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  1. Some claim that this is an act so that she will be declared mentally unfit to testify, should she be called.
  2. Fritzy Ritz

    This is very important to understand

    My guess is that is why we are in this situation: whenever something goes "wrong," we look for someone/something to blame. We rarely stop to think about how, by speaking up or taking action, we might have prevented these things from occurring in the first place. When we hear the street corner preachers saying "repent," few even stop to think about what that means. But bad stuff gets bigger when we tolerate or overlook it in the first place. Yeah, Donald's running the show, but the things he inherited have been set in place for a long time. And if people are looking for a savior to guide them through all off this, it's not Donald. There is but one savior.
  3. There are some issues, apparently: Here they talk about mercury possibly being released: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24748001 Here, the Globe and Mail talks advises everyone, not just with fillings but also tattoos and piercings, etc. to have an extensive consultation before the MRI: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/if-you-have-piercings-pacemakers-tattoos-speak-up-before-an-mri/article19711779/ Another article about the potential mercury release: http://www.theijoem.com/ijoem/index.php/ijoem/article/view/316/487 And yet another article on the same idea, but also talking about the potential harm from wifi, etc. http://www.scialert.net/fulltext/?doi=pjbs.2008.1142.1146
  4. I am following that for sure. But the towers are almost everywhere ... even in remote locales where you think there would be no money or enough installers to implement this. Another thing is how, in some areas, they actually construct imitation trees to disguise these towers. I saw this a lot in New Jersey, but I'm sure it's in other places as well.
  5. Fritzy Ritz

    Christianity Is Alive and Well in America

    Syb, I would come to your Sabbath gatherings. And agree with you about not finding churches that seem to have forgotten who they are there to serve. I gave up trying to find a church. I didn't give up being a believer.
  6. Me, too. And of the things that CAN be fixed, the price of repair is often higher than the price of the item itself.
  7. I think a lot of us figured that was the plan all along. And in terms of publicity, it is a good strategy: get people talking about it for two weeks before the speech so there is anticipation in the air, which was further fueled by the whole Davos coverage. I am certain that more people paid attention to what he said at Davos than they otherwise would had the contents of this memo not been a concern.
  8. A woman I know was telling me about her granddaughter who is going through gender transition. I was horrified to hear this. This young girl lives in a relatively rural area. I was trying to get the woman I know to stop it. "Don't you think it's wrong?" I asked. She said she did. Then I figured maybe she would feel comfortable asking her daughter to get counseling for the girl first. "They already have counselors," I was told. "As well as special rest rooms for these kids." She then went on to say there is a special program within the school district for these gender transition kids. Counselors, medical people, specially outfitted rest rooms, all of it. This from a school system that cuts art and music programs because of "no money" suddenly has the dough to pay for this? The woman who told me this said she could not stop it, although she wasn't making much of an effort to try. And this is why these programs succeed, because people are not speaking up and doing something to stop them.
  9. It's not just Fox. It's pretty much across the board. Good vid!
  10. So what kind of havoc does that create with the development of that child? And again, why magnetism? There are classic Dick Tracy comics wherein they declared many years ago that "he who controls magnetism controls the world."
  11. Fritzy Ritz

    Look at this psychotic lying hypocrite

    The votes matter ... just not our votes. We have machines who conveniently cast the "correct" vote for us now. Great find on the vid, btw.
  12. State of the Union address on Tuesday.
  13. Anybody who has ever tried to pay with a roll of coins and had it refused knows that this is true.
  14. Fritzy Ritz

    This is very important to understand

    Thanks for pointing this out. I have heard many talk about how Trump was put into place exactly for that purpose, to give a few years of that "peace and security' and then, well, everything goes down. I had not seen this clip before. Things really are accelerating, aren't they?
  15. It seems like this could also be used against independent businesses. If they wanted to charge less for a particular item in order to attract people to their stores, they would be in violation of this law. A good way to force out independents, and it makes no difference to the big boxes. Or in another scenario, this drives more business online where presumably, these laws have no jurisdiction.

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