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  1. imimpressed

    The Titan (2018)

    watched it, wasnt that intriguiging tho. will give it another go, its online.
  2. what if you microwave food? will it leave it useless?
  3. imimpressed

    Giants are Real !!!

    didnt she date flavor flav? bridgette nielsen.
  4. just had the new zealand gay parade, enjoy the fruityness.
  5. imimpressed

    Hamster Flusher Has A New Pet

    they can smuggle exotic pets into america, hamster cant be that difficult. They put fish in strange contraptions and they make it, lol.
  6. imimpressed

    Muslims, Asians and a Question!

    from the continent asia, that place huge. its all geographical.
  7. a bullfrog will eat you if not careful.
  8. WORLDSTAR! Those accents add to the cinematography.
  9. they continue to praise the land, but unaware of the man.
  10. lol, where they get these numbers from? 100,000 years ago. we been duped.
  11. city built on water, im just saying.
  12. imimpressed

    Damn Dangerous School Shooting Drills!

    it is fox news, im just saying.

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