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  1. U doubt there will be a baby boom from this. I'd be more interested to see Hawaii's overall sales of tissues and hand lotion for the same time period...
  2. Trump aces Cognitive Assessment 30 of 30

    But.. but... how is this possible? The Media said he was insane. They would never lie to us, right? Up next on MSM: The President's doctor suspected of racism and bribes to obtain his license to practice with no evidence.
  3. Yet, if he'd written a book speculating how Trump 'would be' the worst President in history, they'd probably give him free advertising.
  4. If he did say this, I highly doubt it's going to upset the vast majority of Americans in any way. Hell, I've heard that exact phrase uttered by average Americans about a great many countries at least every other day since the whole immigration issue began going sideways.
  5. 1984! We're living it!

    They'll determine me to be incorrigible as well. I've always imagined myself hiding out in a dissident community in the far future anyhow...
  6. When you think about it, 'Brain Congestion' sounds like a pretty accurate diagnosis to explain the exceedingly stupid shit some of these people do on a regular basis. Now that we've figured out the problem, it's time to develop a treatment and cure for it.
  7. Is requiring voter ID a form of oppression?

    A valid identification is required for far less important things in the U.S., why the hell shouldn't being able to cast a vote electing the next 'leader' be the same? You show ID for purchases (alcohol, tobacco). You show ID when verifying a credit purchase (or you're supposed to). We're asked for ID during EVERY traffic stop. ID is requested when obtaining a new job. Seriously, flashing an ID to get your ballot is no big deal, and takes what? A matter of seconds? I'd say it is DEFINITELY not oppression to require an ID to vote, especially while there's all this talk of voter fraud.
  8. Massive NYPD Shakeup Underway; Top Chiefs Being Fired

    DiBlasio's just trying to solidify his control of the city... Remember when Obama fired a whole bunch of generals?
  9. Of course she won't be held accountable for her actions. She's 'with Her', so the laws don't apply, remember?
  10. Oprah-rah-rah for pres - rah-rah

    Just what we need, even more vapid, pampered and ignorant celebrities to take more seats of power within our detached, wasteful government...
  11. I know that it's possible to recover from addiction (on a very personal level), but that requires personal responsibility and good judgement to be applied by the addict, and no one else. Drugs will always be obtainable, so while having them on the streets isn't a good thing, blaming the epidemic on their availability is not what will solve the problem. Not every poor decision is the result of some made up epidemic, and I also don't subscribe to the belief that it's a 'disease', either; it's escapism in its most extreme form.
  12. http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2017/12/29/beijing-denies-assertion-china-top-fentanyl-exporter/ I said it on Breitbart: ...and I'll reiterate it here: For the most part, China is correct. Blaming Chinese imports of opioids for the current crisis in the United States is the most backward, snowflake-ish thing the U.S. public could do. There is definitely an epidemic in the United States, but it's an epidemic of immaturity, poor decision-making, and blame-throwing. If more citizens of the U.S. exercised some personal responsibility, it wouldn't matter how many tons of opioids were brought in by China because there'd be no market for them. I've been through some serious shit in my life, and I've been to the very depths of dark depression because of those events, but I never put a needle in my arm. You know why? because I knew it would be a stupid f*cking thing to do. We Americans, as a society, need to grow the hell up.
  13. Give me your best one-liner on this picture please.

    FIFY http://i66.tinypic.com/vfz3np.jpg
  14. Walmart is planning a store without cashiers

    This. And the ones that are 'manned' are being run by failed elderly ESL students with no motivation to do a job right. ***Disclaimer*** I completely abhor WalMart in the most literal sense: disengaged employees, poor product quality, a general flea market atmosphere with regard to clientele, and just no sense of personal pride to be found anywhere. I've heard that there are so-called 'good ones' out there, but I haven't managed to wander into one, even accidentally.
  15. An animal is still an animal regardless of how cute a name you give it, or how many Christmas cards it has patiently posed for wearing stuffed reindeer antlers...