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  1. There is a star symbol within the lines of the palm of my right hand which looks like a star a toy spinning top with the top squared off and a tornado all in one and represents the work vehicle of terrestrial officers Tyler and Denver or a UFO. "Now disclosure has its own reason for existing." Terrestrial officers Tyler and Denver on the Now and Disclosure
  2. Back in 2003 the Psychic Circle or magical message board indicated Cupid's heart, you, and then Pluto. I didn't know what it meant until I saw the photos of Pluto's heart shape design. I now know exactly what it is talking about but just let me say that it means I have a big heart or philanthropic point of view just like Lockheed Martin does. And lets just say that Terrestrial Officers Tyler and Denver will be watching a lot of cartoons. I'll never forget that cartoon sketch where a couple of kids came up to the area 51 guy and said Remember that UFO you recovered a wicked long time ago well he thinks he left his wallet in it. The wallet represents sweat equity. Lockheed Martin says that they never forget who they are working for. Terrestrial Officers Tyler and Denver say that we never forget what we are thinking about which is Disclosure. "Why is it Lockheed Martin that all of your systems are heeded and locked into military black projects when separation is the key?" Terrestrial Officers Tyler and Denver on Disclosure "By far, reality is the best invention yet for Lockheed Martin. What have they already thought of next!" Terrestrial Officers Tyler and Denver on Intelligent Design
  3. I had a dream about the February 1, 2003 Columbia tragedy before it happened. I didn't recall having had this dream until after I saw the tragedy on CNN. Within this dream I saw an archetypal image of a looming UFO up in the sky above the trees behind my house. I was then turned 90 degrees to my left parallel to the back of my house and looking up I could see the NASA space shuttle in orbit as if with a telescopic view. My attention was then turned off to the right of the NASA space shuttle at the distant stars in the background of space. Some of these stars rushed forward and quickly assembled into a large cargo net which quickly rushed off and through the NASA space shuttle as if carrying away the spy satellite in the cargo bay area of the NASA space shuttle which was supposed to be used to spy on Russia. If you would like to see video of what I just described you can go to youtube NASA wtf did you do to piss off E.T. About week after having had this dream a synchronicity occurred to me to get out my binoculars and go look in a particular direction of the sky and when I did I saw a metal sphere UFO