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  1. KILLS, is the operative word here, and I totally agree with you. Every bit of surface in this country is degrading and now toxic from greed-driven, life-destroying dark operations. More and more people are walking up to this fact, but not nearly enough. One feels pretty powerless. It is a very sad state of affairs.
  2. Whatever version of events we hear now is totally twisted. The spins is so obvious, and no ones bats an eyebrow. I must've missed the memo of " don't think, don't ask, just follow the voice...." The Pied Piper is mesmerizing the crowds. Have fun playing, and wear a cowboy hat if you have one
  3. I remember reading about the algae farm bit at that time too. We talking "terra-forming" here, and I don't doubt there is a lot of money to be made in this. Also, if you own one of those plush, multi-million dollars, top of the line underground bunkers where you can wait out the process for a few years... why not? Too many of us, redundant "useless eaters" on the surface. It's going to be a very bumpy ride from now on.
  4. It's coming, and whoever happens to be the selected scapegoat will be blamed. The chess board is moving quickly now...
  5. Yes, really huge. While many are busy with prepping water and food, I doubt there is an abundance of folks out there who have the skills and resources to survive a long term off-grid situation. The carnage would be horrific. Let's keep focusing on a totally different image, since it's been said " if you MIND it, it will MATTER".
  6. It is a state of siege on our sanity, faith, presence of mind. We need to stay centered, trust our inner guidance, keep our faith alive. All things begin, and end, including us (our bodies). But we are much more than our physical vehicle. MSM (screen-wizards) and the Necromancer (bot fabricated net content) are not reliable guides. These list makes me even more sure strange times are at hand. Peace to everyone.
  7. An escalation of events that have one thing in common: generating FEAR. This is the one emotion that can make the human mind malleable, and docile to the voices that seem to offer safety, solutions, order. So, so nice to have the screen-wizards, and digital Necromancer telling me exactly what I need to do. It saves me from having to think for myself. Generate enough FEAR, and you can implement just about any scheme you desire. I expect the tempo to increase in 2018-2019
  8. I would be gone too. It is not the storm, but the long aftermath that worries me. Sorry you had to deal with Frances 2004 MuchMaligned. Let's hope the brunt of this one skips Tampa.
  9. I have been asking for minimal damage since RITA began gaining track. I'm sure many of us can do this. Thanks to all of you for your concern, thoughts, and prayer. So many people down there. I will continue to send that vibe to my sister. They could still get out tomorrow, and drive up out of the state> I keep hoping.
  10. She won't. I tried, even offered to buy plane tickets out. She is an adult, and her partner doesn't want to leave. They think they are in a safe zone ( no such a thing). They were there for Andrew, and they think they are well prepared to ride it out. At least, there is that. They are very well-prepped.
  11. Oh my! I have a sister down in Northern Miami. She will not leave. Can't do anything about it, just send prayers, I guess.
  12. I'm not at all convinced that Kim is crazy or mad. In fact, I think quite the contrary may be true. But the "crazy" narrative gets top billing, and is seldom questioned. IMO, nothing, absolutely nothing, happens by "accident" in politics; in particularly when it refers to the big global chess board. The puppeteers are invisible; the ones "in-charge" (on screens, at least) come and go whenever it suits the owners. I don't trust any of the "public information" sources, or their opposites. We are all being "feed" a suitable script according to what resonates with us. (try less hubris, please consider this, all of us can be "fed") . Trust your guidance, trust your inner voice. Perhaps something will happen with Kim, perhaps not. Have we the "useless eaters" become redundant yet? Trust yourself, trust in God (in whatever form you conceive the Divine; or not). Peace....
  13. Agreed. Noah had guidance, so he was in "the know" to a certain extend. Hello to the forum!

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