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  1. Didnt at all mean you. lmfao
  2. The shills are usually among the most popular members of any given site.
  3. I have seen a few in my years.
  4. CHAT

    Calm down
  5. CHAT

    WHERE , WHY?
  6. The Fire Rises

  7. Pure conjecture. The same could be reversed and used for space but NASA conveniently holds the say on what is normal in space and what is not.
  8. Bubbles bubbles in space floating up in a curvey way.
  9. You do realize your agreeing with me right?
  10. Hey man , if you two wanna drink the kool aid that's your business but don't expect everyone to go along with you.
  11. Your argument is truly indomitable ...
  12. G.A.Y. gay

    Yes, it really is.
  13. G.A.Y. gay

    I love this guy.
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