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  1. That would freak me right out. The only logical explanation I have since it was cloudy, is carged particals changing cloud density, but what the actual heck? It did not seem to be a camera issue because of genuine crowd reaction. Super interesting.
  2. FEMA head: Everyone should become a PREPPER!

    We should, because ultimately it will be ourselves and our neighbor that pull each other up by the bootstraps, after heavy rescue is finished. In some cases we are heavy resuce too. Go Cajun Navy!
  3. It is true, I have seen good fellas ruint by evil women. Each side wants what it wants. Women can be gold diggers, and laugh behind a man's back as he is cuckolded. Guys can be cruel just trying to get it wet, then laughing about it with their buds.
  4. Agreed! I set aside my retirement money, carefully saved and planned over years. Then they drop that bomb on me. I am really hacked. I am NOT going back to work! I tried to go to a doctor and asked if they would take cash, and they said no. That is goverment population control. I have to go to a doctor every 6 months so they can "check" my meds. I have had the same 2 pills at the same doses for over 15 years. If I don't go in, they won't refill. I am not sick! They are forcing me, and sucking a fat payment from me. I am so angry at being forced. Let me come in when I need to.
  5. I think I should study some medicine, so I can do basic trade and barter later. Midwifery, stitching, maybe emergency dentistry? As far as I could go without student debt.
  6. I was a perfectly fine young woman. Looking back on pictures, even cute. For some reason I was branded ugly and treated so cruelly by the college guys I completely gave up trying to find a fellow. This was in the 80's. I can only imagine how the young women feel today, with impossible beauty standards to meet, and expected morals of a downright whore, sexually explicit at way too young an age.
  7. Do you believe all dogs go to Heaven?

    If old blue don't get to come in, I'll just walk on down the road a spell. Anyone remember that twilight zone ep?
  8. Morning Gratitude

    Mandected=mandela effected. jumped universes.
  9. Morning Gratitude

    It got mandected. I am sure I'll reply in another reality. Glad to see you breathing today my friend!
  10. I never imagined, as I am sure these folks never imagined, a ferocious fire like that in the middle of "civilization" with whole neighborhoods gone. So sad. Remember things are just things. Thankful for the lives spared. Prayers for the lives moved on.
  11. I Love My Wife, But she hates Me Know

    I don't know you, but I am sorry you are hurting. In compassion, I know I cannot fix it, but I see you and wish you well on your path.
  12. Afganistan backpacking?

    Wtf numb nutted nimrod takes his 7 month preg wife backpacking in Afganistan? I can not believe this one. Then they don't want to come to the United states, opting for Canada? Ok that I can get. Truthers, there is much afoot with this one. Sorry folks, saw this on ABC World new tonight. http://abcnews.go.com/International/american-hostage-family-freed-years-captivity/story?id=50432969&cid=clicksource_3029898_3_daypart_dp_hed
  13. Travis AFB maybe? Does anyone know time? We could check the map. http://netc.com I read on the youtube comments of the original vid, this was emergency supplies for fire victims, but I don't have facebook, can't validate that.
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