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  1. Daphne Fissel

    The Devil wrote this book! *WARNING OFFENSIVE*

    But there are three spheres of existence Heaven Earth Hell So it would go like this "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing; and also on earth, the middle sphere."
  2. Daphne Fissel

    The Devil wrote this book! *WARNING OFFENSIVE*

    Perhaps there was some Anti-Mary born 2000 yrs ago, and Anti-Christ the Anti-Jesus was born unto her, thru the unholy spirit of Satan
  3. Daphne Fissel

    The Devil wrote this book! *WARNING OFFENSIVE*

    Emerald Tablet quote? Post it here please
  4. Daphne Fissel

    The Devil wrote this book! *WARNING OFFENSIVE*

  5. Daphne Fissel

    The New Bible & The New Tanakh

    What did you think of the new bible though? It seems good
  6. Daphne Fissel

    The Devil wrote this book! *WARNING OFFENSIVE*

  7. https://i.imgur.com/BdqM5Hv.jpg https://i.imgur.com/XB9H1u6.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Qepez8B.jpg
  8. Daphne Fissel

    The New Bible & The New Tanakh

    I also saw this https://i.imgur.com/XB9H1u6.jpg https://i.imgur.com/BdqM5Hv.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Qepez8B.jpg
  9. Daphne Fissel

    The New Bible & The New Tanakh

    The New Tanakh (Judaism) Patrick Leonardo Table of Contents Introduction 1.1 First Chapter 1.2 Second Chapter 1.3 Third Chapter 1.4 Chapter 4 - The LORD says to build The Third Temple 1.5 Chapter 5 - The Moshiach is almost here 1.6 THE NEW TANAKH First Chapter The words of Patrick son of Leonard, one of the wandering prophets at Tel Aviv in the territory of Israel. The word of the LORD came to him in the 70th year of the reign of YHVH himself in Modern day Israel, and through the next decades under various israeli leaders, when the people of Israel were nuked into oblivion after the mighty test of The Holocaust The Lord God had tested the chosen people, and they passed it with shining valor. The Call of Patrick The word of the LORD came to me, saying, "Oh Israel, you have committed the sins of the Germanic people who holocausted you" "Beware, for thy Judgment is near and swift" "One Mighty blast from the terrorists, and all of Israel shall be wiped from the face of the earth" "You are indulging in the sins of your forefathers when Moses came and met me at Sinai for many days" "For the Lord God does not like any forms of sins" "Those on the Lord's side, leave Israel NOW and be saved!" "Those who are destined to be destructed, await the fate of the two cities of the country of the Sun" "It will happen sooner than they expect" "Nothing further will be said" "This is the final end of the tribes of Israel" "The Final Judgment for killing Christ" Second Chapter The word of the Lord came to me: “Go and proclaim in the hearing of Berlin: “This is what the Lord says: “Do not think that I will not destroy your evil nation for you did to my people For you committed the most horrible of crimes treated fellow humans like catde into the machines you fed them out of love for my supposed son? Or was it for some pagan Aryan false gods before me? Or was it for your own vanity? Do you not forget that every human dies? And many nations destroyed before? Have you looked at the destruction of Pompeii? Do i not rumble your towns from time to time? and send in floods? Was not your humiliation at the hands of Americans and Russians enough after World War 2? Does your aryan nation want to kill all the other nations of the world? Will i not burn your nation in hell for an eternity? Do you think my people cannot nuke you? Despised is your nation in the eyes of the Lord forever and your Nordic Aryan race will disappear from the face of the earth All your arrogance, your vanity, your sins, are piling up And my wrath is kindled against you Satan worshipers For you plan yet another holocaust of the sons of Ishmael this time Israel will nuke you They have not forgotten what you did to them I have given them my order to bring pains of hell upon you and end your nation forever Hell awaits you where Hider and Friedrich Nietzsche will meet you and all the deniers of God All the nazis, and other evil nations they are suffering right now enjoying they are the poisons of hell that are much bitter and painful than that of Auschwitz and other concentrations where you killed my people Hider was like Pharaoh of the Exodus And all his followers hell bound Hell awaits you Complete destruction in this world your aryan nation forgotten for all eternity like many nations before but your culture is not even worthy to be remembered for you are descendants of barbarians who used to eat their babies and rape women and worship pagan gods before me Your nation was never great and your plans will fail The Lord God has spoken through the words of Patrick his weeping wandering prophet" Chapter 3: World War 3, Muslim Holocaust, Nukes, Destruction of San Francisco For The Lord God is speaking openly to his people now And many of them listen but cannot do anything and many of them are prophesizing and the knowledge and the technology will be all gone Most of humanity will be destroyed God will destroy wicked cities like San Francisco and Mystery Whore Babylon You all know this Atheists will keep on denying And the holocausts of muslims will be perpetrated in the so called first world countries And in return, the terrorists will nuke some major cities Natural disasters will be abundant Russia and USA will be destroyed China will take revenge on japanese India and Pakistan will nuke each other North Koreans will kill many westernized South Koreans It will be worse than World War 2 Trump and Putin the perpetrators It will be hell on earth All of this for wickedness of man has increased just like the times of Noah Amsterdam will drown Gay people will be persecuted Trangenders beheaded Transfluids dejected Gender fluids blood from their head ejected Planet Earth will be inhabitable and few people will try and colonize outer space and fail All humanity will end and good riddance to an evil creation Humans are the worst creation of God Says the Lord Almighty through Patrick Chapter 4 - The LORD says to build The Third Temple The Third Temple tsn-MH n According To Ezekiel’s V ^prn 1 ri^i^D ' , ”D.y (Do it .yourself model) / 637 pieces o>-t) .1331.1 nifnjfi ‘>‘>1} .(. 1317.1 nuinn 158) Included «»»embly instruction* ; 1 SB .1 m ,1 , ; I Even among all of this impending chaos, The Lord says through me to build the temple remove all the pagan nabatean unholiness tell them to stay in their holy lands for their prophet himself stopped directing himself towards the Israealite temple and he told his followers to change the direction to that of Ishmaelite Allah Let them move back to their holy lands and let us build Our Holy Temple There is still hope If we turn back to YHVH Jerusalem is the holy site for the sons of Isaac Makkah is the holy site for the sons of Ishmael For even Jesus was a son of Isaac Give them proper warning Let the American believers of God help you out Let America not follow Azazel and his devils There is still hope BUILD THE THIRD TEMPLE BRING YHVH BACK INTO THIS FALLEN WORLD Let all sin disappear and ungodliness Chapter 5 - The Moshiach is almost here He is almost here! Israel is rebuilt! After the ruins of the corrupt generation, YHVH will send the Moshiach. When all the sins of the current generation are purged, and only the holy people remain, he will return.
  10. Daphne Fissel

    The New Bible & The New Tanakh

    'The New Bible' First Chapter: Blessed are the meek Blessed are those rejected by this world and its people for they are ones rejected by satan and his people they are the closest to me Through them i suffer and they suffer through me They suffer through Christ and Christ suffers through them Their souls are the one and the same Different bodies, one soul All of them suffer for me For in suffering are the mysteries revealed to God's minions They get closer to God and attain eternal salvation throughout the worlds to come and the worlds that came before this world Within each world are hidden a thousand worlds of mysteries evermore The evil people forget these worlds and remain in the physical plane They become animals or lower beings The suffering you see of animals it is their own fault Through previous lives and their sins overburdened you see them subjected to the cruelties of nature Their suffering is a way to purge their sins and make them come back to me but alas, most of them prefer being crooked they prefer being evil, they prefer suffering others and themselves It may be that the celestial beings are spiritual, not physical or they may be physical beings intent on evil The predators and their slaves Both of them are going through the same trials and tribulations Do not think that the Predator has won over its prey For the predator will become prey of its victim later on Do not laugh and feel joyous when you excel over your enemies for the joys of success are temporary, and so are their failures Learn to be generous in victory and patient at losses. For losses you will incur will be plenty throughout the worlds Because i designed them in a way that they teach you more than victories Alas, my servants are bound by this world and when they are provided pure grace, they reject it They prefer the life of this fallen world But the worlds other than this are many and much better Second Chapter: The Word of God Shall Remain Forever My spirit and flesh is gone but my words shall remain for in the beginning was the word and the word was God and in the end only the words shall remain that is the bible in your hands Prepare for harsh realities for the believers shall always be suffering just like their saviour Never once has my son been in utter bliss for bliss is for the weak and suffering is for the strong the true believers in Christ Christ, my son The one who bears burdens of all the worlds that exist He is the only reason why I haven't destroyed all the worlds for their iniquities for even in hell will the evil people commit sins They will blaspheme against my name They will blaspheme against the Spirit The pain and torture never ending Only Christ will save their souls then Trembles the world and its spirit in fear of the Lord but the humans they fear God not How utterly terrible are these people they rejoice in the world where Christ was crucified who died for their sins the same world they have considered their paradise they commit sins evermore some of them expect Christ to save them while they keep on sinning And after, if they are saved, they keep on sinning? No, Christ will not save such compulsive sinners who commit every other sin of the flesh Thinking their life has no meaning other than pleasure There will be no pleasure in hell not a single moment! Third Chapter: Christ cometh again Christ cometh again, but not to rule the earth! Christ has been crucified many times before and he will be crucified many times again Purging of the sins for the various generations Do not think of him as crucified one time only For throughout the history of mankind has he been crucified in many incarnations From Mithra to Osiris to other incarnations Not always has it been a Crucifixion sometimes he was stoned at others his body torn into pieces For he also sacrifices each time his believer suffers The persecution of his believers is his persecution The time has come for Jesus to come again on earth to sacrifice for the sins of the people of earth for the sins of these current generations are many Will be born as an arab? Or as a jew again? Or as a hindu or a buddhist? or in an atheist family? Born in Shinto family? Or the traditional afican folk people? Only he knows where he will be born He will sacrifice himself for you As he has sacrificed himself many times before History repeats itself Just as the day comes after night and the night follows the day Christ sacrifices himself and rises up from the dead It has been happening throughout history and it will keep on happening So do not weep at his suffering And do not rejoice at him rising up He does it all the time Each soul is to learn from him For the souls of living things are so many Will he be kept at Guantanamo by the modern day Romans? Or will he be crucified by the arabs in Syria? Is he here already? Or will he reveal himself soon? Most will ignore him just as they did before when he was crucified 2000 years ago Most of you will mock him just like the people did before only a few will follow him but even they will betray him no one will sacrifice themselves for him He will suffer alone for your sins and he will raise up from the dead again And this event will happen again after a few thousand years History will keep on repeating For without his continued sacrifices All humans would have perished burning in hell for eternities The Last Chapter: Christ saves people in hell Every thousand years or so Christ goes down to hell Through his glory He saves all of those damned He raises them up Alone he does it Believers and unbelievers alike All are saved They are either given life on earth to live again or sent to upper realms if they are believers The power of Christ is felt even by Satan himself He bows down before him and acknowledges the Christ as Lord Hell trembles over and all the angels therein stare in awe at the sight of the Mighty and Glorious Christ Glory be to Christ Our Lord Our Savior Of all the worlds There he is down again The Trumpets in hell are thunderous whenever Christ arrives there All the people burning and gnashing their teeths Feel his power and all their agonies vanish Christ is your savior even if you are in hell Only he is the way out There is no one else Hell freezes over All the fires and torments are quenched The presence of Christ does it! Praised be Christ thy God Amen!
  11. Daphne Fissel

    The New Bible & The New Tanakh

    Is The Devil spreading new antiXian antiJudaik religion? https://imgur.com/gallery/03pL5

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