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  1. I can tell you that a 1500' shot with a ar is next to impossible. Even random shooting the bullet just has a hard time making it that far. i have thought all along there was multiple shooters. Thats the first time i seen a guy on the ground. BW

    Bill to ban bumpstocks and trigger cranks!!! Here we go!

    Never let a good crisis go to waste. Liberal way of thinkin.. bw


    i think i will wait a couple of daze before i post vid an other info. im seeing a lot of dis info and propaganda today. it should settle out in a few daze. every poster that can type or cut video is on the band wagon today. there is a few things i find disturbing thou. 1 is there was a lady saying " your all going to die." right up by the stage. 2 some are sayin multiple shooters one on the 9 or 10 floor. 3 the shooter killed himself before cops arrived on the upper floor. also he was a recent convert. that leaves no proof he even fired a shot. there are some others points of interest i want to watch. then you have the whole gun grabbing agenda. that started within hours of the event. bw.
  4. I tend to think so.Where else would you find such a large group of trump supporters. An so far we dont know who the shooter is/was Distraction, psyops who knows. bw

    Ugly things may be going on...

    update i finally got hold of my friend in Houston. He doesn't know of anything going on like i have posted.. i haven't seen any other vids in support of my suspicions. On that note my friend implied there are some people missing. Mostly homeless and poor being put out of there homes because they condemned the structure. They are not and he (my friend) didn't know where they will be going.. bw

    Ugly things may be going on...

    one more folks.

    Ugly things may be going on...

    Probably so. I just hope its far from the middle. But if its not they wont be able to keep it quiet forever..

    Ugly things may be going on...

    Here a few more ive seen.I did post in the hardcore thread. One can believe it or not.I just have a bad feelin bout it https://youtu.be/dbNaFn7CO6s https://youtu.be/IVELryOHkl8 https://youtu.be/IVELryOHkl8 BW

    Ugly things may be going on...

    There is another one i cant find atm. Its a news clip about where all the refuges are. they show pics and vids of the centers and nobody there. Then there is another that shows a couple of guy out north of the city and they find hundreds of concrete vaults in the ground not yet covered up. With abc equipment on site. bw
  10. BOB WIRE

    Ugly things may be going on...

    Well let me just say i been watchin this from the beginning. Some of my opinion comes from the amount of time i watched news clips, utube, a friend or 2 i have there. Atm i waiting for a friend to call\txt. This one utube vid reinforces my suspicion. you can prolly guess where i seen this one. What he says I seen pieces of it in the news and other vids long before this. I know there a lot of bs out there but i tend to believe most of what he saying. Im a long way from Houston. I havent personally seen anything. but i stay in contact with people there.
  11. This is just a suspicion on my part. Recently i been seeing and reading about some really ugly things happening in South Texas. Mass murder, forced evacuation, organ harvesting and gun confiscation. all being done in the name of help. Being done by the abc folks and there contractors. If true its going to get real bad real quick. BW
  12. BOB WIRE

    Hillary Clinton Set To Appear On Colbert Show

    she wants to be sure everyone knows election loss wasn't her fault..
  13. until

    some i seen and read claim it could be up a year. it has to do with the different calendar and feast days.
  14. BOB WIRE

    The short incredible life of the Dodge Viper

    Let me tell you. Its all of that and then some. I have a friend with one, When he drives it it just like the vid. drifting corners and burnin tires. I rode with him once. Had to empty pants. He wont let me drive it. LOL He fires it up a couple of times a year...

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