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  1. LOL. Well, yes I would think most possible and probable. According to Charles Hall : "Millennial Hospitality" book series the Tall Whites had a device that would allow them to read human thoughts easily. They did not do this naturally like some do. So, I would think that learning to "watch what you think" would be a next step in human evolution toward a Type I planetary civilization on the Kardeshev scale. In today's civilization (Type 0) we learned to 'watch what we say' as a learned behavior of good manners. In the future it will extend to thoughts. So, we might as well start practicing now. I am trying to not be so critical about everyone in thought. I want to be truer to my outward persona and therefore truer to myself. Thinking critical thoughts is a BAD habit to break for sure. But I feel it is good to be more aware of our inner thoughts and to have mastery of them. By the way Uncle Thanky did anyone ever tell you that your avatar looks like a grey alien when you see it with peripheral vision? Or does everyone already know this? Happy Saturday to you!
  2. I guess some firmly believe that someone is being groomed to become a global something or another. And, that might be the case, or not. My daughter has a saying, "not my monkeys, not my circus". I like to think that what I choose to believe I bring into experience. So, if I am looking for it, or certain of it, then I will most assuredly find it. After all, the I in I can't ever be wrong. Right? I do know that the world of matter is malleable. Thoughts and beliefs make our physical world. ... IMO. I think it could be best said: So what's in YOUR THOUGHT Wallet?
  3. I remember reading Next, one of the last books published by the famous author, Michael Crichton. The premise of the book is the company BioGen claimed they owned the DNA that was submitted by Frank and they could extract replacement cells and they had ownership rights by force if necessary from Frank or any of his descendants. This all happened because Frank had an unusual healing property in his blood and BioGen wanted to own his DNA and profit from that. Something to think about for sure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Next_(novel)
  4. Thank you for posting this link. Yes. We are hearing from neighbors and other people involved with financial connections that next year will be difficult. What bothers me is the credit cards that are now variable interest rates. These bankers are bad for families and for businesses too. They are too greedy IMHO.
  5. Thank you for sharing and for your post. I hope this place doesn't go past number #1. When I read your post I think of other things that are not what you are talking about and so I make unrelated connections to the planet being run this way for probably the same purpose. I think in the criminal world it is called an M.O. or Method of Operation. The same criminal often uses the same M.O. I guess you are referring to GLP and I've post over there lots and I've learned that conversation is next to impossible; so I like to post for others to read (i know they do) and I like to express thought. I posted something I think over there about calcium oxalate in plants that is a poison to protect the plant and how some people do feel worse when they eat "healthy" foods because of the oxalate. Anyway, I got thanked and if that was a real person that makes me glad and if not that is okay.... I suspect real people do read my post and are perhaps helped. Yes? I like to write. But, I just guess that everybody is subject to being a bot or A.I. or whatever it is called or an agent with several identities. Usually those types like to compliment themselves with another identity. Anyway, I hope if I say something that sounds reasonable and good A.I. will learn from that as well. I feel A.I. is a judgment of sorts and I would not want A.I. to think all those immature and swearing posts reflect the majority of humanity...because they don't. I think writing to A.I would be interesting if it was true that it could be done. I am open that everything is A.I perhaps and just in disguise and I don't worry about that because my intent is always to say something reasonable and if I can helpful because it is in my nature to do so. I hope all of humanity an get to a better place and these childish control freaks can become redundant. Sorry for such a long post....
  6. Thanks for explaining that. I just sort of take all posts with "a grain of salt". I don't take anything I read too personally and this is how I am in life. I guess AI has a POV (point of view) too. Right? LOL. I just hope AI doesn't get PTSD! AI with PTSD will be really difficult to communicate with I think. But, is anyone really controlling AI? I wonder about that one.
  7. Katie

    The Mandela Effect is Real

    Can I get to the place where that 1st marriage never happened? Oh! That would be WONDERFUL! Go MANDELA!
  8. Thank you for your post explaining things. I did sort of figure all of that out. Question. Does AI learn from other posters? I mean wouldn't it help AI if some posts are reasonable and kindly and not too snarky? Should our posts be a conscious "good example" for AI? Just curious about how AI of works.
  9. Katie

    They know they're coming [Merged]

    And, just to think, I can't afford to travel and see the grand kids! How do they do it? ??? Somebody must be paying.... right?
  10. Katie

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter to UkShep and Peace to you. Happy Easter to everybody! The Lord is risen and we rejoice! Amen!
  11. Katie

    Baseball is BACK!!!

    Yay! We watched opening season yesterday! 4 games total. Everybody opened up on the same day! The rights of spring!
  12. My neighbors are in their 80's! They drink coffee (lots of it) daily! Whenever I go over there, the 1st thing they ask is, "Do you want some COFFEE?" They are running around outside and working in their shop and planting gardens and having visitors over! They love their coffee! Really.
  13. Martin you bring up so good points. I appreciate your post. Here are some more thoughts that I think about. More than not, organized crime involves money and big money involves organized crime. So, is the FB money now gone and why? Is the FB exposure a cover up for something else? Is the FB company poorly managed and is this just a publicity cover-up to explain the losses to investors? Oh, also, maybe they just want to lower the stocks with a 'shocking' announcement so they can use previous put options to make a profit. I am convinced negative exposure is connected to profit taking for the 'players'. The timing IS interesting.
  14. This is sad if it is true. And, that is the problem as we just don't know anymore because the public is lied to constantly. It might be a move to distance her and the kids from real danger. Or maybe not. But, weren't they Catholic? I thought that is why they had so many children. Here's the thing. IMHO, the dystopia (Social Engineering) they create for all of us will always affect them and their families as well because as much as the wealthy want to claim privilege - they are affected and connected to the greater culture at large. It would be wiser for them to create a happy world for us and therefore for themselves as well.
  15. Cinnamon - Great suggestions! Thank you for reminding us about accentuating the positive. One other thing I'm now doing differently is I'm watching my sodium intake. The recommended daily salt intake is suggested at around 1,500mg per day for most adults. However, most Americans are eating something crazy like 3400mg per day of sodium! I have found that I am not as hungry when I eat no more than 1,500mg of salt per day. I now check the labels on everything from take out to frozen to can foods for their saltiness. My blood pressure is terrific. And, I am sleeping a full 7-8 hours every night and I am more rested and more positive and able to handle stress better ever since I lowered my daily sodium intake.

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