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  1. 12x12 Gs Us

    Level Up! The Game of Life!

    Just keep swimming!
  2. 12x12 Gs Us

    The Never Train

    Always and never are extremes and are naturally out of balance.
  3. The train was not old, it was in fact new. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/amtrak-train-derails-in-washington-state-on-inaugural-trip snip- The derailed train is one of the eight newly purchased trains for the Amtrak Cascades corridor. A press release from the Washington State DOT about the trains outlined a number of improved safety features in the fleet, including an “on-board positive train control system” that would automatically stop the train if the system sensed something dangerous on the tracks. However, it noted the system would not be active along the corridor until 2018. Officials have not commented on whether this played a role in Monday’s crash.
  4. Dominus ominus? Eddie's bit is also appropriate for the other thread about the guy who got shot in Huntington Beach, which BTW, reeks of fake news! "my shin is sticking out". MIC drop.
  5. 12x12 Gs Us

    Off-Topic Repository

    I'd rather go fission!
  6. Just going out on a limb but, I suspect it was an inside job. The wiki said that only the audio was hijacked. Apparently, the video portion wasn't. I also find it interesting that nowhere in the wiki was the word Transceiver mentioned.
  7. Thanks for the epiphany! You need to lay off the bottle!
  8. 12x12 Gs Us

    Do you wish you didn't know?

    What's on your hook?
  9. Eww, creepy! Don't post it here please. Someone might get triggered!
  10. 12x12 Gs Us

    Do you wish you didn't know?

    (kneeling) Please, Father in Heaven, do not allow anyone to post that one song by Europe. Amen

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