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  1. Go grab a reporter's boobs and use this defense in court. Let me know how it turns out.
  2. They need the illegals to drain the economy so they can have something to run on for the next election.
  3. Once math disproved global warming fraud, gun control fraud, and other similar frauds, math became the enemy.
  4. Wow, your stepfather is Joe Biden?
  5. I guess that's how all those muslims and illegal aliens go free after raping people. It was subconsciously programmed in them by their culture/upbringing so they had no control.
  6. I hope your standards improve some day. Now you're making stuff up as a red herring. I have never initiated a hug with a woman who was not my wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter or mom; yet, I have hugged many women who are not one of the above. In the video, look at the angle of his hand and fingers and its positioning, he is touching the boob from slightly from the side (30-45 degree angle from the camera). Not only does he touch the boob but squeezes it after he touches it. This was clearly no accident. If you accidentally brush your hands against a stranger's butt when standing in a bus, do you then proceed to squeeze it?
  7. I get tons of campaign email from both sides around election season. I delete them without reading.
  8. I'm sorry your wife doesn't have a more protective man. Alcohol is not an excuse. There are ways to hug women without squeezing their breasts with your hand. If you can't figure it out, don't leave your house.
  9. I have hugged many women and never "missed" before and "unintentionally" grabbed boob. Do I have superhuman hand eye coordination? Once you see his hand touch the boob, you can see him close his fingers to squeeze. If it was an accident, he wouldn't have gone for the squeeze.
  10. So you're OK with strangers grabbing your wife's boobs?
  11. In the olden days, a gentleman gunslinger would've triple tapped this guy and no one would blink an eye.
  12. If this animal does this on live TV, I wonder what much more vile things he normally does that we don't see.
  13. If you see where his finger tips go to, it clearly spans over her boob area.
  14. Is trump in the picture too? I'm not very imaginative so you need to describe in more detail.

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