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  1. It is working, for a nefarious end. Look at Europistan to see what's coming.
  2. The same CIA that traffic child sex slaves is on high moral ground?
  3. That line is where flat earth and round earth meet.
  4. Liberals think it's abuse to baptise your child or give them gender-specific toys.
  5. Just substitute with pork. I'm sure the Sharia govt will love it.
  6. Dumber kids become dumber voters and vote for tyrants.
  7. The cost of truth is blood. The deep state will scorch the earth.
  8. Red Guard Plan Mass Murder of NRA Members

    Keep yer powder dry.
  9. They should all move to the crime-free gun-free-zone utopia of south-side Chicago where all of Obama's sons live in peace and harmony.
  10. My safe zone is the effective range of my rifles.
  11. The truth of this will never come out without some kind of total conquest event, like how many Nazi secrets came out only after they were completely conquered and deposed.
  12. https://www.lauraloomer.us/blog/florida-woman-calls-for-mass-shooting-at-nra-meetings First they came for the gun owners.
  13. Things that taste good going in often don't feel good coming out
  14. The entire left coast has practically seceded already.