchic...lol!
  5. Krukedkukie

    The darkness is hidden everywhere....

    I've seen the message before, don't wanna watch if it darkens you. I been in a /pol/ rabbit hole a lot since I posted in the CBTS threads...good googley moogly!
  6. Yeah, right...like they ain't peepin....Hahahaha! "Whatta rube!" (...in my best bugs bunny voice!)
  7. I want all corruption and evil to end, no power for anyone or anything that doesn't have a benevolent intent and our best interests at heart! I want to be able to take care of my family, home, friends, and pets without wondering where the money is coming from, or if there's enough left to do "that", so much so we all can be ever so generous! I want my health back, to be at a normal weight, and feel good-and not to wonder if what I just put in my mouth was GMO, fake, or slowly poisoning me and my family. I want a modicum of respect, and lots of genuine love! I want people to turn their hearts to God (Father Abba) and give Him the Praise, Honor, and Glory He deserves, and reflect that in their actions, deeds, and words. I don't want anymore children harmed in any manner, much less murdered for a satanic agenda, and we all be able to return to a childlike wonder because everything is so awesome! I want this land to be healed, and to be the place I thought it was before reality changed my mind. I want God to come back because He loves us and is proud of what we did, with His Help, not because He had to to save us before all was lost. ♥️?????♥️
  8. Still active as of 4:22 am est!
  9. Krukedkukie

    Very interesting... 4chan anon post

    This was my first post, and I was a bit shy to share...thank y'all for such an interesting discussion about it! I've really enjoyed the conversation, though I do wish we had happier subject matter! (Like the swamp has drained completely...hopefully and prayerfully a future post...fingers crossed!!) When I try to discuss these things in realz, no one can have an intelligent conversation, or discounts my opinion-so again, I thank each of you no matter the opinion about it, this has been quite refreshing!! I'll try to stay on subject better, but then again, tangents can be fun, too!!
  10. Krukedkukie

    Very interesting... 4chan anon post

    I wasn't born until 1969...but I do think I read that book! Gramma had a lot of Life and Time magazines, too, going way back, wish I'd took care of them, and had the collections now...lol...eBay, anyone? ?
  11. Krukedkukie

    Very interesting... 4chan anon post

    I hope the domino effect and God's Justice serves them ALL a customized "silver platter" , courtesy of the American People's (and the world's, too, if necessary) cries and prayers for justice! I know it won't quite be an end to evil, per say, but let's hope they knock the leather off the ball, and the shine off the cue, so to speak! batter up!
  12. Krukedkukie

    Very interesting... 4chan anon post

    4chan anons said that there are sealed indictments for both Podesta brothers, and included the McCann conspiracy info on the thread. All this links back to pizzagate as well. One of many reasons I want to see them go down, to save innocents as much as possible! Millstones around all their necks, take em all down!!
  13. Krukedkukie

    Very interesting... 4chan anon post

    I'm good for tangents in convos, lol! Not then, but by junior high, I did. I tried to find more books on conspiracies/theories concerning JFK, (re: The Warren Commission, magic bullet theory, the grassy knoll, and LBJ's Presidency/legacy... )-strangely, my school libraries had very few titles regarding that era in history, my grandmother's house had more...Watergate was in fashion by then, but still not a lot of titles, current history seemed not to be big on the agenda. Dates of events were stressed more than the event in history, which turned a lot of my classmates off to it, and that was mostly regarding early American history. Hindsight is 20/20...we couldn't ask many questions or get interested enough in politics to form a career if we weren't taught enough to form a solid opinion. I learned history as a side extension of my love of reading, and my distaste of the same basic plot in "romance novels" and drivel of most magazines...though I read my fair share of that bullstuffins. Give me a good murder mystery, spy novel, fantasy novel, or historical piece and consider me babysat...for a time. #speedreader Thats how I got into current events, even though I don't consider myself political, I'm just current on history. The political aspect has finally gotten interesting again, Ive wondered how they got away with so much so long, and when the truth would come out. I do hope it's now. The ties to satanism, and biblical history make it all the more interesting to me. It is a giant puzzle, and so much is interconnected.
  14. Krukedkukie

    Very interesting... 4chan anon post

    That was from what 4chan anons threw around, but I found it seemingly legit because before the Vegas shooting I remember hearing POTUS had a scheduled visit...and as soon as I heard about the shooting, I wondered if it was an attempt before I heard details. Through Saudi Arabia is how, and the Princes that were arrested, who tie back to being the funds for 9-11. They say Kim Jong Un is just a face, and that the CIA is shot calling, that's why Trump was making jokes, he knows. Haven't you ever wondered why Dennis Rodman had no qualms about hanging out there and was never abducted for ransom, when almost every other American was at least harassed? Kim is his friend, as he was educated here in USA, and the (4 chan) word is he is very Americanized, and pissy over the politics keeping him from doing as he pleases. (Source: mostly 4 chan, but also various other sites...not Sorcha Faal and such. History buff, very well read, my mind is like a library and somebody dumped dewy decimal system in the floor, so no can't quote title, chapter or page. I started reading books on JFK, Jack Ruby, LBJ, and Oswald during the summers at my Gramma's when I was 8, I believed in the grassy knoll by 10...I'm 48, these conspiracies defined my life before I had one. I also read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys...along with The Bible...follow the clues (qui bono?).) Seems legit, or within the realm of possibilities...I'm not going to say it's all fact, I'm just saying it's fascinating, and another piece in a very twisted puzzle with a big picture that is mind blowing! It does however all fall into the 6 degrees of separation theory.

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