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  1. House passes concealed carry gun bill

    Will this matter for rogue commie states like California that flaunt federal anyway?
  2. Do you think The Synagogue will ever be held accountable in our lifetimes?
  3. The FBI and Las Vegas Police are LYING!

    This is how they populate gulags.
  4. Boy Scouts to Begin Admitting Girls

    Haha. Unfortunately, indoctrination by a SJW-infiltrated organization will only lead to more denuclearized families and the problem will just go on and on and on, making people turn to the government to be their parents more and more, just the way THEY want it.
  5. the 5 biggest bubbles in markets today

    The housing market in most major cities are completely propped up by dirty money from China.
  6. Boy Scouts to Begin Admitting Girls

    You don't need boy scouts. That is what a father is for.
  7. I am not suicidal, but I wrote my representative about this.
  8. I'm afraid Campos is already with the fishes.
  9. Maybe they questioned her and know she is lying about many things so giving her rope to hang herself. That is assuming she isn't their asset in the first place. It's possible she is an asset but FBI doesn't even know because of CIA-FBI inter-agency war.
  10. How is this even legal? Don't they need a warrant for that? Secret warrant from some secret "FISA" court?
  11. Yes, I found that fishy when I first heard it.
  12. She's now on TSA watchlist: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/11/las-vegas-shooters-girlfriend-placed-on-tsa-watch-list-report-says.html Translation: Probably a terrorist.
  13. I wonder if 9/11 calls from Mandalay Bay are intercepted by the hotel first.
  14. Corey Feldman and Harvey Weinstein??

    Weinstein was just the tip of the iceberg. Compared to others, he was just a grunt in the sex trafficking enterprise. His higher ups sacrificed him.