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  1. At least one person was killed when a rockslide was triggered at Yosemite National Park's popular El Capitan rock formation, officials said. A large rock fell near the East Buttress climbing route on El Capitan at around 1:55 p.m., a park spokesperson said. A search has been launched for climbers who may have been caught in the rockslide.
  2. Lawmakers brawled in Uganda’s parliament for a second day running on Wednesday over a fiercely disputed move to change the constitution to let long-ruling President Yoweri Museveni run for re-election after age 75. MPs exchanged blows and kicks, with some using microphone stands as crude weapons in the melee, and at least two female lawmakers were carried out of the chamber after collapsing, a Reuters journalist on the scene said. At least 25 MPs opposed to the proposed constitutional amendment to prolong Museveni’s tenure were forcibly ejected on orders of the speaker for involvement in fighting on Tuesday. All other like-minded MPs then walked out. After calm returned, ruling party MP Raphael Magyezi introduced the contested motion authorizing parliament to draft and present a bill that would lift the constitution’s age cap on presidential candidates.
  3. Wow! Another .... This video contains content from Starz Media LLC, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. What do they not want us to see? Odd isn't it, these same media companies who are crying about people 'downloading' are the same ones who restrict their video's so only a minority of their 'target audience' can view/listen to this type of stuff.
  4. schizoinfected

    Whats with all the youtube accounts vanishing?

    This account has been terminated for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines. This just doesn't involve conspiracy theorists but includes those into the paranormal, gamers, music reviewers, etc. Seems there's a big push by Google at the moment to censor any critical-thinking as it might 'hurt' them long-term if/when YouTube rolls out their paid-TV plan.
  5. A train carrying passengers has collided with an armoured vehicle south of Stockholm, Swedish police have said. Police said Tuesday's accident happened in Trosa. The Expressen newspaper said the train had derailed and some people were injured. The daily said it was not immediately known how serious the injuries were. The armored vehicle was likely taking part in Sweden's largest military exercise in over 20 years with nearly 20,000 troops drilling on air, land and sea. The three-week military drill started on September 11.
  6. A HUGE volcano in Vanuatu which has been threatening to blow for several weeks has erupted, prompting the South Pacific Ocean nation to declare a state of emergency. The Monaro Voui volcano, located on the northern island of Ambae, has been simmering for weeks and finally erupted on Tuesday, September 26. Some 7,000 residents – roughly 70 per cent of the population of Ambae – have forced to evacuate over the last few days as the threat of an eruption grew larger. The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department raised the alert level from three to four over the weekend as it warned of “flying rocks and volcanic gas”. Vanuatu's National Disaster Management Office director, Shadrack Welegtabit, said: “There's ash, fire, stones and lava being thrown out from the mouth of the volcano.
  7. schizoinfected

    Deep extra-tropical cyclone to hit the UK this weekend

    Inland parts of Scotland are unlikely to get gusts (not sustained) winds above 100mph, but during the first major-storm of this year a week or so ago exposed parts of the English Channel saw 88mph. So it's not too exaggerative when the models are showing 120mph for the Western Isles and possibly the extreme north of Ireland.
  8. schizoinfected

    Canyon forest fire live

    They have the fire-fighting DC-10 dumping that red-chemical stuff (I don't know the name of it) to hold the fire-front back earlier on.
  9. schizoinfected

    Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    Marco is 'working on it' from his twitter-feed. I like this place already, so it's bookmarked in the list alongside the many others i'm also on. It always helps to have differing opinions across many aspects of conspiracy boards rather than a notion of bias.
  10. 120mph winds forecast off the Scottish Coast on Sunday, due to ex-Hurricanes Maria and Lee joining-together across the Atlantic to form a powerful deep extra-tropical cyclone. Violent gales and torrential downpours will bring chaos across the country with power and transport networks facing severe disruption. The latest weather models show Hurricanes Lee and Maria - currently located off the east coast of the United States - merging in the mid-Atlantic Ocean to form a colossal new storm. Meteorologists fear an extremely violent post-tropical cyclone - Storm Brian - will form and head straight for the UK. The current projected path of Storm Brian - as it will be called if it severely threatens the UK - shows it making landfall next Monday, with the churning vortex smashing first into Ireland, then mainland Britain. Britons should brace themselves for “a bang” according to experts who warn the nation faces “significant” disruption. http://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/858639/Storm-Brian-path-update-latest-models-Met-Office-weather-warning-hurricane-forecast-track
  11. It depends on the viewpoint, 'losers' might be defined as outcasts who have become-so because they can't accept the msm rhetoric. Mental-health issues factor into this too.
  12. schizoinfected

    Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    I go to sleep for 2 hours and next thing I know LOP goes down. At least i've found this place where a few ex/current members reside.

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