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  1. You have to be connected to the inside today. It's all run by computer programs. The change started with decimalization in the early 2000s but really went into full swing after the bailouts and high-frequency trading. To be frank, there are no "markets" anymore. Here's an excerpt from Paul Craig Roberts earlier in the week: If central banks can produce zero interest rates simultaneously with a massive increase in indebtedness, why can’t they keep equity prices far above the values supported by fundamentals? As central banks have learned that they can rig financial asset prices to the delight of everyone in the market, in what sense does capitalism, free markets, and price discovery exist? Have we entered a new kind of economic system?
  2. History is a hoax.

    Basically 200 years after the First Temple (Solomon's) was destroyed, Herodotus was describing similar work in the city of Tyre, whose craftsmen made some of the temple's pillars. https://www.christiancourier.com/articles/212-herodotus-and-the-bible The Old Testament represents the Phoenicians as skilled in the hewing of timber (1 Kings 5:6). They were fine craftsmen in gold, silver, brass, and iron. The king of Tyre made some of the vessels and pillars for Solomon’s temple (1 Kings 7:21-23). Herodotus once visited Tyre, a leading city of Phoenicia, and he described a temple as “richly adorned with a number of offerings, among which were two pillars, one of pure gold, the other of emerald, shining with great brilliancy at night” (ii.44). The historian commented that the people of Tyre boasted that their city had stood for 2,300 years. Isaiah appears to take note of this claim: “Is this your joyous city, whose antiquity is of ancient days?” (23:7). I don't see anything impractical about First Temple ruins being under the ground in Jerusalem. Whether at the current Dome of the Rock, or under the Church of the Resurrection (which is now the Holy Sepulchre), those buildings are not going to be torn down and dug out to find whatever would be left of Solomon's temple.
  3. What Happened in Eden?

    @V M, the "sides of the north" is not a geographic reference to NORTH globally or on a flat earth disc. It is a reference to Mount Zion in Jerusalem, the great city. Beautiful [for] elevation, A joy of all the land, [is] Mount Zion, The sides of the north, the city of a great king. ^ Psalms 48:2, Young's Literal Translation.
  4. What Happened in Eden?

    This theory makes a lot of sense. I'm aware of Stan Deyo's that it was in Tanzania but this one (it's under water currently in the Persian Gulf)...
  5. Millstone

    that big round stone with a hole in the middle which is spun to grind wheat in a grist mill. http://www.biblehub.com/greek/3458.htm
  6. Americans will support war to defend Israel. Netanyahu threatens to act not only against Tehran's proxies, 'but against Iran itself'
  7. what a full-blown moron this person must be. you can't pull up official birth records for minors on the internet. Here are the real people who died. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article200220844.html
  8. Yeah, pretty much what happens is the news is agglomerated into the search engine, after it happens and becomes a big story, of course (like it says right in the preview, "WEDNESDAY"), the date is not the actual date from the source page (the legitimate and original news story), but is a heading imposed by the search engine provider. In this case, the date February 12 was matched but that doesn't mean the news story appeared on the source website on February 12. I know I'm not doing a good job of explaining, but the issue is well known. ------------------------------------ Last night, when people were searching about the horrible news in Florida, some noticed that some of the recent articles covering the news were labeled by Google has being written days before the event. Obviously, something that happened hours ago, written potentially minutes ago, should not be labeled in the Google search results as being written 2 or 3 days ago. Danny Sullivan at Google was doing some damage control for Google explaining that sometimes getting the date right, can be hard. One because sometimes the publisher themselves labels their dates incorrectly and sometimes because of timezone issues. Either way, it really should be something Google does get right. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-date-timestamps-accurate-25248.html --------------- A similar problem has occurred with dating older photographs: https://www.cnet.com/news/google-photos-bug-spoils-dates-on-film-era-pictures-1979-or-earlier/ ---------------- Depite this, there will always be opportunistic you tubers looks for an edge in the viewcount wars.. and no shortage of gullible viewers. If a person you "follow" is dumb enough to post that and actually believe an Akron Ohio newspaper website published the shooting with details 2 days before, you shouldn't continue to follow them.
  9. The aborted sheep was no chimera, just a normal sheep with mildly adjusted cellular properties via human stem cell at a 1/10,000 ratio to make its organs more acclimated to human transfer.
  10. The only source Dahboo provides is this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rksfunnycrazyvideo/permalink/1221195934680665/ Can anyone find more info ? The facebook page provides no info. The video appears to be a CGI rendering.
  11. What Happened in Eden?

    Uncle Thanky, that website your first post links to has many shortcomings and really just appears to be written by people who don't know much, and for people who don't know much and would take what is said there on some kind of face value. The agenda there is apparently "ancient aliens". The writer misportrays the long-studied delineation between Yahwist and Elohist as a "mistranslation". This is simply incorrect. Much has been written over the centuries about the differences and reasons for differences between the Elohist and the Yahwist scribes. Old Testament study is a very thick field. Here is a .pdf which does a decent job at accurately portraying some historical and theological differences between the main four scribal schools which first put ink to vellum and wrote the Old Testament "text". I place "text" in quotes because it was the oral tradition which preceded the text that remains the true source, as in the Gospel and Acts (but not in the other books of the NT). https://www.smp.org/dynamicmedia/files/9f86f9ff327c4e2eb3a9f985b135a6ff/TX001002_1-content-The_JEPD_Theory.pdf
  12. America occupies about 25% of Syria - where the oil is. After the Turks take Manbij, the matter of Syria will move to a planned forum in Istanbul, where everyone will meet and discuss how to move forward. This planned Istanbul Conference will determine whether America and Russia/Iran/Syria can agree on Syria's future. Chances look bad because America insists on partition and does not recognize "the Assad regime" as a legitimate government.
  13. the jewish question

    "your" when utilized as an adjective does not always denote objective possession. I did not mean to insinuate that YOU practice kaballah. For example, if I wrote "your Saturday morning tv shows aren't what they used to be", that doesn't suggest YOU determine the tv shows, or even that you watch them. It simply defines the subject.
  14. the jewish question

    Your kaballah and money system goes back to Babylon. Jews who turned away from their Torah - like today - they have been spiritually and morally corrupt for millenia - I can't point you to it right now, but I recall an article (which I tried to find online, but could not) - in which a member of the prime, secret banking family was interviewed. He is "a Jew", but the name is tightly held, not like the Rothschilds. Anyway, this man said he traces his ancestors all the way back to Babylon. That's where many Israelites gave up on Yahweh - they sacrificed to idols and fornicated with evil spirits - that money system is what we live under today. The Goddess of the Earth - her symbol was our dollar sign today - two human thigh bones being entwined by a serpent ! There was also the Assyrian captivity - and the Egyptian. History is very complex and your sources absolutely must be truthful. Here's that symbol: http://deuceofclubs.com/books/145_horowitz.htm So .. money really IS an artifice of the devil, seeking to crush God's creation.. when I first saw that symbol, and realize the true meaning... it's creepy.
  15. the jewish question

    both are mostly wrong. There are white-skinned people in the ME, even today. You haven't considered the massive migrations that took place in the last 2,000+ years. Concerning the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, they were the Southern Kingdom.. which even by 1 A.D. was swimming with Idumeans and Edomites. King Herod was not "a Jew". A tiny fraction of today's so-called "Jews" have direct ancestry from ancient Israel. This is deep, far-away history. One does not simply look at the Middle East as it exists (both naturally and demographically) today - then superimpose backward 2-3,000 years, as if it was the same. Even 2,000 years ago, Judea was multi-cultural. Don't forget the Samaritans either. They were in-between Jerusalem (where the Jews were) and Galilee. It's a very complex subject - but so little of the problems we associate with "Jews" has anything to do with "race" at all. Race is not the root, spiritual condition is. Dual-seedline types will say it's the race. They are wrong.