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  1. VeganJesus

    Hummingbird Pool Party

    Their like fairies. Elusive, beautiful, and kinda magical.. Bird Intelligence: The Hummingbird. They have tiny brains. But if you measureintelligence by the "encephalization quotient" of brain-to-body ratio, the hummingbirdis the most intelligent of all animals --including us! Studies have shown that hummingbirds can remember every flower they’ve ever visited, including on migration routes. They can figure out how long to wait between visits so the flowers have time to generate more nectar. They can even recognize humans, and know which ones can be counted on to refill empty hummingbird feeders.
  2. VeganJesus

    Another Piece of the Puzzle! -- I Pet Goat

    Better than a wall?
  3. VeganJesus

    Commercial feminism

    Yes, its very important but there's a few majorly bad things that all work together like 'factory farming' and meat-eating in general.. so it seems in reality that the earth is on an inevitable collison course and evry1s under the evil spell or they don't care, so I'm trying to speak to individuals who r spiritually alive and/or actually care bout not causing mor bad energy
  4. VeganJesus

    Think I'm tracked/followed/tagged.

    R u on meds? R u on a meaningful path in life?
  5. VeganJesus

    Commercial feminism

    K well the roots go way back, and supposedly we were taught to b wicked by other beings that wanted us to b enslaved and manipulated, and it continues to b mor perverse and causing mor deception and worldly construct bs. And thru the early to mid 1900's, it became part of the 'American dream' movement w/ tech, fake food, and chemical addictions, which r all also rooted way back wen w/ demonic forces trying to destroy the human race. So basically its fukt up lies, unhealthy, unnatural, addictive, and causes rape culture which is enuf reason to make laws against it. The whole evil program is flesh craving, so consciously evolve and stop promoting the curse
  6. VeganJesus

    Measuring Body pH

    Humans r designed to b raw vegan and mostly fruitarian as our bodies run off glucose. Living foods have the real nutrients, enzymes, and water we need. They clean us while they nourish, its the perfect way. And 4 the animals and environment also. Truth always lines-up
  7. VeganJesus

    How life works

    Proper spelling is world slave stupidity
  8. VeganJesus

    How life works

    Not so much. Its individual and shud b immediate awareness if yr new creation. I doubt yul understand..
  9. VeganJesus

    Commercial feminism

    No its about the evil agenda and not promoting it. And yr probly already gone if u have a wife
  10. VeganJesus

    How life works

    K well r u doing anything bout it?
  11. VeganJesus


    That's y I went veg. I watched 'meet your meat'. Literally hell on earth and I immediately stopped eating meat. Then I realized more about the dairy industry cruelty and all the other nasty and unhealthy things so I went mostly vegan. I'm on and off 'raw vegan' but I kno its the highest and best level. Its *actual food. Not processed, not cooked to kill off living nutrients, and the earth gives it to us. It cleans u and nourishes u
  12. VeganJesus


    Humans r designed to b raw vegan. Cooked foods and animal products mostly cause disease. And the poor animals suffer horrible lives of abuse, neglect, and brutal murder. The entire human race needs to evolve past the lower self animal state and realize were meant to b light, clean, and cruelty-free
  13. VeganJesus

    Commercial feminism

    It's not jus opinion, its the truth
  14. VeganJesus


    Go research the evil of dairy. Its Supr fukt up and causes mad animal abuse, and its disgusting if u research about the pus and blood in there. Its unnatural, gross, and the animals suffer. Its wrong and unnecessary.
  15. VeganJesus

    Seriously, why do we hate one another?

    I h8 evil, so I h8 the destroyers. The carnivores, the zombies, the programs.. All the ppl that cause mor pain and suffering on this earth. Their meant to b h8d cuz they'r from evil and r meant to die 4evr. Its 1 thing to consciously evolve and grow out of h e r e , but if u choose to not conform to the ways of truth then yr the evil enemy

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