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  1. GuLP unbanned

    Is it Kosher?
  2. GuLP unbanned

    I was a paid member briefly. Got into it with chip. Took my membership down sent some screen shots to trinity about his out of control mod, and they tried some funny business with my Paypal account. I no longer use it and they can kma
  3. GuLP unbanned

    It is likely some of their operatives are already here.
  4. GuLP unbanned

    All I know is the more i stay away from there the better my mental state gets.
  5. Not saying it didn't happen, but ever since the pedophilia allegations started coming out, the media immediately began re directing the narrative toward hetero grown ass people assault and everyone forgot about the kids. Thoughts?
  6. Composites of the pedosta brothers?
  7. GuLP unbanned

    Breath of fresh air here. I've been banned longer than usual this time. Said something about a larp. ..
  8. GuLP unbanned

    And soon as I go there I get overwhelmed with pure evil.
  9. I'm sure mossad has its fingerprints all over it.
  10. I may not vote for Trump in 2020.

    My memory is failing. Remind me again who has been indicted and when is the swamp being drained? Last I heard he says "they're good people" which they are NOT.