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  1. That is NOT the real Occupy Wall Street twitter account. Here is the real one. https://twitter.com/OccupyWallSt All kinds of games being played.
  2. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/exopolitica/exopolitics_vonbraun.htm
  3. Take a deep breath. :). Ok. The funds tranferred number is all funds transferred from US to Mexico, it has nothing to do with SS or any other American social program. To the article: “For example, if I am a U.S. citizen and I retire to Mexico, I can continue to draw my Social Security benefits while I am in Mexico,” he explained. “Or maybe the person is a Mexican citizen who was legally in the U.S. and had a work-authorized Social Security number.” Lassiter told WND he was unaware of any study the Social Security Administration had conducted on the 26,000 monthly payments made through Directo a M?xico. He said he had no breakdown of the characteristics of the recipients. Still, Lassiter insisted it was “highly unlikely” any of these 26,000 were receiving payments illegally in Mexico. --- ok, so in that year, 26,000 Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, or Americans living in Mexico received SS. What is the issue? The same policy applies to all other countries. If you are entitled to SS you get it. 26 thousand social security checks is nothing considering the population sizes.
  4. You need to understand the "aid" is mostly all fake. It goes to feed corruption and crony capitalism. Crony capitalism, weaponized banking and drug markets transformed Central America and Mexico. In many countries, the "aid" is just a kickback for purchases from the military-industrial complex.
  5. The real problem is that they have transformed our world in their image so much, that most non-Jews today THINK like Jews, and live in a Jewish world. We must always remember this change did not occur peaceably. It was brought with revolution and murder and war... and we do not have to accept their sickness. Concerning "anti-semitic", Israel just bombed 50+ Syrian soliders to death. Zionists murdering Semites.
  6. No, it's not the oil or gas. Those mean more to Syria and Palestine, who need the money because they don't get any from the Zionist global cabal. None of the Kosher Mafia care about oil and gas. They are already set for life with direct access to tap banks for anything they need. That's how they rise to ownership and control, with that access - by design, intentionally, a conspiracy of favoritism for them and not for the goy. Muslims could be our strongest ally against International Jewish Power. That's why they want us to beat down the Muslims for them. Then they will continue beating us down and ban Christianity.
  7. Not to most of us. CBS is owned by Murray Rothstein (doing business as) Sumner Redstone.
  8. That's good. We are called not just to avoid carnal sin outside of marriage, but to think of the path to holiness, or holi-ER-ness, as a necessary grace of being indwelt with the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost cannot abide in unrepentant sinners, even though it may still call them. You probably won't agree with some things I have to say but have heard them before, of course. Such as it's not accurate to think of yourself as a "gay person" but rather to think of yourself as a person who was/is tempted to commit illicit carnal activities. Just like someone else may be tempted to rob a store. There are also reasons why male sodomy (the sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance) is worse than male fellatio or female /female carnal activity. If someone can understand that suicide is wrong because we don't own our own bodies, we did not create them and have no right to murder them, then they are on the road to resisting sins of concupiscence, the same for gluttony, pride, etc.
  9. not if you're an unrepentant sodomite. anyway. have to stop talking about this. looking for ignore button, don't see one.
  10. It's by accident, copying and pasting a headline. Like this: U.S. says will 'take firm measures' against Syria violations near Israel border
  11. Soon the 3rd staged chemical attack and real war in Syria after the World Cup This could be the big one.
  12. Trump Authorizes $6.6 Million to Fund Syria’s White Helmets (antiwar.com) New Funding for White Helmets: U.S. Pledges $6.6M for Group with Clear Terrorist Ties (One America News) More about the terrorist group that stages false flags in Syria: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=one+america+news+"white+helmets"&FORM=HDRSC3 F U TRUMP !!!!! YOU ARE THE BIGGEST FAKE THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN.
  13. Treebeard

    Well, the UK is a goner folks.

    That's right, and the only ones who aren't, they are the KOSHER Muslims.... like House of Saud.
  14. So when will Trump talk to ASSAD ? Woops, gotta ask Bibi first for permission.
  15. Luke 17:3-4 3 So watch yourselves. "If your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them; and if they repent, forgive them. 4 Even if they sin against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying 'I repent,' you must forgive them." Acts 8: 20-24 20 Peter answered: “May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! 21 You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God. 22 Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that he may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. 23 For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.” 24 Then Simon answered, “Pray to the Lord for me so that nothing you have said may happen to me.”

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