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  1. ...I'd ask her to call her dad over for a jam session too!
  2. That is one good Christian woman... I would have invited her over to my house if I was that server.... I can't cook but, I could order out and open a bottle of wine... yep and Amen.
  3. GTBighair

    WTF!!! It’s everywhere!!!

    ...sorry about your head injury. I can identify with short term memory issues...my only excuse is stress and old age...routine helps me to manage though... and a lot of prayer.... yep and Amen.
  4. ... no more vids and talk of pssygrabbing. If there were, we would have seen them before the election... why do you think that they had to resort to creating the whole Russia nonsense? nothing to see here... I don't want to give them any ideas but... if they can fake a moon landing and CGI space and planets... maybe they got some puter nerds working on some fake footage of the POTUS... I hope not cause MSM and everyone on the left will eat it up...
  5. nothing burger idea for his show... slime ball Arnold has always been a no talent opportunist... his whole career started with taking advantage of Rosanne 's early success... he has always been a no talent scam artist... money and jealousy motivates him... whatever Tom....
  6. so.... you are talkin' Big Picture.... and you may be on to something... the biggest thing Trump and Putin have in common is that they are messing up the Cabals NWO plans... that being said.... Trump knows not to trust Putin... Putin will play nice, because in the back of his mind he is just waiting for an opportunity to go all Red Dawn on us while we are distracted by NK, Iran, China or all three...
  7. GTBighair

    WTF!!! It’s everywhere!!!

    Freemasons, Illuminatti.... pizzagate, pedogate.... you obviously are not keeping up on things..... here is a link ... a YouTube channel: This Is A Call For An Uprising watch a few of his vids.... you will be caught up in no time... and you will be amazed how in your face their agenda is...
  8. GTBighair

    Fox News Names Obama "Real Messiah"

    just a different way of saying the Left is being hypocritical... it was purely FOX facetiousness... pointing it out that the left anointed Obama as their messiah for a full 8 years.... and now are accusing the Right of the same thing with Trump.... nothing to see here...
  9. the Dice reference is perfect... sublime
  10. I agree... I was toggling back and forth from glp and cop.... forgot where I was at for a moment... not worried about it... keep it classy COP
  11. ...wow that escalated quickly.....
  12. I got very exicited 'til I saw the name....David Zublick... I have seen a few of his vids since pizzagate broke... I want to see her locked up too... but this guy goes a little hyperbolic and announces eminent arrests every time he makes a video... he's not a bad guy just less than reliable sources... bummer...
  13. ...although I'm sure it is possible that muscle memory can kick in at a subconsciousness level...
  14. ...trust me the DNC has everyone's Email address.... pffft b*st*rds!

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