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  1. Picklesnout

    Dogs and emotions

    I think my dog worries, albiet briefly. When we go to gome depot and they guys are driving that big ol thing down an isle, she will wrinkle her brow and look at me like, is it gonna be ok? I tell her it is, and she will bear it, happier when it's over.
  2. Only because it matters as far as how people treat you, and how you treat others. Men that think mating is an option treat you one way. Men who don't want mating treat you another. Also women you might seek to join with you treat one way. And others, you treat differently. Also family gatherings don't dwell on you "meeting the right guy yet" conversations. It is not the center of a life, but it does have implications for the whole life. Now that I am old and not really in the mix, I find it is much easier to be good. Hormones are all but spent, and sex is almost meaningless, finally.
  3. ...Cause they are gonna get bizaay! spring has sprung.
  4. The other thing that comes to mind is dry ice and 2litre soda bottles. BOOM
  5. Picklesnout

    The Electric Universe

    The matter itself does not transfer, but the particle data states do. The "new" particles essentially "become" the item, as all datastates match, and transfer. Charge, spin, and position on covalevt rings, all actually known because it happened at 0point energy, where the electron orbit goes from orbital shell to field potential. There was a great photograph of an actual electron slowed to 0, and it surprisingly went from a dot to a mush, like an oval. The entire field of where it had potential to be, became visible. I looked but I can't find it.
  6. ::sigh:: I can never forget my natural tendencies, which I was born with and forbidden to express, are abomination unto the Lord. I am deeply sorry being who I am displeases God. It does not change one whit of who I am. I am glad he forgives me for being alive, and breathing his air while I am just a big fat hairy lesbian. I don't think he loves me any less though.
  7. Picklesnout

    Do you have time to run your business?

    I gave up. I am on a terminal long glide path. When it's done, it's done.
  8. Cosmically, it is stll on earth, just not on yer butt cause you excreted it from all your orafices.
  9. More catsup. Crispy meatloaf w catsup, yum!
  10. Picklesnout

    The Electric Universe

    I was thinking about the good ole doubleslit expriment the other evening, and it occured to me, they need to do this at 0 point energy, so the electron is in pure "field" state and not a quantum probability state. Also, I think if this could be done, each electron of a different sort (boron, copper, ect.) will show itself to have a different wave size, or field potential size, and unique pattern. It is the electromagnetic data that gives a particle unique properties. If all could be sorted to 0 point energy, it might even be possible to begin transportation of matter. I don't mean the copy/destroy methods currently popular, and not spooky action at a distance. I mean actual transfer of particle data states. Just like the electrons only stay on the covalent rings, and just jump... But I am just an armchair theorist. Who do you tell this stuff to?
  11. Picklesnout

    Friday Night Drinking Thread

    Update to my snooper - my across the street neighbor, called my next door neighbor, to tell me, that guy's name is Jess, and he really is a neighbor, and an ok guy but a lil bit simple. Jess went across the street to apologize. Game of telephone commenced. I really do live in Mayberry. Standing down. Putting can of whoopazz back on the shelf.
  12. Picklesnout

    Friday Night Drinking Thread

  13. Picklesnout

    Friday Night Drinking Thread

    Gingerbeer with Disorrano and a maraschino cherry, cause I am a froo froo drink lady. A cigar will be in order sometime this weekend. Building a new workbench, wood and metal vice stations, drill press and bench sander stations. I am loving it. Had an odd run in today. Suuuper skinny guy wanted to see what I was doing, walked right up my long driveway and was standing quiet as you please on my sidewalk. Said he was a neighbor, Josh. He talked lightly for a few minutes, filling his eyes the whole time. When I went to shake his hand, he did shake, but then got nervous and backed up and left. That ain't normal. I knew he would retreat if met with even minor confrontation, even a handshake. Looooved looking in my garage at my tools.. On high alert for the next few months. Lucky someone is always home. Farker is gonna get a nasty shock if anything is attempted on my watch.
  14. Cause THEY just did an update and need the reboot to put it into effect.
  15. Picklesnout

    Spiritual Ascension....

    I always have the option of choice, even unto death. I also have the wisdom to discern between a choice and a decision. When you make a choice you commit to it, no matter what comes. When you make a decision, you pick between factors. As factors change, so might your decision. Choice is exercising your will. Humanity does not need me to save it. That job's been taken. My choice is to live happy. If I were you, with your set of life experiences, I might have choosen the very things that you have. The good thing about choices? You can always pick a different one.

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