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  1. It came from truth.
  2. Very bittersweet words. I agree with you 100%
  3. It does sound like he was used. Cia/ mkultra who knows. Yep somebody will get his money. And all the the young life that has been taken is very sad
  4. I think he is right. We guard so many things so why not our children in schools.
  5. The poles love their country and people make the country so let them speak. They remember the war and communism and getting out of it they are by far wiser for that hard lesson
  6. Get a load of this???

    not me but looks good
  7. done how. Because I am still paying taxes here
  8. That was the old commies there the new commies are here in good ole usa
  9. forsure the zionist are going after russia again and want ukraine back.They are pitting europe and america against Russia.Not that I trust russia government because I don't even trust my own but we should be good planet mates at least
  10. wow I have never heard even a whisper of this before.So as indirect as you want to be how did you hear this..fascinating
  11. All presidents are disposable really. I would not expect him to clean out the decades of corruption even in two terms. He is giving it a go unlike his predecessors. But don't blame him or any it is the fault of the citizens for letting this happen in the first place.
  12. the jewish question

    David is getting older he's a bit slack but is still brillant. I read lots on the khazarians and how other countries thought of them.They didn't like them and said they were very war like. There was a Canadian jew who I heard explain one time. He said he was a Canadian that happened to be born a jew but as far as his religious views he was as his fellow countrymen were christians. He said that jews were too standoffish and didn't assimilate well. he never mentioned he was jewish unless asked. Today there are many zionist christians too.
  13. the jewish question

    Yes the viking ships are dragons heads kinda like the griffons found in Europe
  14. the jewish question

    I see so do you think the Vikings are of jewish origins?