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  1. https://youtu.be/9rDD5iMVt9g This happened more than decade ago. Imagine what all of the children born in the 90s and after a subjected to.
  2. This was very close to the Appalachian foothills. Closer to the mountains than nm. Tho, it is also on the Ohio river.
  3. Got it up here in the bluegrass too
  4. Symon

    I have been gone since 2012.

    I tried this once, thinking I could escape. But, I finally realized the tech we're up against and found it's completely impossible in this day and age, unless you can live completely and far underground...
  5. Symon

    sick of all of it

    Be very wary of any group you join or any like minded online chat. They will ALWAYS be infiltrated. I believe that's why you do not see groups of people that are in the know getting together; it's too dangerous, for lack of a better word.
  6. Symon

    A Crossroads in Thought!

    I'm voting on the unexpected as well. Then, you can be more confident that the choice you made was actually your own and not what someone (s) else led you to.
  7. https://youtu.be/R6WWbPpHkuU I'm by no means a "religious " person. But I follow this feller because he pays attention. Hold on to the truth.
  8. Symon

    regimen change?

    Inserted link above
  9. Symon

    regimen change?

    I've shared it to my memos, messages, and email and I cannot paste it here again. All I can say is go check out monty's latest. Abc's are all over my ass tonight for some reason
  10. Symon

    A Cernovich Tape Has Surfaced.

    Damn abc's! Had my Bluetooth headphones connected and watched some videos before this, wife was sleeping. Turned this video on on yt and it straight up played out of my phone. Didn't realize it wasn't out of headphones and turned it up all the way. Wife woke up and gave me a hideous look. Those f**kers!
  11. Symon

    regimen change?

    https://youtu.be/RNbHO9dEzx0 Take from it what you will...
  12. I've noticed this. I go into running apps and try to turn off everything I don't need running, to conserve battery. You turn off Google location and it restarts every single time. I as well know that everything is always being tracked. I often choose to leave the phone at home for this reason.
  13. Yes over population but then ship in a bunch of immigrants. Nothing against foreign people's but it's such a f**king two sided coin. Yet another thing I cannot understand how people don't see and recognize it.

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