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    Kento I found an online resource that might help you along https://www.slooh.com You get to control via online interface, powerful telescopes with this group, and it might suit your needs. You may also be able to discuss your theory with other participants. Good luck!
  2. The Hidden Easter Eggs of Reality

    They had to test me twice in college, as the first general test I got everything correct and it didn't go higher. The second test stumped me on the maths, that has always been my weakness. I just don't care enough to keep myself interested in solving a problem just because it is on paper. 140ish was the fellows best guess, but it has served me well enough. There are brighter crayons in the box, but I am one of the nicer colors.
  3. The Hidden Easter Eggs of Reality

    Ouch Mjo man, that calf story...I have heard your tales, it is miraculous! I am thinking the government wants you. But in earlier days I bet it was more common. You are a throwback. Still had to smart...well for anyone else. You are made different.
  4. A for effort protecting your reality as well. Superlative job trying. I guess you never see him drag his foot on the deck, but..yeah, I did.
  5. Am I an Anomaly!

    I do this, but it is a 'feel' thing, not an explore every one mentally. I feel ahead in time for warnings. It is part emotional, part cognitive, but not a careful mental scrutiny of outcomes.
  6. Am I an Anomaly!

    That has to be true, or nobody would have died in 9/11. Betcher azz they all were praying to live.
  7. Hahahahahaha! I love the music. That was funny, but still, looks ok to me for space. In 0g fabric does not lie against skin, nothing to hold it down, so puffypants. Mic is floating behind him. No disrespect to your perspective, I just don't share it.
  8. The Hidden Easter Eggs of Reality

    I love this topic, OP! Philosophy is one of the earliest toolsets I had available to me as a child. Everybody gets a set too, unless they are mentally unwell and cannot reason. Now, I cannot 'prove' what happened was a result of my active thoughts, but I have concentrated on stilling a lake, and it does. Parting or generating clouds, and they do. Increasing wave heights on the beach, and they do. I doodle into the earth but not too much because I don't want to start anything bad. I also find it does not work at all for things like lottery numbers or roulette, or slots. In fact, rather the polar opposite. I am guaranteed to lose. That is not what it is 'for'. My best memory (by best I mean joyful) of this influence is in my early childhood. I was outside on the street in NY, being pushed in a pram. I was lying back, looking at the circular pattern of the clouds above me. I made it into a tunnel, and the sun shone perfectly down the middle of it onto me. I stretched up my hands to meet it, smiling and laughing. I looked to my older cousin who was pushing me to be sure she saw it as well. For a minute, I was the only thing lit on that street, like a spotlight. The other kids stopped playing and looked at me, and my cousin goes, 'oh my god! I don't know who you are but this kid is special!' I relaxed and the clouds went back to normal, the street went back to dappled sunlight. That was fun!
  9. I know I am getting older, cause I used to not care. Now I am just mad alot. And you wonder why old folks seem so grumpy. Cause they are clear headed and know things.
  10. Dag nabbit I was part tyranosaur, too. Ah well.
  11. Fark me twice, how about a being alive tax? Followed by a breathing in and breathing out tax, a you drank water tax and a you did pee today tax. And don't forget the ever popular Lord help you if you fart tax. You know why people die? We get too sick of this cr@p to continue on.
  12. No foot on a wire. In 0 g you have movement and countermovement to stop rotation. Letting the foot stop used up the rotationalforce so he could come to a stop. Also in 0 g, the fluids of the face swell up. Check all their cheeks and eyes. They look like they have been hanging upside down for a while, but that is from the lack of gravity pulling on the facial flesh structures. but I respect your perspective, and these few facts are my support structure. You have your own. Peace!
  13. Thank you Mjo, I had not worked up into dimensionality yet. Interesting stuff this evening folks! Mindcandy.
  14. The slow slip has been going nuts just opposite that location for the last few days http://tunk.ess.washington.edu/REALTIME/