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  1. daersoulkeeper

    title change~ A 'malfunctioning' robot named Fred

    title is super dramatic, looks totally fake. they should be focusing on how to create micro expressions, until then, garbage.
  2. Starcucks is def where its at . nice alteration
  3. daersoulkeeper

    Off-Topic Repository

    translation to the above quote for those who don't speak tard. DERPITY DERP A SHERPA DERP DERP DERPS A DERPITY SLURP A NURP DERP A DOO
  4. it is amazing considering the greed these days, you know how much money they losing to do this to 8000 stores? scripted for sure, they should change the name to cucksbucks
  5. daersoulkeeper

    The Impending Death of Sexual Robots

    legend says this is still being a legend to this legend.
  6. daersoulkeeper

    Starbucks free "reparations coffee" [Merged]

    imagine if she said, go out to the field and bring me some coffee beans and i'll give you a free coffee. instant internet legend status.
  7. daersoulkeeper

    Barbara Bush is dead at 92

    RIP, she got lucky, 92 is pretty ripe.
  8. daersoulkeeper

    Off-Topic Repository

    awe, thalad you guyths
  9. daersoulkeeper

    Off-Topic Repository

    are you theriouth? you ordered a thaether thalad and nobody brought you DRETHING?!?!!?!? JUST A THUPER DRY THALAD?! ARE YOU THERIOUTH?!?!!??!
  10. what alternate universe am i reading this from? is the world about to get rid of the income tax as well and give everyone free money every month?!
  11. yea its cuz americas name was formerly AMARUCA which translates to land of the plumed serpent (indians who lived here) who is quetzalcoatl or lucifer
  12. but where will they put all the curry? how will they deal with the curry stench when they are all locked together in that bunker?
  13. daersoulkeeper

    Off-Topic Repository

    Space doesnt exist. Hollywood footage is better than any footage of space. Figure it out. 2 plus 2 doesnt equal 5. Derp derp