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  1. One should review both mein kampf and what is to be done along with the communist manifesto to gain a greater overall understanding of what's going on. Ignore the left versus right rhetoric contained in them. The overall strategy being used comprises elements from all three.
  2. Contracting can definitely be used to your advantage, once you learn how it works. The best kinds are ones that are self executing. I've used quite a few of them over the years to make various debt collection lawyers crawl back into their dank little holes and not come back out. It's not the end all and be all of remedy, though. Commercial remedy is nice in certain situations, but to really get out, it's not going to happen in a game where they set all the rules and are allowed to ignore or change them at their convenience. You've gotta drag them into a jurisdiction where they answer to the people they derive their power from, and that's called common law.
  3. The selective service requirements only apply to people that the 14th amendment applies to. There's ways to extricate yourself from that situation. Understand that they have no control over you directly, so they fabricate a trust, and consider that trust to be abandoned. At such time they do their due process and file the paperwork that allows them to administrate that trust until the heir of the trust comes forward to claim it. Most people never do, and simply operate as beneficiaries of the trust, which is why when you get social security, or food stamps, or whatever, it's called a benefit. In the same vein, it's also called a benefit when they decide that you broke one of their rules and need to go to jail. So, it's really not in your interests to operate as a beneficiary when you can just claim it all, appoint them to be your trustees, and tell them to piss off unless you give them specific orders otherwise. At such point, you become foreign to their corporation; outside of it; and to continue a business relationship with them you need to establish a 98 EIN with the IRS.
  4. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/125632622/Johna Bey/special-guest-jonah-bey-returns.mp3 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/125632622/Johna Bey/johna bey BC info.odt
  5. Actually, most banks do print their own money. Its called a mortgage backed security. They make a loan for some property, deposit that loan into another account created for that loan, list that loan as an asset, and then loan out the the money that they just loaned and re deposited. Then they bundle it together with other mortgages, sell them off to some sucker at a mutual fund as a security, deposit that money into another new account, and make even more loans off of it. It can keep on going right up until a bunch of people suddenly stop making their payments, at which point the underpinning loan that created all that new money vanishes, and the bank becomes insolvent overnight, at which point there's either a bailout, where they get the government to rob the people to prop them up, or a bail in, where they get the government to let them rob the people directly to prop them up. The problem ,of course, is that nobody ever bothered to comprehend that in either case, bailing is a temporary solution that only slows the sinking of the ship down. If you *stop* bailing, you're right back where you started, and so you get "quantitative easing". Of course, then you have the problem that QE causes more and more water to be in the ocean, so you have to keep bailing faster and faster, until, eventually, the government is printing out 100 billion dollar bills.
  6. If this is true it fails miserably on me. I don't go into any wal-mart without extracting a five finger discount on something.
  7. F%%K authority

    Authority is a choice and cannot exist without consent, and is nonexistent until granted through acquiescence.
  8. May as well use their made up play money as toilet paper. That's about all it's gonna be worth. If you want a real measure of how the economy is doing, watch the commodities markets. When trading falls through the floor on industrial basics like copper, iron, oil, and some others, its a pretty good indicator that market demand is nil, meaning that nothing is being made, because nothing is being sold.
  9. It would be a lot easier to just research what income is exempted, and then prepare your w4 accordingly. Hint: Using the word exempt is necessary. As for the birth certificate thing; look up minnesota rule 220, and then learn what a cestui que vie trust is. Once you understand that they're administrating estates that they consider to be abandoned, you can move in and collapse the trust by claiming it. Once claimed, anyone that tries to administrate it is executor de son tort, and you can lawfully eject them. Collapsing the trust isn't mandatory, however - you could also just appoint certain individuals or organizations as trustee, and then they are bound to do your bidding - or they can refuse to be trustee and simply lose all jurisdiction. In either case, you win, so long as you know how to operate from without. I have an mp3 somewhere in my dropbox account that outlines the process, but to really get started down this path you have to have a certain understanding of the history of the common law. 1215.org has a series of audio files that can get you primed for a lot of old books you'll need to read. (look for the big link that says start here). I can post links if people are interested.
  10. I used to run a computer repair business. I used to accept cash only, until my bank told me that they would refuse to handle any more of my business unless I opened a checking account, started accepting checks, and leased a credit card terminal from them. The next day I simply never flipped the closed sign around to open, finished all of the current repair jobs, cancelled all orders, told my two employees to start looking for new jobs, paid them off, and proceeded to walk across the street to get a cashier's check for the $210,000 that I had sitting in the savings account I was depositing to every night. The day after that I called the secretary of state and told them my business was insolvent after paying off its creditors, and had no interest in continuing operations. I now own a new computer business that accepts cash only, has only one employee, and deposits gold and silver coins into a floor safe once a week when the excess cash is converted.
  11. You can fix this problem by installing one new piece of equipment on the trains.. It's called a pilot, or cattle catcher.
  12. Washington D.C. has a 'forebulge' problem

    While some history books may state that the states competed for the honor of having the nation's capitol, the truth is that they carved the district of columbia out of a large swamp. The military that was posted there for guard duty used to get hazardous duty pay because the mosquitoes and malaria were so rampant. I often wonder if the decision to warehouse the nation's worst parasites there wasn't actually meant as a giant slight. It's a delicious historical irony, at any rate.
  13. Not really, window speakers have been around for years. But where there's a marketing asshole to annoy you, there's a geek that's already devised a solution. http://gizmodo.com/a-stick-on-speaker-that-uses-your-windows-to-silence-no-1450237442
  14. The only thing I really take issue with is the comment that there are no safe levels of radiation. Keep in mind that your own body generates and emits various forms of it, and should that level drop too far, it's called freezing to death. If we move a little toward the blue end of the spectrum, then we get into the visible range, and that's required for.. well.. eyesight, plant growth, some other important things that you depend on to live. You were designed, or evolved, depending on which side of the fence you're on, to survive within a certain density or rate of background radiation. I am not disputing that microwaves are harmful - too much of anything is. While 100 milliwatts may not be particularly much, or very harmful to anything, the environmental saturation that's become ubiquitous is the real problem. All of those devices add up into a cumulative field that's hundreds or thousands of times more powerful than what a single device is designed to emit, which is what the real issue is, and I seriously doubt anybody has taken THAT into consideration.
  15. The thing I find truly amusing about conspiracy theories in general is the fact that people seem to find it so hard to believe that the rich and powerful wouldn't co conspire on various things, when it would so clearly be in their interests to do so. The libor scandal, among hundreds of others that they've been busted for over the years, should thoroughly debunk the debunkers.
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