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  1. Ceecee

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone
  2. Ceecee

    Anyone stuck in a time loop?

    At least I know this is real now. Most people have looked at me like I was nuts when I told them how I felt. A few were intrigued but not quite understanding. 2 understood what I was saying and stated after 2014 was when things started repeating...which made me wonder was there a time shift for everyone, just a few, or just me. Maybe like birthdays, we all have this time appointed to us. Some of us fall during the same same time period in our lives...something to think about.
  3. Ceecee

    Anyone stuck in a time loop?

    I really like this. This makes the most sense as an explanation to me. Thank you.
  4. Ceecee

    Anyone stuck in a time loop?

    I hadn't even thought of that childhood song. ? Thank you for that. ❤ Now that "something" has gotten my attention, maybe I will spend some time in quiet reflection and ask what I need to change.
  5. Ceecee

    Anyone stuck in a time loop?

    This is true. There's a glitch in my programming, my parallel universe. I do feel like Im not learning or "getting" what that higher force wants me to...hence the repeats and the one constant mulberry tree as a clue. I should look that up.... mulberry tree significance...
  6. I have discussed this with a few people who feel the same. We all agree that it seems like the loop began right after 2014. The only way that I can explain it is that some of the same things occur, I am unknowingly listening to the same songs on the exact same day a year later, the same situatons occur on the same day (arguments with people, etc.), I experience the same emotional states on the same days. The only difference is I am in a different location. My physical surroundings are different. Also each of the times I have moved there is a mulberry tree at the end of the road, and somehow I think that's significant for some reason...anyone else??
  7. Ceecee

    Homemade tomato soup so easy and quick

    Thank you for this. Love tomato soup so I will definitely try this. Easy and non time consuming too. Win win IMO ?
  8. This is what I was referring to when I recently asked if a person could be a human transformer of sorts, transforming energy. I encounter lots of people every day. Some are wide awake, some are not. It seems that the one's who are wide awake and who I would consider God's army are being sorely "tested" and prepared. Each one of these people are going through unimaginably hard times both spirtually and physically, but all realize it is for a reason. Talking to my close friend, she mentioned how we will all have certain gifts and jobs to do. She explained she prayed and understood her purpose and asked me what mine was. I had no clue. After fasting and praying I really do believe I can transform negative energies to serve a better purpose. How will this be used in the future? No idea, but I am now practicing this on a daily basis. Maybe pray to see what your gift is and then perfect it. I agree God's army is being prepared, but I think God's actual plan has yet to be revealed in detail. I'm just focusing on my gift and hopefully in the near future I will know what to do. Hopefully you will too. Just an idea.
  9. I have been having discussions with a friend about special gifts. One child of mine is a seer, one is a healer. They asked me what mine was and I said I didn't know, but now that I think about it I am a transformer of energies. I can take really bad things and turn them into good. She described me as an old crown, with wisdom of bad and good, and the ability to choose good, which I believe in just. I do take bad things and ball them up inside until I can use them as positive energy. What say ye?? Just curious..
  10. I was in my late 20's also. And DEFINITELY not now. With all going on in the world I like to be as clear headed as possible. Can't afford not to be.
  11. I was either a NOT very bright teenager or budding alcoholic..I learned several times. LOL
  12. I understand what you're saying. And actually it was about 2 weeks before LV. It wasn't my intention to come off as going soft on gun rights. I am a gun owner and I'm not handing my gun or rights over to anybody. I said "still should stand" as in 'still' like it has always stood, and should keep doing so no matter how many crazed shootings occur. That was what surprised me about my friend..a staunch gun rights believer until LV. She caved in. Looking at it now, you are probably right. Perhaps I should replace the word "should" with "must". Sometimes one word makes all the difference. Thanks for pointing that out.
  13. It really was done in a cowardly way. It was just surprising to me and I got a very bad feeling hearing my friend say that. Just a couple of weeks ago we were talking about it and agreed that the second amendment still should stand, but now they've done a complete turnaround... ?
  14. I agree. I have a friend in North Carolina who worked for a company that loaded ATM machines, is licensed to carry, does carry, but is now screaming get "get and control all the guns!" This one REALLY got to them.
  15. That would be interesting. I work at a place where we do have litmus strips for that...and I always collect rainwater..so hmm...that just might be possible! ? Didn't get the rain I expected from Irma remains. Praying for the keys though. Went there a while back and breaks my heart to know they were almost destroyed. Paradise lost ? Oh, and thanks for the welcome

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