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  1. cool scarvs

    Is Something Building Underneath the U.S.?

    Very mysterious and maybe a precursor to a tidal/seismic event of some kind?
  2. So sad. Those poor dogs
  3. A no-brainer if ever there was one.
  4. cool scarvs

    weather photo just now on Twitter

    Those are some gnarly pics. Nature is awesome.
  5. Some of the footage i saw of motorists fleeing the ash-cloud was scary. It looked like armageddon. Active earth recently.
  6. Maybe a chain reaction at some tipping point....
  7. cool scarvs

    GLP Going Down The Shitter??? PIC

    Currently I'm banned but indifferent. The site is fading IMO.
  8. I say that the non-stop attempts to persuade me to get a 'smart' meter raised my hackles and suspicions. So I declined. Somebody pushing me so hard to change to a 'better system' than the current 'dumb' meter (which works fine thank you - no complaints) implies, to me, that the change is in their interests and not mine/ours. I should add that I probably am somewhat more suspicious and cynical than the average person, but nonetheless no thanks, and no, I don't believe the reassurances.
  9. No doubt, and I confess the apparent legal distinction perplexes me.
  10. I agree. Animals have no place as our shields or swords. They deserve better.
  11. 'Don't rock the boat' is an increasingly prevalent mindset these days, to the detriment of free and fair expression of opinion.
  12. cool scarvs

    Tears behind a keyboard

    This i can attest to. The anonymity of the web affords us all a mask.
  13. Had many 'i agree' things to click on, on various sites today, as a result of this. I read none of them but just clicked 'yes'. I long ago ceased caring about any imagined privacy i might have online, and I know that all our info is passed from here to there and analysed for marketing and advertising algorithms (and possibly more nefarious motives). It's out of my hands.
  14. I think mine would have quit long before judgement day.
  15. Disgusting slaughter of protesters. But of course israel can do whatever the hell it wants.

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