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  1. seldene

    You must FEEL your way through it.

    Every since we took those plague dead and stuck them up on stakes to run off raiders when we were too weak to fight...flu season, what can you do.
  2. seldene

    Kenite blood...Kenite brood

    Cain=settled agriculture Abel=hunter gatherers Metaphorical history is metaphorical
  3. So if I go to Israel and refuse to leave they will put me in jail? Do they have that nice hummus in the jails there?
  4. Before our earth lost vitality it was common for barber surgeons to set up under the gallows for the hanging of a healthy young mean and transplant his teeth into the fresh sockets of those who needed rotted ones pulled. And they would take root and grow.
  5. The street people figured out how to get double pane windows out by simply cupping their hands and using suction to break the rubber seal. One of them told me he ended up in a building which had no insides, only cross bracing. Open to the sky at the top.
  6. seldene

    Do You Enjoy Being Stalked?

    Anyone stalking me would die of boredom.
  7. Are they looking for agents who are capable of torturing and killing their fellow Americans? http://www.philly.com/philly/education/parents-pennstate-hazing-deaths-fraternities-at-hazing-20180201.html Should being in a frat automatically disbar anyone from a sensitive government job where they might have life or death control over others?
  8. seldene

    Nothing Is Real Anymore..

    Where do you think we are now?
  9. Rich well educated upper class parents send their misbehaving children to Wilderness camps to die of dehydration because they smoked weed. Or, sometimes, because their new step father "likes" them better than they like their mother.
  10. "The truth is well concealed within the details of the game" (Mick Farren). That this is a game, with a hidden meaning distributed throughout the system which can be revealed through conscious interpretive interaction interaction with the equipment. Which is a bit like laying down on the road to find out what a car is but this is the only piece of test equipment I was issued so we do the best we can.
  11. seldene

    We are nothing but meatbags!

    Meat can move faster than wood or stone in this environment. This may or may not provide an advantage.
  12. Its my understanding that is only one truth. The problem was it is rather large so we had to break it down into different bits for packing.
  13. seldene

    Where are all the dead people ???

    Often whole villages dies at once, and the local scavengers took care of the remains . Wanderers who decided to settle in a empty village might not even know the names of bits of rags and bone they cast into the fire. The piece of land I grew up on has housed hundreds people in written history, yet I can point to only 11 graves. A whole town complete with school and marble steps was wiped out by a scarlet fever epidemic, and they have no individual graves that I have ever been able to find.
  14. No one will tell me what my religion is, so I am stuck. There is no balance, the river apparently does not go anywhere. More like a flume ride. The idea that breaking something makes it stronger resembles child abuse more than any workable social theory

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