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  1. Answer can be found here starting @ about 14 minutes in. It will become obvious in a day or three.
  2. SpinMaster

    Is Dec. 4'th The Day All Hell Breaks Loose?

    Dave says war is usually instigated to cover up such major astronomical events. Judging from this he may be right again: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/659316/North-Korea-Russia-Vladimir-Putin-War-Nuclear-Missile-US-Donald-Trump-Kim-Jong-un-Letter
  3. I am expanding my front yard garden today so everyone riding by will know I'm serious, and they should get so too.......Raised beds all over my yard!!! Thank God my county's #1 enterprise is Farming. They might just leave me alone.
  4. SpinMaster

    Is Dec. 4'th The Day All Hell Breaks Loose?

    Here's a composite of his research. Interesting video!
  5. SpinMaster

    Is Dec. 4'th The Day All Hell Breaks Loose?

    I find it interesting that previous Dave's flyby window predictions have been accompanied by numerous photos worldwide to support his accuracy. Even heard some others say "looks like a Dave Dobbs flyby" regarding other recent photos. Don't write this man's timeline off so fast.
  6. SpinMaster

    Is Dec. 4'th The Day All Hell Breaks Loose?

    His previous videos with their flyby dates and accompanying photos are mind-blowing. He may be right this time, too.
  7. Go to 14:40 and then start over and watch the whole video. Dave is a genius!
  8. I just lost a bid for a class action suit against my water co. for inconsistent chloramine injection-so bad sometimes I gag in the shower!!!
  9. SpinMaster

    OJ Break Parole Already?

    LOL....I had started a thread elsewhere taking bets on how long before he was back in cuffs.
  10. SpinMaster

    Louis. Not you too, man.

    I never did like that MF'er. Same with Spacey. Guess I have a sixth sense for identifying pervs.
  11. SpinMaster

    World's First 1,000 MPH Car

    All that effort, time & money could be spent to help find a cure for this newest possibly pandemic ebola-like Marburg virus. Priorities are so skewed.
  12. SpinMaster

    World's First 1,000 MPH Car

    After preliminary testing is completed a supersonic rocket engine will be installed.
  13. Just stumbled upon this and thought you might be interested: https://www.accuweather.com/en/videos/this-supersonic-car-is-trying-to-smash-the-land-speed-record/9ocdlhzde6isyjo9txzc7nyt_rpbiu9e
  14. Do what I did. Sock away $500,000 to self-insure, pay off all creditors, and NEVER DEAL WITH THESE USURIOS A-HOLES EVER AGAIN.
  15. SpinMaster

    Interesting conversation with my Mailman.

    UPS guy delivered my last package over the fence into the yard with my 2 big guard dogs. Works for me!!!

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