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  1. I literally warned this guy to he careful. Eye witnesses who are telling stories against the official narrative are starting to end up dead. I hope he is careful. Guys been through enough and telling the truth, is an American hero.
  2. It could be stopped if everyone acted as laura loomer! We all need to take responsibility. This happening is our fault because we let them do it to us. I'm all done. I'm completely changing the way I do things. We need to become a group and force them!
  3. Oh wow this is huge. Maybe it's a cover for the security guard thing putting the blame back on police in order for mgm to be absolved of responsibility. With the security guard being shot first mgm is shaking in their boots because he took so long to take any action. This keeps getting more weird by the day!
  4. Easton

    Paddock: 'I was born bad.'

    We all need to start figuring out what we're going to do. They are officially going to declare war on all of us. This is going to become bad very fast.
  5. They're starting to say he was a 9/11 truther and a big proponent of the 2nd ammendment. I don't believe this is true but we're all in trouble if this narrative catches on. Camp FEMA here I come!
  6. I thought from the start they were going to go down the bump stock road. Can't have the sheep defending themselves with something like that. This was hard to watch. I'm really pissed off. People are starting to get really pissed off. And every comment I see on YouTube about vegas, no one believes the official narrative. We need to stop letting them murder us and then take our freedom. We all know what this is leading to.
  7. Im confused Shep. Why are you thinking the two were Asian? Did I miss something?
  8. You're totally right. I like to listen just so I know what filth they're spreading to the mindless.
  9. I was literally just listening to NPR and they said there was no connection to any terrorist organozations. Weird...
  10. Yes I understand that. Recently the BBC and other European news outlets have been referring to middle eastern people as Asians only to avoid being more descriptive of the actual geography. That was my only point. But alas I was incorrect in this instance. My mistake.
  11. Is the accomplice actually an Asian female though? The media is doing this new thing where anybody from the continent is now Asian including the middle east. So what kind of "asian" we talking about? I'd bet money were aren't talking about someone oriental.
  12. Lets do this. Get it going already. I'm ready
  13. Tell me how you are walking the walk? I'm only asking because I'm at the point where I'm going to start taking action. I'm just not sure what that action is yet. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. Easton

    Think I'm tracked/followed/tagged.

    Do you have specific instances in which you can justify the feelings that you have? Or is this just a feeling you've been getting. Maybe you could document what's happening. I'd be interested to see more about it.

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