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  1. "the government’s failure to share documents, information and witness names with defense attorneys in a timely fashion" - <<<< this does not at all surprise me.
  2. This is all true. I would summarize by saying that the corporations and the CIA are their tools that they use from the top of the pyramid down. Great post, nicely written. Maybe the truth will wake a few more people up.
  3. True. Tyson became a freemason and some think that may have had something to do with it. Regardless, once he became a mason, he was treated completely different in the media and they lifted him out of the pit he was in but he may have may have sacrificed his daughter in the process.
  4. That is a lot of soda! I bet his soda of choice was orange crush during campaign in 2016.
  5. Your words are sadly the truth. ^^^^^^^ The problem is that the truth does not matter to enough people. How can we get people to see the importance of truth and help them develop an intrinsic passion for truth? We must find the solution to solve the problem.
  6. Am I an Anomaly!

    Your posts are really brilliantly thought out and written. More!
  7. Never mind U.S. Law

    It is a tough issue for sure. The government basically turned a blind eye to illegal immigration under Reagan, Bush Sr. Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama because they wanted the cheap labor working for big corporations and it had the desired effect of helping to keep inflation down. The government also gave away many jobs to foreigners through Visa's for the same reason justifying it by saying that there was a shortage of workers which is complete and total nonsense. Unfortunately the government is still allowing Visa workers which takes jobs from Americans. Now the government wants to have these illegals come take these jobs legally as legal immigrants instead of illegal. Unfortunately immigrants that came here illegally during the period where nobody cared probably thought that things would always stay the same but of course they didn't. It is a very unfortunate situation because many of these people are very poor and just want to work, eat and have a roof over their head. I think building a wall is silly because technology will soon allow us to monitor the border at a much lower price but that is another topic all together. Building a wall will be considered ancient technology in 20 years unless we have a major event like EMP or nuclear war which is not likely but possible.
  8. When someone commits a crime like a murder, they may have conspired to commit the murder. A police detective then tries to evaluate various conspiracy theories based on the evidence. By following leads and exploring their own conspiracy theories, they sometimes are able to ultimately find the necessary evidence to prove their conspiracy. This is just one example. Many conspiracy theories have been proved and disproved. You have probably conspired to disrupt this forum with your post in order to gain personal attention. Now I will attempt to prove this conspiracy with evidence.
  9. Jobs are everywhere and construction is booming because of Trump policies? He has been in office less than 9 months.
  10. They will also take your PM's and give you Bitcoin. Bring in 11 gold 1 ounce coins and they will give you an electronic bit. I am certain we are living in the end times now!
  11. House passes concealed carry gun bill

    I like having this freedom. I have a concealed carry license. I don't particularly like creating new Federal laws that step on states rights, but this seems like a good thing to me although in the back of mind I can see this somehow being used later to invoke new federal gun laws against the 2nd amendment possibly.
  12. Well I guess you are saying you have not read Marx therefore it would be hard for me to comment because it would not make sense to you if you don't know. Republicans and Democrats both work towards taking away every right in the Bill of Rights. Patriot Act...
  13. Obama and the democratic party pushed that stuff. But have you ever asked why that is? And why they try and indoctrinate the younger folks into this crap?