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  1. Pfft, as someone from south africa, I can only go "o please, we have 90 MILLION orcs in our country" and we are 3.5 million. Whats gonna happen here ? YAWN, we have ALL discussed that one for yonks now, BOORING. Yes, I said ORCS. PLENTY. xD This end of days stuff is too fun DOOOOM! and while Im about it, gentlemen, I have a question:
  2. hehehe, "end of the world " is a MISNOMER, tis "days of Vengeance" aint the end of nuffin, but the begininng of everything, THEY just dont want people to have HOPE. they go "oooo its the end , give up"" NEVER GIVE UP!
  3. Lobo

    The Trinity Delusion

    Dear MehiTable, as far as i can gather, "Jesus" of 2000 years ago, Yehoshua ben Joseph, was the Human "Avatar" of the Supreme Spirit, The God of gods, the Supreme Creator Himself, which is why His Incarnation was such a big deal, He lived perfectly, and was then murdered by before he even got 35. Now, if "Jesus" is the God of gods, and one applies a bit of Spiritual Insight, the one realizes, o dear o dear, what if "Jesus" was actually "ODIN" .... because, I am of the opinion that the Edda about Him being hung on the tree to gain the wisdom of the runes, was a figurative way to get the Nords to be able to recognize the God of gods when He came, but the retards are too retarded, and did not see it as PROPHECY, but something that already happpened. NOW. whats gonna happen when Elijah comes, and tells ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the vikings, "um yes, you know that Jesus, is actually ODIN, and the catholics, and sunday xtians worship and celebrate ODINS MURDER< IMPALEMENT AND TORTURE." and even have Him as this thin guy on a cross, and they wave this torture device around. What are the vikings going to DO, to the sunday kri-satyans?? thats the question. And, NOONE without the Ruach Ha Kodesh,. could ever ever admit, that YaHWeHShua Elohim, IS OUR ELOHAY and the GOD of GODS> PSALM 82. and that one should keep the 10 COMMANDMENTS AND. 9 VIRTUES> ooooops. Have a very Moana Day!
  4. Lobo

    144,000 and the 2 Witnesses FACTS

    I am HEAVILY of the opinion that vid is CORRECT. Specially because we here in the bush, are looking for a man and woman,,,,, The Destroyer and His Wife, The Comforter, aka "The Paraclete" so like, yeah, I think that ladys vision is like mucho legit
  5. Lobo

    The Trinity Delusion

    AHA! I being of the sort to comment BEFORE I even click the link, I will present 2 Esdras, http://www.biblestudytools.com/kjva/2-esdras/passage/?q=2-esdras+7:28-38 Hmm, now, the kerk tells us "Jesus" is the son of YaHWeH, but the Bible in NUMEROUS places tells us YaHWeH will visit us, and that YaHWeH broke the copper gates of Sheol, (Books of Nicodemus) and lots of places, and that YaHShua or YaHWeHShua, is King of kings, and that if you have seen Him, you have seen the Father. SO, now the Riddle of Esdras, if the Jesus of 2000 years ago, is Gods son, and not God Himself, then, because the Bible is Truth and Proven to be such, Panin et al, then we should all be DEAD , for 1600 years already. We waiting for Daniel 12:1 for JESUS' SON MIKAEL to arrive. ffs. aka ELijah, aka Thor. Have a nice evening !
  6. Wow. Thank you GreenMountainBoy, I learnt a new term because of you! "Arkancide is the unfortunate habit of potential witnesses to the Clintons' dirty dealings in Arkansas suddenly deciding to shoot themselves twice in the back" We big fans of Texas out here in the bush. Very glad I found this site.
  7. Lobo

    The Trinity Delusion

    Very glad to see Legit Bible Lessons going on here! Like Mark 12:29! For they that understand: Psalm 144 Job 29:17 Proverbs 8:13 Revelations 13:10 Psalm 139 Exodus 22:18-19 Ezekiel 21 Jeremiah 51 Luke 21:22 Isaiah 41.
  8. Lobo

    144,000 and the 2 Witnesses FACTS

    It was a lovely Sabbath, thank you for the message, I found this video VERY interesting Freeman. O.O

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