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  1. That movie was on tv today. Would prefer it stayed as a movie.
  2. What a world we live in where a washed up porn star is considered a reputable source.
  3. kinkider

    The MeToo movement

    Makes sense. We're already headed there, what with phone technology and all.
  4. I have a terrible habit of holding in sneezes in public. May need to change that...
  5. This is her most recent hit song fwiw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClU3fctbGls
  6. kinkider

    Trump's Fast-food Diet [Merged]

    "According to the McDonald’s nutritional calculator, that meal equals 2,054 calories – 103% of the typical recommended average for a woman." Freudian slip?
  7. He's weirdly obsessed with Trump's face.
  8. kinkider

    Discover Gnosis

    Seems a little harsh.
  9. kinkider

    Meet Sophia, the devil has landed

    Idk what's creepier: Sophia, or the dude speaking with her.

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