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  1. My problem with the preppers... re: Nuclear plants

    you are correct, except for the part about them being across the GLOBE, nevertheless they are spread all across our plane
  3. embed images

    Why does LoP not have this problem mmmhhhh?
  4. embed images

    allow the embedding of normal sized images so we can make real posts here at this website. Not members only tiny pictures. lame.
  5. except nasa is faker than obamas birth certificate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TOYm90Xddc
  6. as this website does not allow the embedding of images i have been forced to post it on this website, please see link to get out of the matrix great well looks like i can't share this link it is changing it. you will have to manually get rid of the dash in between u and n ** link removed **
  7. Im hoping the end comes sooner than later so this is good
  8. This is the fruits of christmas which have nothing to do with Christ. Someones gotta say it so.....guess the race?
  9. This is the fruits of christmas which have nothing to do with Christ
  10. New katy perry song! Spot the messages!

    she looks like a dude, she also is completely decked out in luciferian garb. i would never be able to sleep if i was her/it