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  1. Interesting stuff there...thanks.
  2. God Man

    I hate that sound

    I can't stand it either myself. Especially when you can here the prey making noises and you are wondering if it is someones pet.
  3. Our knives along with everything else they have taken already. I think the taking is only just getting started.
  4. Lots of good information on things there that are new to me, thanks Cinn. There are lots of alleged things here and I don't like to rush to judgement as the press and prosecutors always try to portray someone as guilty before they have even gone to court. They know they can convince the majority of the public that way. Also where are the two daughters of the billionaire that financed and took part in this and why are they not in the news and being charged? < This question is the key to the whole thing if you look at it as a conspiracy. I have not seen anyone saying that there were branded against their will or that they did not sign a form giving permission. Still I think it is very wrong and I in no way support this kind of thing in any way even if it was done in a perfectly legal way. I think it is wrong morally. Something seems really fishy to me in that the 2 other leaders Sara and Clare Bronfman (daughters of billionaire) have not been arrested and charged. Maybe more is coming, we shall see. One other question - why give a plea deal if there is so much solid evidence? Allison Mack should not get a special deal if all this is true. https://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/elite-backed-cult-leader-keith-raniere-arrested-for-sex-trafficking/
  5. God Man

    Dogs and emotions

    Very true indeed. If Fox or MSNBC decide to tell their viewers that dogs are destroying America, dogs will be whats for dinner just like in Korea. Humans are so easily deceived and manipulated.
  6. God Man

    Outmoded Western Governments

    I am really enjoying reading your posts. They are very informative and they definitely have me thinking about things. What a mess!
  7. They want these people to integrate and be the scapegoats for the destruction of the economy and lives. In addition, they want them in the cities so they can take there land. All part of the New World Order.
  8. This is getting out of control! I am sick of all the discrimination against white people. What the hell is wrong with these people!
  9. These women chose to be branded and signed consent forms. Then they turn around and take money from the tabloids to come out and complain about their decision. As far as cults and extreme beliefs, they are everywhere. Many corporations these days have a cult like atmosphere and you must agree to their extreme beliefs for example. I won't even go into organized religions. Look around we are surrounded by cults and extreme beliefs. So I don't see them as victims, I see them as complainers being used by a hungry press with an agenda. What a bunch of poppycock!
  10. What stands out to me when I meet someone who appears to me to be intelligent is that I can tell that they are using both hemispheres of their brain. The left hemisphere provides logic and reasoning, the ability to focus on details, grammar and words, and rational thinking. While the right hemisphere provides intuition, visualization, creativity, spontaneous actions and the big picture. A person that mostly uses one side of the brain stands out to me and most people are like this. I read somewhere that women have a larger nerve connector between the hemispheres then men and are more apt to use both hemispheres naturally. I think men have to work harder at developing the ability to connect the left and right side of the brain.
  11. A black person covered the cost of the event - Also, how do they know the color of the online donors? -About $5,000 has been donated so far to Brown Hope, the group hosting the events, Whitten estimated. He also said more than 100 people (mostly white) have donated to the group. There was a black woman at the event Monday who donated $500, Whitten said — essentially underwriting the entire $400 spent on “reparations” that day. https://amp.thenewstribune.com/news/northwest/article211790764.html
  12. God Man

    Shep = She / He / Sp

    My name backwards means I am devoted to dogs, which I am. I love dogs. Man = Nam - Nam comes from the Sanskrit namas, meaning to devote or dedicate oneself. God = Dog
  13. I think there may be be some degree of conspiracy with IQ tests. They can weed out certain people with IQ's and mind f*ck them by boosting their ego to a degree in which they are not able to properly develop intuition while also using them in any way that they seem fit. They reward them with money thereby maintaining each person ego boost. If they don't act accordingly, they threaten to take away the money. I know I may be grasping at straws with this one but I thought I would throw it out there and see what the rest of you think about this theory.
  14. God Man

    Do you have time to run your business?

    Oh, that is good to know. I will have to try that and see what happens.

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