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  1. If it goes to the supreme court, the NRA will win.
  2. Nirmanakaya

    Paid shills on forums

    I had to come here and mention it ... Trinity has a new thread over there about NK, and he claims he has an IQ of 142, and is smarter than the president. HA HA HA HA HA HA. I used to love G L P, there where such good threads there about things you would not find anywhere else, such as the sturnian cult, sun activity, and stuff. There is little intelligent discussion lately. Oh well.
  3. Nirmanakaya

    Paid shills on forums

    Well boys, calm down. My comment was in jest. Disruptors seem to be everywhere lately. I have a feeling something is about to break.
  4. Nirmanakaya

    Paid shills on forums

    Have I been missing all the fun?
  5. Well the talk around the water cooler is that everyone knew Moore would loose and there is evidence of fraud of the voting machines that are owned by .... guess who? George Soros. Apparently there is also evidence of people bussed in, and digital votes being deleted. And in May 11 P. Trump had an executive order to commission a group to look into voter fraud, so now they have gather the evidence, since Moore is calling for a recount. So I guess we shall see. https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/05/11/presidential-executive-order-establishment-presidential-advisory
  6. Nirmanakaya


    Interesting. For a couple of days I have been feeling really depressed. I do not believe is astrology, but I think astronomy, which is very different, leads to much information.
  7. This is so interesting. Do you own any bitcoin? I thought of buying some when it was 200, and I wish I would have, because I am poor, and I could be paying my bills now But it has always given me the willies. Something about it just does not sit well with me. The fact that the lights could go out, or it could get hack. For all we know the government tomorrow could make it disappear by just pressing delete. I don't trust it. What is your personal opinion on this?
  8. Nirmanakaya

    GLP totally on board with the Zionist Agenda.

    Here are a couple of videos that explain it: This guy is likes RT. Not sure about RT, but some of their reports are ok. Very good explanation. Background on what means: First 3 minutes on this one:
  9. Nirmanakaya

    GLP totally on board with the Zionist Agenda.

    Hopefully I will not make anyone mad here .... but a parallel is happening here. Personally I am a Trump supporter, but not a follower. I will criticize what I do not agree, but I have found in this forum that most believe Trump is a puppet, of which I do not agree, and I do not participate as much, because I do not want to cause friction here. I have seen what the response is. I also think that the people of Israel and the Zionist are two different things. Not all Israelites are Zionist. As a Christian, I would support Israel. But is hard for me to say that here because most think Zionist, and hence Israel is the devil, and they control the world. Lost of importance to GLP. We all know is control opposition, exactly what it is, but seems to be a topic often here. What gives? Lots of the same thing happening that is happening over there, and everywhere. Repost and recycling of news. When I go to a conspiracy forum, I am expecting intelligent, out of the box topics, in a variety of subjects. GLP, ATS, LOP all have become a divide and conquer, who's views are only of the top dogs. Oh well, I come and peruse again another time. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.
  10. Nirmanakaya

    GLP totally on board with the Zionist Agenda.

    You all realize that being for net neutrality is like being happy that the internet would be run like a light company right? Is like the redistribution of wealth of the internet, like socialism. Nobody for freedom and truth should be for net neutrality.
  11. Nirmanakaya

    Who is Q?

    If you check the video of Trump thanking Asia, around minute 4 you can clearly see the license plates of his vehicle. They say something like Q V 008
  12. Nirmanakaya

    Darn Wisdom Teeth!

    So how did it go?
  13. Interesting theory. I thought the consensus was that snow white was snowden.
  14. Nirmanakaya

    Who is Q?

    The autistis? As in autistic? Is that supposed to be a pejorative term? I don't like it. I have two sons with autism.
  15. I am curious. Why do you say that? You think the whole Q thing is a larp?

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