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  1. pay ... for windows .... why
  2. human kindess is only self serving mathmaticaly proven https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/altruistic-equations-that-killed-a-good-man-1358399.html also a episode of dark maters that covers this
  3. no suprise ... at any cost that alone should discredit anything they say and ur frinds with one ... how many asprin u gota take per conversation
  4. every time someone dies doing something stupid humans get a little smarter as a species
  5. markovian

    Video: Brawl at Girls 12 y.o. Softball Tournament

    it wouldent be a game without drunk parents fighting
  6. wait what .... where do they get off telling us how to treat the people fleeing there country ... if they where doing a good job at that this wouldent be a problem f**king hipocrits
  7. yea u dont even wana know what it would really be like if your in the usa its really unlikaly not impossible tho but the first waning is when the gysers stop ... when that happens u may want to run south
  8. u have got to be kidding me i really think people like this need to be locked up in a mental hospital
  9. i cant even count how many light on fire the construction is really bad out hear the workers on city center got drunk on there lunch breaks all the time a bunch of projects get condemed all the time than a fyew years later oppen but no fixes are ever made almost every casino hear sinks the water isent very far down
  10. around when one of them trys it and gets 1000 rounds put in them
  11. markovian


    more of the worthless kind ... let me know when its pushing out dimonds
  12. well if they wana complain about it we could l9ck them up with the parents ... or send them back insted of careing for them im shure parentless children will do fine reality is only way thell stop complaining is if we dont stop anyone we need a place to send thease idiots maby take that 100 miles inside the boarder wall it off and send them there could be a good example ... this is what america looks like without imagration laws could save alot of money if we send all murders rapest and pedos there bet mexico would build a wall soon after that ... hmm maby we can get mexico to pay for it afterall hahahahaha
  13. ... so its never going to rain again just the colorado discharges 22,500 cubic feet per second thats all rain and snow caz untell it rains less than is used we wont run out or maby the oceans will dry out ... we would have to lose our atmosphear first tho so we would be long dead before that if less people drive less oil prices will go up not down the down part is temporary as places close up than supply is cut off prices go upmp
  14. theres really only 1 thing we can do give u a hint its not a peaceful protest soon as they get the guns we wont even be able to do that
  15. wonder what drugs they can get you addicted to to cure your addiction oh the irony

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