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  1. Crypto currencies are easily manufactured. Even if they crash all the alt coins now, new ones will pop up. Sure it will take time for them to pick up value, but they can turn a profit.
  2. There's a reason why Trump is still alive, he's playing the game. The only good president is a dead president.
  3. The fires back in 2004 were pretty wicked as well. Right around the same time. To me it seems they're trying to clear people out from the hills and force them into the city. Round em' all up. Problem is, a lot of them are gun owners.
  4. Every time there's a natural disaster they come in with private contractors, rope off areas, and kill off people like that. They were flooding people in Houston and sniping from rooftops in New Orleans.
  5. They were right to defend themselves. All the letter agencies are nothing but organized gangs with badges.
  6. Interesting theory. I've read about NWO setting up a powerful computer that can be inhabitated by a demonic entity. I'm guessing some bioorganic quantum computer gets possessed by Lucifer? Either way I feel you're on the right track.
  7. You're going to see more like this from the Pope in the near future. Prepping for the one world religion.
  8. It's widely rumored he sacrificed his daughter to get back into the spotlight. Didn't you notice he came back into the spotlight right around her death? Was low key for awhile. Maybe that's why he feels so much guilt and sorrow. This guy is a Hollywood celebrity...always think about the circumstances before you feel sorry for any of them.
  9. SMB

    YOU are the universe

    When I do my meditation I not only reach out to the universe, but to all planes of existence. Gotta cover all my bases
  10. SMB

    YOU are the universe

    Part of my meditation every day. ON IT
  11. SMB

    Myziam: The alien who contacted 4chan

    Once the alien said 'earth thick not hollow' I laughed. Some asshole is getting a good kick out of this
  12. SMB

    Las Vegas Shooting a MAJOR Distraction???

    First and third of every month are important days for satanists. I definitely think it was a distraction but there was some sacrificial significance. October is gonna be a bloody month.
  13. SMB

    Tom Petty has died, Age 66

    Not to be that guy but died at 66. Bowie dies at 69. A little fishy...

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