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  1. yea just like they said they couldn't aim the hubble at the moon!
  2. I saw something very similar last year in the winter on the mountain across from my house. It looked like liquid gold . I It cascaded down the tops of the trees. I still can't really explain it. It happened fast. Maybe the plates rubbing together I am perplexed
  3. hessdalen norway lights what he says about them start a 40:00
  4. I met a guy who swore he was abducted. He was as crazy as a loon. But he wrote this really great story of his life and I read the manuscript no idea if he ever published and his story did have teeth it seemed. All I saw is it left him crazy.
  5. I was on a hunt for this pretty heavy in the 80's. But I am not getting anything new. Are you?
  6. It's good info but it is all been said. He is saying things that have gone on for 40 years better with a bit new info.I appreciate that you are putting this out there though.
  7. I like your stories. I saw the exorcist at a drive- in in texas. It scarred the shit out of me. My favorite films are still the Predator and Alien. I don't like the sequence films to theses so much. I don't like gore devil stuff maybe around halloween and I do like Supernatural series because it is funny and has that great car and the music. I don't have a real theory on et and saucers yet and when I think I have one it changes.I've been to ufo groups and talked to pilots and from all that and my own experience all I can say is there is something!
  8. most of the western states are pretty good. Some lesser of course.
  9. Maybe I was going in and out of northern AZ. I haven't been south in NM a few years. I just know I was hauling ass and everyone was passing me
  10. However if it were my ailing 89 year old mother I would probably speed too. GUILTY
  11. I know many men young and old who never go over the speed limit. I know many women who speed!
  12. I have a telescope. So no lights are very good for me. I love sitting outside looking at the stars. The reason you are like you are Cinn. is you ain't no whiny liberal. I have met lots of good Californianas but it always the pussy liberals wanting to change everything you hear the loudest. I am sure your ears get tired of hearing them there as mine does here in WA. So when I get back to AZ as far as I am concerned you'd just make AZ better!