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  1. The plan is to contaminate food supplies at the sources I assume.
  2. Sarick

    Secrets of Magnets

    I can explain why he can attach that one magnet to the big magnet wiout it flipping. It's rather simple. The material inside the second magnet is highly ferromagnetic. It's magnetic field strength is weaker the magnetic attraction to the larger magnet, so it over powers the second magnets pole. I do this all the time with weaker magnets weakening their field. When the big magnet is stronger then the small magnet who's made up of materials that are ferromagnetic the attraction to the big magnet can be stronger then the weaker magnets pole repulsive field. This would make the same poles stick to each other. Depending on the field strength difference of the weaker magnet vs the stronger the attraction will very. I assume the easiest way to test this would be to stick a powerful electromagnet on that big magnet that is neutral without power then slowly increase it's magic power until the electromagnet's poles are stronger then the attraction to the ferromagnetic materials in the electromagnet. You could also take one of those weak refrigerator magnets and stick it to a powerful magnet. It's not rocket science.

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