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  1. Hey Falke im sorry for calling you stupid , the mods here are ok with people talking about how many cats they have killed but its unacceptable to call someone the S word. Apologies good sir/madam.
  2. Just a big smile here , no anger. The jokes on you.
  3. Really your only defense are my grammar mistakes? I can feel the apathy in your messages , it disgusting. p.s This is an open forum and anyone can reply to what ever the fuck they like.
  4. Assumptions piled on top of arrogance.
  5. The windows in a plane are curved in a way that bends what you see behind them , most cameras also have this issue. I live on the east coast of FL and when I look out on the horizon of the ocean it looks pretty dam flat. All of your other questions can be answered with a few hours of research or less , if your lazy just go listen to some Mark Sargent interviews. https://www.youtube.com/user/markksargent/videos