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  1. Zen Zilli

    Update: Plague Outbreak 'Crisis Point'...

    Like I said - it was within a post I linked to from someone who LIVES there. Edited to add: I've since posted numerous posts from travellers to Madagascar who all clearly state that the MSM is hyping up this 'plague' and it's having a bad financial effect on the people who live there who rely on tourism to survive. No mention of any organisations at all.
  2. Zen Zilli

    Update: Plague Outbreak 'Crisis Point'...

    The World Bank is possibly the most corrupt and vile organisation in the world, holding everyone to ransom. They''re part of the UN system. One thing guaranteed is the $5 mill won't be to help the many thrown into poverty by this latest propaganda drive.
  3. Zen Zilli

    Update: Plague Outbreak 'Crisis Point'...

    As far as I recall, they were quoted within posts I linked to from Trip Advisor from people who either lived or who had been there?
  4. Yes it's all about creating fear and division and then bringing in more 'security' measures on the back of that. In these, go global instantly with the narrative already in place scenarios, I honestly KNOW that no one dies. They just want the reaction. There's vids already up about LV showing that some of the peeps named as victims have been dead for a while or are still alive. I like your love and forgiveness outlook though, More peaceful & kinda messes with their programming ay?
  5. Zen Zilli

    Update: Plague Outbreak 'Crisis Point'...

    I'd love to go to Madagascar, apparently it's very beautiful. Would I take common sense precautions. Of course! Same as when I went to Kenya. Would I be worried about getting 'the Plague' NO. Not when I can read accounts from people who've been there and who are reporting a totally different scenario to what the MSM is plugging. I'm not being brainwashed, I'm posting the news To me those two sentences together are an oxymoron. It's the corporate MSM propaganda machine in full flow. Who is suffering most in this scenario? That would be the people of Madagascar who are having their tourist economy collapsed. Obviously the plague has spread to several other countries. And you know this how? The ONLY time the MSM (which is the audio visual programming arm of the men that run the major corporations) is when they are announcing the next step in their plan to strip all privacy rights from everyone.
  6. @grav did you see the vid I posted on page 1. The guy is in NY and the day after, he heads to the bike path where this is alleged to have happened. Skip to 7.35. At the beginning of the bike path there's a bollard right in the centre of it preventing vehicle access.
  7. Mr Spokesman for the United Nations various Agendas needs to STFU
  8. Completely fake bullshit. Just the pictures would show you that if you actually LOOK rather than go with the MSM narrative. All photoshopped nonsense. Someone on GLP already put them all through foto forensics to prove that, including the one of the alleged perp. A lot of the vids pulling it apart as a hoax have been pulled by youtube but here's an interesting one from someone who actually lives in NY who went down the next day to the bike path where this man in a van allegedly mowed down and killed people. Skip to 7.35 and as you can SEE, there's a bollard at the beginning of the path, in the middle of the path, presumably to stop vehicles going down there. It's a bit tatty, so it's clearly been there for a while. As he states, if a van had ploughed through there, the bollard would NOT be there.
  9. Zen Zilli

    Update: Plague Outbreak 'Crisis Point'...

    Please STOP being brainwashed by the MSM fear porn dept. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g293808-i9291-k10902557-o130-Plaque_2017-Madagascar.html Guys do not cancel your trips. We have almost done it and we are so glad we didn't at the end. I was the only one wearing mask at the airport! We spent a night in Tana and we are in Antsirabe now. There is no panick and we wouldn't have known anything about the plaque if we didn't read about it in the European papers. Local people are very sad about the situation, they say that this is the government's propaganda to gain money for their next campaign. They are having the election here next year. So please do not cancel your plans. Madagascar is an amazing place and you need to see it! *************** Here's another current report from Mada. We arrived on Wednesday and have spent three nights in Andasaribe seeing beautiful lemurs and fantastic scenery. We have seen absolutely no one wearing a mask of any kind, nor is there any sense of panic. We have noticed or spoken to tourists from France, Germany, UK, North America and Scandinavia. We are now back in Tana before heading south tomorrow. We decided to take a car tour of Tana rather than a walking tour but the markets were busy and thronging with people. Our plans did not include using public transport, nor Air Madagascar ( which sounds dreadful). Our assessment, and those we consulted was that our risk was very very low. Kingaka's comment about the feeling of local people is also what we were told by our guide. Everyone has to choose for themselves but we are definitely happy with our decision to come. AFAIK the advice from the UK and other European governments hasn't changed. *********** Sitting in Ivato at the end of an amazing trip...plague zero issue the entire way and some locals we talked to are upset that people are canceling potential plans here because of over-dramatized news in world media. It’s hurts the tourism industry here for no reason. Please don’t cancel any plans to come to this magical place, that’s the only thing I can say! ************ It is great to see some posts from people here who are seeing the reality. This is over-sensationalised to the extreme and I really appreciate those of you who are posting the reality from on the ground here. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g293808-i9291-k10902557-o140-Plaque_2017-Madagascar.html Hi. Also currently in Mada. Arrived Saturday. One night outside Tana before flying down to Tulear (despite their bad rep, Air Madagascar flight we caught was fine). Now working our way up the N7. Absolutely zero health issues at all and not even a hint of it. The only problem is there have clearly been a lot of cancellations. Tour guides and hotels glumly confirm this. We are in one of the best hotels in Isalo and we have the place to ourselves tonight! Great for us, sad for the people. ************ I have been in Tana, Fianar, Ranomafana and Morondava over the past two weeks traveling via Cotisse. I brought masks; haven't worn them and haven't seen anyone wearing them apart from healthcare workers at checkpoints, and one couple (tourists) at Ivato airport. The danger has been over hyped; I have enjoyed my time here including tours where many cancelled. Posted from Tana. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g293808-i9291-k10902557-o150-Plaque_2017-Madagascar.html Hello everyone, now back in Tana after our visit to the south. Again I can't emphasise enough the complete lack of panic here, although having now checked my emails I gather the British press have picked up on this and are doing their best to spread alarm. The FCO advice and information has not changed for about a month now. We met a very nice doctor from the US in our travels and she said she wouldn't take antibiotics as a prophylactic although had them with her 'in case'. I did hear this morning that there had been cancellations at the place we were staying. It's a beautiful country with lovely people, we're really glad we came.
  10. That was a completely fake event. Totally bloodless and mass of photoshopped pictures and chroma key compositing. The only thing good about it was I'm noticing a lot more people becoming aware of this fabricated bullshit.
  11. At the top of the tree, they're all playing on the same team! None of them give a shit about any of us. All they is want total control and complete loss of privacy for all of us. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/11/shopping-i-can-t-really-remember-what-that-is/
  12. I watched this earlier,........feeling horrified! They want us to have NO privacy at all.
  13. Yes Walk Softly, you're right. Here's more pics that clearly show - to me anyway - that this is a staged hoax. Let's take a closer look at the bullshit photos the Daily Mail has put out. I've learnt from experience that they are the bible of photoshopped nonsense. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5036717/Multiple-injured-shooting-downtown-Manhattan.html This pic has a load of mangled bicycles on a road where allegedly multiple people were run over and killed. Not ONE drop of blood. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/10/31/20/45E0D6C200000578-5036717-image-a-71_1509482408842.jpg As well as the truck having no blood on it, they're showing it as completely mangled but no shattered glass. Nice product placement for Home Depot hire trucks though. They even have the policeman pointing at the sign. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/10/31/20/45E0941200000578-5036717-image-a-67_1509480450158.jpg Since when are two people put on the same stretcher? Again, no signs of injury or blood and as it's one guy basically sitting in the lap of another the image has gay agenda written all over it. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/10/31/20/45E0D7DA00000578-5036717-image-a-78_1509483261450.jpg And this 'woman' being treated is a young guy. Notice the lack of breasts. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/10/31/20/45E0D6A600000578-5036717-image-a-74_1509482497418.jpg
  14. Zen Zilli

    Rose McGowan arrest warrant issued.

    Just another Tranny to join the endless parade of Trannies being wheeled out as accusers in this Weinstein 'scandal'.

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