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  1. IzaLurkin

    NBC fires Matt Lauer.

    There have been rumors about Matt Lauer for years. Not sure why tptb are not covering for him anymore.
  2. IzaLurkin

    Obama to meet with world leaders

    Undermining Trump no doubt.
  3. I gave up cable over a year ago. Haven't missed it a bit. Digital antenna if I feel the need to watch something.
  4. IzaLurkin

    The Programming is Breaking Down!

    My local news in Floida is now saying more than one shooter. At first they were saying lone shooter. Crazy times we live in, wondering what the hell is happening and what comes next. Evil has no boundries.
  5. IzaLurkin

    Tom Petty has died, Age 66

    RIP. Loved his music.
  6. IzaLurkin

    The ticking tock of the clock

    I fear it is too late already. People are too divided to stand together. Being more divided by the day. Only tptb seem to work together toward a common goal. The sheeple simply eat up what they are being fed. It will only get worse. Very sad!
  7. Our nation has turned it's back on God. That is why we are in the sorry state we are in.
  8. IzaLurkin

    BREAKING NEWS: NFL Cutting One Team!

    That was awesome. Made my day.
  9. I have no power, but no downed trees. Just a few sections of fencing, thanks to my neighbors not taking down their trampoline. I dodged this one. Waiting to jose to go far away! Life is good.
  10. I am riding this thing out in the orlando area. Hoping for the best. Just did my laundry and cleaned house. Hopefully none of my oak trees fall on it.
  11. I used to live in the Melbourne area. Hope they are safe.

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