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  1. TPTB - They want people to watch women hurt each other. One thing I have noticed the last 30 years is the massive worldwide effort put forth to destroy the nature of the sexes in a larger battle to destroy the union of a man and a women and all that comes with union including children and the joys of male and female roles in a family. I can not find any joy in watching women hurt each other. Were they actually even born as women? https://www.rt.com/sport/406867-female-boxers-kiss-press-conference/
  2. The video is well worth the watch. That guy seems to know what he is talking about. I have not run across him before, but I like that he seems to be trying to educate people and help them awaken to what is really happening and how the game is played.
  3. N. Korea studied history and knew this day would probably come. Still I have to wonder if this is just nothing more than a big staged illusion/show to ultimately bring about the New World Order. There is always way more going on than they will ever share with us. Sometimes they will even use FF to achieve their goals. Maybe we are about to see the biggest FF ever in history.
  4. I have never encountered a cougar. As I understand it, a cougar is an older women who seeks sexual activity with a younger male and they can be highly aggressive creatures. I hadn't heard about the face chewing though. That is very scary though.
  5. This is good news and hopefully the insurance companies won't get some law passed to prevent doctors from doing this. Insurance companies are very powerful. Great article.
  6. Man you had me for a minute. I was smiling ear to ear but then you went and turned the smile upside down.
  7. Well fear is in emotion and it is used to control and manipulate people every day. Many advertisements are based on using peoples fears to get them to buy their product for example. Fear is probably the biggest emotion that I see that hinders people the most at least off the top of my head anyway.
  8. I know lots of people that can think without letting their emotion dictate the outcome. It is also very important to make decisions without letting emotions control you, especially the bigger decisions in life.
  9. What was smiles? I am thinking it may have had something to do with a table if I remember the stories correctly, but I might be thinking of something else.
  10. Tick tock tomorrow. BOOM

    Glenn Beck does this frequently too. Whatever it takes to increase viewership is the bottom line.
  11. I remember hearing while in the military a couple decades ago that young sailors on certain aircraft carriers would rent a hall while in port and all throw money in so that they could have a big party with music dancing with tons of alcohol. They would all be required to go out and find a date for the event and and there were prizes for who could bring the ugliest dates. Someone would win by bringing a 40 y/o one legged women that was missing front teeth for example. The top 3 couple would get awards and prizes and receive recognition that night. All the guys knew but the girls didn't. They just thought they were were picked as the best couple by their peers, not the ugliest girl. Afterwards the sailors would be bragging about how ugly their date was. Of course they never contacted those dates again after that night either.
  12. Do you believe all dogs go to Heaven?

    Sorry to hear about your dog. He/she is probably in a better place now. Nothing worse than losing a dog, horse or any animal for that matter especially when you have had them in your life for a long period of time.
  13. What the hell is wrong with people these days.
  14. That is really horrible, but how is it a trend if it only happened once or few times? It seems like this incident is being sensationalized a bit maybe. If it is a trend than humanity sucks!
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