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  1. Lop in a nutshell!

    I might grow more heartless by the day, but I still feel a sense of pity.
  2. Lop in a nutshell!

    Oh well, I consider it one of the many forums that I've ruined through the years, the same goes for GLP which has been pretty much left in ruins. The same goes for a Dutch New Age forum over a decade ago, talked too much crap about Freemasons and that made New Agers mad, so a troll went loose on me and I got a message from the admin that it was a known troll and that they had to ban me, the forum was gone a month later. I hope that they've learned not to mess with the destroyer.
  3. Lop in a nutshell!

    It has pissed me off greatly that years of works was just deleted without second thought, and that while I'm one, if not the most, infamous posters on the board. Good thing that there are always people who backed up the site, and also a good thing that I tend to post at multiple forums at the same time for many reasons.
  4. 2018 Resolutions?

    Then it's more of a question between doom mood and mood doom, you never know with an evil live.
  5. I like endless cycles of suffering, tears are a waste of good suffering. The system needs people with dirt on them to make them dance like puppets via blackmail, and we're already way past the point of no return to just revert.
  6. Personally I'm more into flaying and dismembering pedophiles alive, but that's me. Most don't care as long as they screw orphans that no one cares about.
  7. The masses won't admit it, but they have a secret fetish for pedophiles, as long as they're in positions of power and/or Freemasons.
  8. What will happen in 2018?

    .....Trump has a clear path to rise in power?
  9. What will happen in 2018?

    Even more doom than last year.
  10. 2018 Resolutions?