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  1. They already treat their sex partners as nothing but robots. It's all been encouraged by hard-core pornography and the hook-up culture. People as sex objects to use - not far away from just using a robot to stimulate the blood flow to genitals, resulting in an expungement called "climax".
  2. We know of the claims that the Weiner laptop has a folder entitled 'Life Insurance' - containing images of top politicians having sex with kids. Today, a former Secret Service member is on twitter and he sounds ready to drop bombs. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-24/former-secret-service-agent-threatens-reveal-new-details-about-clinton-epstein-conne
  3. GLP totally on board with the Zionist Agenda.

    kinda. sorta. I remember it before it was sold to JL and his ppl.
  4. Alwaleed bin Talal is very connected to the West. I would not be surprised at all to see MBS assassinated.
  5. GLP totally on board with the Zionist Agenda.

    GLP is just about dead. The heart was ripped out of it.
  6. I have a nose for sellouts

    Most "sellouts" actually start out that way, it is more accurate to refer to them as plants.
  7. 200 or more dead in ISIS attack on Egyptian mosque

    the sites I posted somewhat explain this. Takfiri is a Wahhabist who does these things. Wahabbis are Sunni extremists who will be takfiri terrorists. Saudi regime is wahabbi, they created ISIS along with other actors, such as the American neoconservatives and Israeli mossad.
  8. Terror attack in progress in London right now!

    You bet it is interesting. Who wrote that headline at Daily Mail? Why was it allowed to post? Do they know a real lorry attack is planned ???? Daily Mail is extremely shady operation.
  9. Elbert County owns the land, after this group who built the monument granted it to them. Obviously, management of the county is corrupted by this secret society.
  10. Terror attack in progress in London right now!

    Daily Mail posted then pulled a fake news headline saying it was a lorry into pedestrians. https://twitter.com/search?q=oxford circus&src=tyah
  11. 200 or more dead in ISIS attack on Egyptian mosque

    For anyone looking to make sense of this: The mosque was targeted since it is frequented by Sunni Sufis who the Wahhabi Takfiri terrorists regard as apostates because they revere saints and shrines, which for the Saudi-backed Wahhabi ideology is tantamount to idolatry. In a statement issued on Friday, Hezbollah considered that the “horrific crime which has violated the sanctity of the human beings as well as the time and place is an outcome of the Wahhabi, Takfiri though which sees all the Muslims who do not approve its principles as disbelievers that deserved to be murdered even if they are at mosques.” Note that neither hotlink is a "western" media outlet. The Saudi regime encourages these attacks.
  12. 1I/ `Oumuamua: New data

    The asteroid is probably just too young to have established a circular orbit and dust tail yet.
  13. You got that right! The CEOs and public administrators are most often nothing but pawns themselves, while the real shareholders are concealed in documents that are never shared. Everything they do benefits the banks. Our governments are slaves of the banks. Trumps, Kushners, and Soroses all work together and pool their resources together behind closed doors. They are not exceptionally talented or intelligent whatsoever. All they have is connections. If you were one of their daughters, you could be a famous actress or CEO of a tech company. They hand out these accolades and lifestyle passes like the trophies of entitlement they truly are.
  14. They are all used whenever most appropriate. Think of the univerisities. Did you know that the Ivy League colleges in the U.S. have so many hundreds of billions stored away that cannot be taxed, just the interest alone on their hoard is enough to pay for all their students tuitions at current obscene levels for all time, without ever even reducing their endowment levels. They are for-profits masquerading as non-profits, just like AARP, Shriners Hospital, St. Jude's and so many more. Carnegie, Annenberg, Guggenheim, you name it. All the slush money is bandied about for insiders and their pet projects which they distribute among yea-sayers only. 95% of our society is SCAM.