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  1. putting anything in a sub forum is insane, i just came back here to bump my huge flat earth thread i made several months ago and noticed it does not show up on main page, so either it's been made invisible or there is a sub forum. i won't visit a sight with a sub forum. it is the same attitude as putting the blacks in the back of the bus even though they have just as much to offer if not more then the close minded front seated bastards congrats you guys just went from being number 1 to bottom of the barrel, LOP no longer does sub forum anything. goodbye cop here it is http://dutchscammer.com/thread-645999.html change dutchscammer.com to lop address these forum people really need to get over themselves and stop censoring stupid crap like other forums names.
  2. if you are too lazy to watch whole video: admission at 12 min 50 sec, reading from popular science magazine 1931 The Man Who Saw The Flat Earth: Auguste Piccard john luke picard was named after this man Popular science magazine admits earth is flat disc in 1931
  3. Common Core is destroying our youth.

    this is by design..............................
  4. The sky is the firmament....hardest metal found anywhere...meteors are chips off the firmament...it does not come from space.there is no space
  5. Add some of ur magic vapor and it would mimick the close and local sun
  6. See what Grav said you just posted a local light source showing where it is in space
  7. Round ear there have a really stupid answer for everything simple. Instead of seeing it's the sun moving you say that clouds or the atmosphere have a prism mirror like effect on the Suns rays which is totally stupid. anyone who has experience with a fog machine knows it won't do this and atmosphere is just like ur magical gravity answer
  8. If this is true and it's 93 million miles away all Sun rays would come down to the earth in parallel lines. We do not observe this.
  9. March 18th 2018 "midnight mandatory" genetic upgrade deception
  10. Above the firmament which is thick glass that nukes can't penetrate (operation fish bowl) are the waters of the deep. Above that is another layer of this glass, above that is the throne room of God. (Sea of glass)
  11. All Your NASA Fakery Are Belong To Me - On TV!!!!

    don't forget to post the water bubbles in space stuff. that is gold.
  12. Click link below in signature to understand the firmament
  13. if the sun is 3000 miles high i don't see how any perspective could render clouds behind the sun. but i'm also not a perspective expert.
  14. go to google images type in "pentagon hall of heroes" compare medals they give to the pentegram
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