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  1. That is where it would have to start because the children will always be the future. If you think about dogs that are placed in a loving home as puppies and raised properly, they will almost always be happy, content and your best friend. But abuse a puppy or dog over a period of time and you will see a dog that is not well tempered and has many issues. I think the same goes for how a child is raised and the adult that they become. So what you said about children is spot on and a critical first step I believe.
  2. I can't name one. Good point.
  3. That would be awesome! I am looking forward to reading your post already.
  4. Maybe this is too big of an undertaking to try and do on a conspiracy site?
  5. Ok, how about we discuss and attempt to make a list of things we could all do to make the world a better place. I don't know if it is even possible, but I was just thinking it might make for an interesting discussion. There are some good things already in the bible, but maybe we could go even beyond those. Could a utopia be created here on Earth? Also - how could we change the education system? How can we change courts and prison system? How would we change the political system for the better? Post your thoughts and changes here: -
  6. I don't know if it applies or not, but your post is very interesting and thought provoking none the less. I will await what others post about this here.
  7. The ultimate goal is to remove most people from the Earth. Moving them and confining them to the cities is just a step in the process which will take place over a long period of time I believe.
  8. And now it is in the process of shifting into warp drive!
  9. Trump thinks we are stupid. If we don't draw a line and say "no" to this then it is definitely over for us all.
  10. So I went to the Auto Parts store today....

    I came out of a store after buying some groceries once and opened the back hatch to the car to load the groceries. As I am loading, I notice how dirty and messed up the back hatch area of the car is and am trying to figure out what happened to my car. I then look further in to the car and realize that this isn't my car even though it was the same make, model and color. I grabbed my stuff and was outta there so fast...
  11. So many here at COP know the truth, yet he has so many sheeple saying "build that wall". The sheeple will soon be paying and working to build a wall for their own prison. And this prison will house their children and their childrens children. All very sad really ...
  12. Will they make the minimum age to join the military 21? An 18 year old might open fire on his platoon you know. sarc
  13. It feels like doom is a certainty. The best days are behind us as a country based on the path we are on. Freedom as many of us know it cannot exist in a technologically advanced society where technology has been developed to fulfill a greedy agenda for a few at the expense of many. Humanity nearly broke free of slavery as a result of the original American constitution. We have been on a path back towards complete slavery ever since. The events currently are setting the stage for the transformation to permanent slavery for most people on Earth. Avoiding greed and all the evil that it brings to humanity should be the focus of the people as well as the importance of removing and avoiding fear in our lives. We are constantly bombarded with fear in all forms of media so that it is constantly in the minds of most people most of the time. All by design. Humans are easily manipulated through the use of fear and money. There is so much more to life than just working all the time in order to pay for a roof over your head, food, medical care and taxes. All the technological advances along with the industrial revolution should have been used to the benefit of the people but instead it is being used to fleece the people. The future does not look good for most people unfortunately. I ponder as to what Jesus would do if he were in my shoes. These are interesting times for sure.