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  1. Dumuzid the shepherd https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumuzid_the_Shepherd http://etcsl.orinst.ox.ac.uk/cgi-bin/etcsl.cgi?simplesearchword=Dumuzid&simplesearch=translation&searchword=&charenc=gcirc&lists= http://etcsl.orinst.ox.ac.uk/edition2/credits.php http://humansarefree.com/2014/06/the-sumerian-king-list-spans-for-over.html http://etcsl.orinst.ox.ac.uk/section2/tr211.htm In chronological order so you may come to know the truth I do this out of love for my fellow man ,who has been deceived by the church! You will never see the whole jigsaw puzzle with only one jigsaw piece. stay loving be kind and fight the power
  2. Theshell

    Am I an Anomaly!

    I know this to be true The fire comes from within you ,The serpent barer,You are predisposed to have a kundalini awakening Kundalini works via cause and effect ,and i bet the cause and effect is unconscious to you.
  3. Theshell

    Am I an Anomaly!

    You are at the centre of your universe just rotate 360 degrees and tell me where you are, Always at the centre ,Now stop doubting your ability to effect your reality
  4. Theshell


    Happy seeking
  5. Theshell


  6. Theshell


    This is relevant to whats being said There is a battle between the Eagle and the Serpent
  7. Theshell


    Fighting back in the physical sense is futile,It may make you feel better though If you want an ok/material life worship the ''gods'' ''angels'' ''aliens'' ''universe'' If you want a great material life with super powers ,perform rituals to the list above Im a tad different ,I worship none ,instead id seek a way to spiritually liberate all humankind form the Eternal enslavers someone ,someday will accomplish this ,that im 100% sure of with all my heart
  8. Theshell


    When attempts were made to free the slaves,the custodians used their dominant master slave race to cause fear and panic and to gather the liberating information from all around the world from various different sects of religions and spiritual paths ,Once that mission was complete they installed doctrines through their master slave race that never takes you all the way. The custodians hate humans because we have the potential not only to free our selves but the whole human race.One of the custodians gave us the key after he realized what he had done when he took part in the creation of human bodies,He realized he took part in enslaving spiritual beings ,The custodians destroyed this individual because he gave us the key of understanding,self reflection,consciousness if you will. Free-masons believe they are free because its these very custodians who they are in contact with ,just like other secret societies. The custodians give them bread crumbs''powers'' & the ability to dominate materially and claim they will ascend to be just like them ''gods'' If they keep the rest of humanity down. Why would the custodians liberate anyone? The answer is they wont because they hate the fact that we do have the potential to become equals. The holy books only really make sense only when you hold them up to ancient societies like sumeria ,egypt ,mesopotamia ,Look at the hieroglyphs world over
  9. Theshell


    Jesus Christ was born in a cave in palestine. Many believe him to be a hebrew of the king david line but this is lies. Jesus Christ was of a brotherhood called the essences who were aryans .he traveled to asia and india to learn more aryan teachings buddhism and hinduism ,Now Jesus Christ looked around and said ''something is amiss here'' why do the upper class have everything and the lower class have nothing? So instead of choosing the elite he looked to the lower class and wanted to teach them the secret science for spiritual liberation with out the need of rituals.Jesus Christ became the rebel ,The aryan buddhist preists was not at all happy about this ,So they seeketh to have him murdered. Jesus christ denied being the messaiah ,he knew he was not the messaiah ,but The essences ''His own people'' and one of the custodians declared him the messaiah agaist his own will all because he wanted liberation for all ,This caught the attention of the hebrews and the romans .You know the rest Now why cant he teach this secret science to the people of palestine and the world ? The ''gods'' /custodians/aliens/satans want slaves ,If Jesus Christ were to teach the sacred science their prison planet of masters and slaves is over. because this secret science is spiritual liberation/salvation. These ''custodians'' ,who are the creators of humankind said '' if you remain good little passive slaves you will have a wonderful material life in eden'' humankind was created to till the soil and take care of the land for the custodians ''....Wow what a honnor LOL However there is one sin they must not commit ,They must NEVER seek certain types of knowledge,Those certain types of knowledge are symbolized in the bible story as the two trees ,the tree of knowledge of good ad evil and the tree of life ,There is around 5% truth in the bible ,the rest is nonsense The first tree symbolizes the understanding of ethics and justice ,The second symbolizes the knowledge of how to regain and retain ones spiritual identity and immortality. A true understanding of ethics integrity and justice is a prerequisite to regaining ones spiritual freedom and immortality. Without a foundation in ethics full spiritual recovery becomes nothing more than a pipe dream. The Custodians do not want mankind to begin traveling the road to spiritual recovery. The reason is obvious.The Custodial society wants slaves. It is difficult to make thralls of people who maintain their integrity and sense of ethics. It becomes impossible when those same individuals are uncowed by physical threats due to a reawakened grasp of their spiritual immortality. Most importantly, if spiritual beings could no longer be trapped in human bodies,but could instead use and abandon bodies at will, there would be no spiritual beings available to animate slave bodies The one god is a lie Biblical authors simply altered names and changed the many "gods" of the original writings into the one "God" or "Lord" of the Hebrew religion. The latter change was an unfortunate one because it caused a Supreme Being to be blamed for the brutal acts that earner writers had attributed to the very un god like custodians.
  10. Theshell

    The 144 thousand and 2 witnesses theory

    Its quite clear to see Narcissists ,sociopaths,psychopaths all give off subtle signs of their affliction

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