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  1. Some others too.... Anderson_G i8s a good guy. Dont invite that Dr_Doom, he's a right idiot sometimes....
  2. why would they brief the biggest buffoon in the world about this ?
  3. Oh and the Scottish Defence League... A race hate thug who joined in vile chants branding Allah a paedophile at far-right marches has been revealed as a child sex fiend. Kristopher Allan was part of the far-right group Scottish Defence League who shouted "f*** off refugees" and "Allah is a paedo" at a poorly-attended protest march in Edinburgh last October. The Islamophobe last week admitted behaving in a threatening and abusive manner towards his ex at her Edinburgh home. He was sentenced to a community payback order with two years’ supervision and a 30-month non-harassment order. According to the Daily Record , he was also ordered to attend a programme for men who have abused their partners. But now it has emerged that lowlife Allan has a conviction for sending indecent messages and photos and having sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl at his home 10 years ago. Allan admitted the offence in 2007 and was given a two-year probation order and had his name added to the sex offenders’ register for the same period. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/race-hate-thug-who-chanted-7916756
  4. Opps another one. A senior member of the English Defence League (EDL), has been jailed for 17 years after he abused a 10-year-old girl 100 times. Leigh McMillan, 46, from Milton Keynes, groomed the child with cigarettes and drugs before subjecting her to the abuse during the mid-1990s. McMillan attacked the schoolgirl on her mother’s bed and warned her not to tell on him. He assaulted her around 100 times, the court heard. McMillan is a lead figure in the EDL’s most unwanted ‘Lee Rigby’ campaign – a campaign to use the soldier’s death for further hatred. A judge at the Old Bailey sentenced him on Monday to 17 years behind bars. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/edl-english-defence-league-leigh-mcmillan-jailed-paedophile-old-bailey-a8231231.html https://www.miltonkeynes.co.uk/news/english-defence-league-activist-from-milton-keynes-jailed-for-sexually-abusing-10-year-old-girl-1-8395579
  5. You should also look at the crimes of Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon.
  6. I beg to differ... https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/176587/Paedo-rap-for-EDL-leader https://lancasteruaf.blogspot.com/2011/01/far-right-hero-is-convicted-paedophile.html https://theukdatabase.com/2012/04/12/richard-price-birmingham/ One of the leaders of the English Defence League who was described as a “political prisoner” after being jailed for violence at a march had already been placed on the sex offenders register for downloading indecent images of children, The Times can reveal. The far-right group launched a campaign to free Richard Price, an organiser for the EDL in the West Midlands, after he was jailed last month for violent behaviour. But Price, 41, had been convicted in June 2010 of making four indecent images of children, and possessing cocaine and crack cocaine. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/far-right-hero-is-a-convicted-paedophile-z6pb87rr2q5
  7. There are lots that think him a racist criminal. Im not talking lefties either. And no one mentions his pedo EDL mate lol.
  8. JAY9000

    What a lovely wedding

    United Kingdom Flag, the GB flag is different... Did the US put up the Drumpf German flag when he was sworn in ... ? Just kiddin'
  9. But if everyone had guns, gun crime would increase.....remove the problem, not make more problems
  10. JAY9000

    I think it's time to accept that...

    You just watched Liverpool lose didn't you ??
  11. JAY9000

    GLP Going Down The Shitter??? PIC

    Maybe they are in the process of one of their forced politica switches. Ill give it a year and they will mostly hate T_D ?
  12. JAY9000

    Has Trump donned the full armour of God?

    Maybe I should have been to the point. It's their leadership, laws, system and religion that are at fault. (Lots of other countries fall into these categorites too, mine included, just not as f**ked up). I'm sure most of the people are ok so long as they dont fall into the above categories. Have a Nice day y'all.
  13. JAY9000

    Has Trump donned the full armour of God?

    You know how much a comedy show the USA is right now to the rest of the world right, If you dont, thats even more funny...

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