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  1. Yeh he missed the arm and got the boob by the looks of it, not much in it really. There was no boobie squeezing motion either just a poorly delivered hug n kiss.
  2. I will find the vid on YouTube (somehow) again and post it. They spoke about Nemesis or The Dark Planet is said to be making an appearance from behind the sun in this alignment. But yeh as per usual its most probably guna get the date of its appearance moved foward.
  3. Isnt this the day Nemesis is going to show us its presence from hiding behind the sun?
  4. Interesting. Wonder whats guna come of it?
  5. Directed energy could be like a Rife Machine where sound waves are used to breakdown cancer cells. Only read about this stuff never had a go.
  6. I can see how it can read out as a nightmare as it seemed an intense dream. Seeing myself in 3rd person would probably freak me out in a dream. Last strange dream I had was sitting down legs crossed in a completely white room with no doors rolling a ball of cheese from side to side....wtf!
  7. Interesting dream, especially of the 3rd person view. The ONLY time I heard of someone having a dream and seeing themselves in that dream was an out of body experience/Astraplaning and that was my Dad when he was in for major heart surgery. Some also say seeing yourself flying in a dream means your a Witch/Warlock lol.
  8. You could analyze a recording but there is no real authenticity on the sounds being analyzed, it may very well be a Trumpet with a mash of other digital sounds. But in saying that we would atleast have a way of cross referencing the sounds to others recorded to maybe see any matching or changed sounds/db peaks/frequencies etc.
  9. Seen a few of these vids now but still waiting to see someone holding a Spectrogram to actually show these sounds being recorded in the environment. If anyone has seen such a vid post it.
  10. Rubbish. I bet she had 1 day that was a "happy day" out of that 128 years.
  11. Mr.H

    Name An Unpopular Belief You Have

    All UFOs we see today are piloted by Humans.
  12. Mr.H

    What cars do you own?

    Just the rear tyres, Gtst is rwd.?
  13. Mr.H

    What cars do you own?

    Bet he loved it too.
  14. Mr.H

    What cars do you own?

    2004 Mazda RX8 1989 Nissan R32 Gtst Skyline 2003 Ford Falcon XR6
  15. Would this also mean we may be able to see a live 360° view of earth if satellites are setup for it?

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