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  1. What's your recommendation to protect myself from chemtrails?
  2. I highly doubt we will go to war unless NK will strike first, which he won't
  3. Yea I guess we got to wait until they release more footage which i highly doubt.
  4. Curious as to why she didn't show the broken glass
  5. Yes i would like to see the video if possible and there's a lot of pieces to the puzzle that I'm still trying to figure out. There's a lot of questions I need answered but as of now I'm leaning towards that he was a arms dealer
  6. Based on my research I believe he was a undercover agent selling guns to ISIS (hence why he has a lot of guns stacked up) but it ended up backfiring
  7. There were deleted Facebook posts about shootings in other hotels as well
  8. No offense but I find it hard to believe that NK is the #2 country regarding military personnel. North Korea is not even half the size of Texas and were talking over 7 mil? I honestly think that if we do go to war with NK it'll be considered a quick and easy victory. Russia, China, Japan are all against what NK is doing. They're setting themselves up in a death trap.

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