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  1. I think that you should have both. Each state has only 1 electoral vote based on the state's popular vote. This allows states that want to flood their borders with illegals to not benefit from it during a presidential election. It also does not allow large blocks of states to determine the election before the majority of the country has voted yet.
  2. Him and 41 seem to be at Death's Door...prob will both kick the bucket before May is over.
  3. "We are going to start a revolution...pass me a Tide Pod please"
  4. Ironman

    Trump lied to our faces

    SEC. 810. No funds available for obligation or ex- 7 penditure by the District of Columbia government under 8 any authority shall be expended for any abortion except 9 where the life of the mother would be endangered if the 10 fetus were carried to term or where the pregnancy is the 11 result of an act of rape or incest.
  5. Ironman

    Trump lied to our faces

    Page 609, sec 810 pulls money from abortions...read the bill! Trump beat them at their own game. It's not even a challenge anymore. Trump is a professional playing against the coach pitch team.
  6. Ironman

    Trump lied to our faces

    relax people, Trump is miles ahead, not steps ahead. Trust him.
  7. Ironman

    Trump lied to our faces

    Who can be fired at will.
  8. Ironman

    Trump lied to our faces

    Remember back when Trump said, "I'll take the heat"? Could this be what he was talking about? BTW, there's an extra 80 Billion in military spending for National Security. The Wall, falls under national security..... You got played again...Trump always 10 steps ahead.
  9. What if Stormy is working with Trump and the video is the HRC video we have been waiting for...Trump did say "the storm is coming..."
  10. Ironman

    Trump lied to our faces

    Its an omnibus not a budget, he basically got a blank check to do as he wishes. He is playing 5D chess and mopping the floor. This is from page 595, not Sessions has all the money to go after the swamp and "the swamp" wrote the bill!!! There is no challenge when its Trump against the swamp...he is playing them for the fools they are. SEC. 628. No funds provided in this Act shall be used 6 to deny an Inspector General funded under this Act timely 7 access to any records, documents, or other materials avail- 8 able to the department or agency over which that Inspec- 9 tor General has responsibilities under the Inspector Gen- 10 eral Act of 1978, or to prevent or impede that Inspector 11 General’s access to such records, documents, or other ma- 12 terials, under any provision of law, except a provision of 13 law that expressly refers to the Inspector General and ex- 14 pressly limits the Inspector General’s right of access. A 15 department or agency covered by this section shall provide 16 its Inspector General with access to all such records, docu- 17 ments, and other materials in a timely manner. Each In- 18 spector General shall ensure compliance with statutory 19 limitations on disclosure relevant to the information pro- 20 vided by the establishment over which that Inspector Gen- 21 eral has responsibilities under the Inspector General Act 22 of 1978. Each Inspector General covered by this section 23 shall report to the Committees on Appropriations of the 24 House of Representatives and the Senate within 5 cal- 25 endar days any failures to comply with this requirement.
  11. Wow, I am so disappointed. Yes I was following Q, and thought that maybe draining the Swamp will be a slow process and not as easy as just doing it, but I am not seeing much come to fruition. I was hoping a video on hrc would have been released by now, but nothing. I was hoping some top level players would at least have been indicted, but not so. I am even doubting the "18,000 sealed indictments" and if they exist at all. I wrote the WH today and said before ANY bill is signed, it needs to be first read on the floor in both houses in its entirety. Seems like a pretty simple thing to do, but once again we have a bill that is 2000 + pages signed into law and no one knows what is all in it. Maybe, just maybe I am hoping that Trump snuck something in it to burn the deep state and that is why he signed it so quickly.
  12. I saw that...I also read that Q said get ready for a show this week. Deep State is in panic mode with the msm and social media. Trump is about to fry some really big fish and small fish like this congressman are inconsequential to Trump taking down the major players.
  13. With all the restaurants in NO fighting for the same dollar, this one will not last long. i wonder if they take the EBT card?
  14. His story will be throwing HRC under the bus to try save his neck

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